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J. C. Kindrick

No. 3632. J. C. KINDRICK.

White man. Sentenced Jan. 4, 1910, from Sumner county, for 1 to 7 years, for grand larceny. Escaped Mar. 22, 1911. Age, 50; born in North Carolina. Weight, 165; height, 5 ft. 9 1/2 in.; build, stout; complexion, florid; hair, brown, curly; eyes, light blue. Occupation, farmer.

Bertillon: 76.5, 82.0, 91.5, 20.6, 15.2, 14.8, 6.2, 26.3, 12.0, 9.7, 47.8.

Finger-print classification:  13  U  II
                                   17  U  II  15 

Marks and scars: Cut scar extending from inside of right first finger nail to first joint; first joint of right first finger deformed. Cut scar at base of right little finger. Small white scar under right jaw. Small mole 7 1/2 in. below nipple and 4 in. to left of navel. Small red scar on left knee cap. Small red gun-shot scar on right side back of neck. Two upper front teeth are spaced.

Relative: John Kendrick, father; Kingmound, North Carolina.

Reward, $100.