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Bert Berry

No. 3494. BERT BERRY.

White man. Sentenced Apr. 17, 1909, from Shawnee county, to a term of 1 to 7 years, for embezzlement. Paroled Apr. 13, 1911. Violated parole Sept. 30, 1911.

Description: Age, 28; height, 5 ft. 5 1/4 in.; weight, 134; hair, medium brown; complexion, dark; build, medium small; eyes, dark blue; nativity, Missouri. Occupation, painter.

Bertillon: 65.4, 73.0, 89.5, 19.5, 14.6, 13.3, 5.7, 25.3, 11.4, 8.5, 44.6.

 Finger-print classification:  1  R  II
                               1  R  II 

Marks and scars: I. Oblique scar between first and second joints index, rear. "W" shape scar across middle joint index. Tattoo in blue and red of "three links" with letters "B.E.B." inserted in links, with five blue dots underneath links, on fore arm. Vaccine scar 6 in. above elbow, rear. 11. Small hairy mole 4 in. above wrist, inner. III. Wears glasses, mole under right side of chin. IV. Tattoo of tombstone in blue, in center of breast. V. Small mole at outer margin of left shoulder blade 5 1/2 in. to left of spine.

Relatives: Alice Conwell, Atchison, Kan., mother. Mable M. Berry, Lawrence, Kan., wife.

Reward, $25.