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George Phillips

(Alias Robin Wilson.)

Black man. Sentenced Oct. 29, 1910, from Wyandotte county, for forgery, second degree; term, 1 to 10 years. Height, 5 ft. 5 in.; weight, 145; hair, black; complexion, medium black; eyes, dark brown; build, medium small; nativity, Tennessee; age, 23. Occupation, waiter. Violated parole April 1, 1914.

Bertillon: 66.2, 73.0, 92.5, 20.6, 14.9, 14.4, 5.5, 26.3, 11.3, 8.6, 27.2.

Finger-print classification:   1   U
                                   17  aU  22 

Marks and scars: I. Horizontal cut scar 3 3/4 in. by 1/4 in., 5 in. above wrist. Forearm covered with smallpox pits. II. White scar on knuckle joint ring finger, rear. Arm covered with small pox pits. III. Irregular-shaped scar center of forehead close to hair line. Small cut scar on left check I in. from left root of nose. Has very long, thin head. Numerous scars on back. Several scars on left shin.

Relatives: Brothers, Jim and Thos. Phillips, 414 Jersey street, Memphis, Tenn.

Reward, $25.