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J. J. McBride

No. 4326. J. J. McBRIDE.

White man. Sentenced June 8, 1912, from Republic county, to a term of I to 5 years, for burglary, third degree. Paroled June 17, 1913. Violated parole August 1, 1913.

Description: Age, 25; height, 5 ft. I 3/4 in.; weight, 118; hair, medium brown; complexion, medium; build, small; eyes, brown; nativity, Illinois. Occupation, machinist.

Bertillon: 57.0, 68.0, 80.8, 18.7, 14.0, 13.0, 6.2, 25.7, 11.4, 8.9, 45.0.

Finger-print classification:  27  IM
                                   28  MI  23 

Marks and scars: 1. Curved scar on first joint of thumb, rear. Tattoo of bust of sailor boy and anchor, with words "Buffalo, N. Y.," under it, above wrist. Cut scar on second phalanx index finger, front. II. Tattoo in blue of bleeding heart and arrow, letters "I. H. S., K. C., Mo.," 5 in. above wrist, front. III. Brows united. Small scar center of forehead at hair line. Round shouldered.

Reward, $25.