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Frank French

(Alias Frank Delaney.)

White man. Sentenced Dec. 1, 1909, from Butler county, to a term of 1 to 7 years for grand larceny. Paroled Nov. 19, 1913. Violated parole Dec. 1, 1913.

Description: Age, 35; height, 5 ft. 11 3/4 in.; weight, 163; hair, brown (nearly bald); complexion, medium dark; eyes, light gray; nativity, Kansas; build, tall. Occupation, fireman and cabinetmaker.

Bertillon: 82.5, 87.0, 99.0, 19.4, 15.4, 14.7, 6.7, 27.8, 12.3, 9.5, 47.7.

Finger-print classification:  14  U  00
                                    5  U  OI  10 

Marks and scars: I. Small cut scar at second joint thumb. Small tattoo dot at base of thumb, outer. Tattoo in blue of spade, heart, five-pointed star and shield on forearm, front and outer. Vaccine scar on upper arm. II. Tattoo in blue and red of anchor, cross, heart, $mall bud, woman's head and leg, also eagle, forearm, front and outer. III. Mole center left cheek. Large irregular shaped scar 1 in. above center left brow. Baldheaded.

One term here as Frank Delaney, No. 27.

Reward, $25.