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Thos. E. Kirk

No. 3484. THOS. E. KIRK.

White man. Sentenced July 6, 1909, from Gove county, to a term of 5 to 10 years, for burglary, second degree. Paroled April 15, 1914. Violated parole Feb. 1, 1915.

Description: Age, 26; height, 5 ft. 6 1/4 in.; weight, 134; hair, dark brown; eyes, brown; complexion, fair; build, medium; nativity, New York. Occupation, barber.

Bertillon: 68.5, 70.0, 93.0, 19.8, 15.2, 14.2, 6.9, 27.0, 11.6, 8.6, 45.4.

 Finger-print classification:  1  U  II
                               2  R  IO 

Marks and scars: I. Half-circle cut scar first joint of little finger, rear. Nail striated. Tattoo in blue and red of girl sitting on eagle, holding U. S. flag, scroll work with Young America inscribed, and capital letters of L. H. L., on forearm, front. II. Tattoo in blue of heart pierced with arrow on forearm, rear. Tattoo in blue of name Lilly on forearm, front, close to elbow. V. Scar 1 1/4 in. by 1/2 in. at 4 in. above waist line, 1 in. to left of column. Several dim scars on upper part of buttock. Two scars on upper part of left thigh. Scar inside of left knee. Several moles on back.

Relative: Mrs. Anna Lewis, Elyville, Ore., mother.