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R. W. Hays

No. 4228. R. W. HAYS.
(Alias R. W. Harris.)

White man. Sentenced Feb. 13, 1913, from Hamilton county, for larceny from freight car. Violated parole Oct., 1914. Height, 5 ft. 6 in.; weight, 153; hair, dark brown; complexion, medium dark; eyes, light brown; age, 38; nativity, Kansas. Occupation, fireman.

Bertillon: 68.2, 72.0, 94.2, 18.7, 16.3, 14.6, 5.9, 25.3, 11.3, 9.0, 44.8.

Finger-print classification:  9  II
                                   4   I   6 

Marks and scars: I. Small scar third joint index finger, rear. Several small scars first phalanx thumb, rear. Several dim scars above wrist, front. II. Large burn scar 5 x 4 on forearm above wrist, rear. Two irregular cut scars on wrist, front. Small irregular cut scar on elbow, rear. III. Crescentshaped cut scar below left point of mouth. Irregular cut scar at center of forehead at hair line.

Served term as 4650 at Salem, Ore.

Reward, $25.