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George E. Willis


White man. Sentenced Sept. 9, 1909, from Leavenworth county, for forgery, second degree; term 1 to 10 years. Nativity, New York; height, 5 ft. 6 1/2 in.; weight, 149; hair, dark brown; complexion, dark; eyes, brown; build, medium; age, 27. Occupation, painter and steam fitter. Paroled March 22, 1911; violated parole April 30, 1911.

Bertillon: 69.2, 74.0, 92.0, 19.9, 15.3, 14.1, 6.5, 25.3, 11.6, 8.9, 44.8.

Finger-print classification:  1  aA
                                   3  aR  16 

Marks and scars: I. Small cross cut scar between first and middle joints of first finger. Vaccine scar 7 in. above elbow, outer. II. Small tattoo in blue of five-point star with cut scar running through star between base of thumb and index finger, outer. Scar at elbow joint, rear. III. Smallpox pit on left side of nose. Scar at root of nose. Mole on left side of nose. IV. Scar on outside of left calf. Scar on right shin 6 in. above ankle.

Reward, $25.