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Lewis Sanderson


Sentenced Feb. 18, 1909, from Labette county, to a term of 6 to 15 years, for burglary second degree, and grand larceny. Escaped Feb. 2, 1915.

Description: Age, 30; height, 5 ft. 7 in.; weight, 147; hair, light brown; eyes, hazel; complexion, medium; build, medium; nativity, California. Occupation, farmer and waiter.

Bertillon: 70.4, 71-0, 93.0, 15.1, 14.1, 6.3, 26.5, 11.4, 8.5, 44.8.

Finger-print classification:  1  IO
                               3   O 

Marks and scars: I. Two moles, 2 in. above wrist, outer. II. Small brown blotch- mark on back of hand. Large mole 7 in. above elbow, rear. Mole 5 in. above elbow, front. Four small vaccine scars on upper arm. III. Small cut scar I in. above root of nose. Small mole on back of neck at collar line.

Relative: John Sanderson, 1215 Franklin avenue, San Francisco, Cal., father.

Reward, $50.