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Robert Thompson


White man. Sentenced Dec. 3, 1910, from Douglas county, for assault to commit manslaughter; term 1 to 5 years. Paroled Feb. 11, 1913. Violated parole Aug. 1, 1913.

Description: Age, 42; height, 5 ft. 9% in.; weight, 138; hair, dark brown; complexion, dark; build, medium; eyes, brown; nativity, Missouri. Occupation, farmer.

Bertillon: 76.0, 77.0, 95.0, 18.8, 14.7, 13.9, 6.0, 26.0, 11.9, 9.5, 45.5.

Finger-print classification:   31  MM
                                          28  MM  12 Amp.  

Marks and scars: I. Thumb amputated between first and second joints. Index and middle fingers amputated at middle joint. Vertical cut scar 2 in. long on back of hand close to wrist. II. Small cut scar across first joint ring finger, palmar surface. Ill. Large irregular shaped scar on left side lower jaw. Small cut scar center forehead at hair line. Nose slightly crooked to right. Small cut scar center back of head.

Relatives: Mary Adrian Prine, Adrian, Mo., mother; Josie Thompson, Butler, Mo., wife.

Reward, $25.