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Guila Michelle


White man. Sentenced April 21, 1910, from Crawford county, to a term of I to 7 years for assault to kill. Paroled July 1, 1912. Violated parole Nov. 1, 1912.

Description: Age, 28; height, 5 ft. 3 1/2 in.; weight, 126; hair, brown; complexion, medium; build, small; eyes, brown; nativity, Italy. Occupation, common laborer.

Bertillon: 60.5, 64.0, 89.0, 17.1, 15.4, 13.7, 6.1, 21.5, 10.7, 8.2, 42.4.

Finger-print classification:  1  U  OI
                               1  R  IO 

Marks and scars: I. Small burn scar on back of hand, center. Tattoo in blue, of vase of flowers and scroll work on forearm, front, Scar at elbow joint, rear. Tattoo in blue, of serpent, and two small dots on upper arm, outer. II. Cut scar between first and second joints of thumb, front. Tattoo in dim blue, of anchor with dangling rope and two small flowers crossed, forearm. Tattoo of bust of woman on upper arm, outer. III. Scar on left side of nose. Eyebrows slightly united. Large scar from boil on back of neck. Several scars on top and back of head.

Reward, $25.