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B. J. Gifford

No. 3881. B. J. GIFFORD.

White man. Sentenced December 17, 1910, from Leavenworth county, to a term of I to 5 years for false pretense. Escaped July 26, 1915.

Description: Age 38; height, 5 ft. 5% in.; weight, 120; hair, chestnut (rather thin on top) ; eyes, blue; complexion, medium; build, small; brown drooping mustache; nativity, Ohio. Occupation, barber.

Bertillon: 67.2, 75.0, 88.0, 20.3, 18.9, 14.2, 5.6, 26.5, 11.6, 8.9, 46.3.

Finger-print classification:  9  R  OO                                         18                              18  R  OO 

Marks and scars: 11. Cut scar at second joint thumb, front. Slight white cut scar at 5 in. above wrist, inner. III. Hair rather thin top of head front. Nose slightly crooked to right. Habit of holding mouth open. Several boil scars on back of neck, especially in center, very plain at hair line.

Relative: Mrs. Cora Gifford, corner Fourth and Shawnee, Leavenworth, Kan., wife.

Reward, $50.