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Wm. Conklin No. 1

No. 3783. WM. CONKLIN No. 1.

White. Sentenced Sept., 1909, from Saline county, larceny from dwelling; 1 to 7 years. Violated parole Aug., 1911.

Description: Age, 18; nativity, New York; weight, 150; height, 5 ft. 11 1/4 in.; build, slender; complexion, sallow; hair, chestnut; eyes, hazel. Occupation, common laborer.

Bertillon: 81.0, 76.0, 98.0, 19.0, 15.7, 13.3, 6.6, 27.7, 11.4, 9.4, 46.8.

Finger-print classification:  25  II
                                  12  0  15 

Marks and scars: Brown blotch on middle joint third finger,

rear. Dim tattoo in blue of heart between base of left thumb and index finger. Small straight line in blue 1/2-in. long 3 1/2 in. above left wrist, rear. Left forearm very freckled. Large vaccine scar on upper left arm, outer. Right forearm very freckled. Face covered with freckles. Scar in center of back of head. Cut scar size of quarter on left knee, outer.

Relatives: Thos. and Mary Conklin, parents, New York City.

Reward, $25.