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James Duffey

(Alias Rome Free, alias Fred Davis.)

White man. Sentenced Aug. 1911, from Crawford county; term, I to 7 years; cattle stealing. Violated parole, Oct. 1914.

Description: Age, 30; height, 5 ft. 8 1/4 in.; weight, 144; hair. dark brown; build, medium; complexion, medium; eyes, gray; nativity, Missouri. Occupation, painter.

Bertillon: 73.6, 78.0, 83.5, 19.8, 15.5, 14.0, 6.1, 26.6, 11.6, 9.0, 47.1.

Finger-print classification:  25  IO
                                   32  00  14 

Marks and scars: I. Tattoo cross and anchor, 5-point star and rope in blue above wrist, front; butterfly in blue and red above elbow, front. II. Third joint little finger deformed. III. Brows united. IV. Bullet wound scar on thigh entering 8 in. above knee, coming out rear.

One term San Quentin, Cal., army deserter.

Relative: Father, Cyrus Free, Alexander, Ind.

Reward, $25.