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Sol Keys

No. 3933. SOL KEYS.

White man. Sentenced Feb. 20, 1911, from Sedgwick county, to a term of 2 to 10 years, for blackmail, two counts. Paroled Jan. 3, 1914. Violated parole March 1, 1915.

Description: Age, 24; height, 5 ft. 10 in.; weight, 161; hair, light brown; eyes, azure blue; complexion, light; build, stout and rugged; hard of hearing; nativity, Kansas. Occupation, bookkeeper.

Bertillon: 78.0, 83.0, 96.0, 19.3, 15.2, 14.7, 6.5, 26.5, 12.2, 9.2, 48.0.

Finger-print classification:   1  U  II
                                   17  R  IO  12 

Marks and scars: I. Tattoo in blue, heart pierced with arrow and small cross on forearm, front. Large round burn scar at 4 in. above wrist, rear. III. scar on left temple. Small scar just above inner margin left brow. Small blue mark 1/4 in. above center left brow. Very hard of hearing. Cut scar left side top of head.

Relative: Mrs. Rosa Turner, Brunswick, Mo., mother.

Reward, $25.