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Merrill Ottrey


Negro. Sentenced Dec. 30, 1901, from Shawnee county, for burglary second degree, and larceny. Escaped Jan. 18, 1902. Age, 26; nativity, Mississippi; height, 5 ft. 11 1/2 in.; complexion, mullato; hair, black; eyes, black. Occupation, fireman.

Marks and scars: Scar on left knee cap; scar on top of left foot; scar on outside of left ankle; 2 small scars on right knee cap; scar on right shin; scar on right foot; bubo scar in left groin; vaccine scar on upper part of left arm; long scar on point of left shoulder; scar on point of right shoulder.

Relative: Mrs. Hattie Ottrey, 1009 Eighth street, St. Louis, Mo., wife.

Reward, $50.