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  "With all my heart I thank Thee,
O Jesus, dearest Friend,
That with Thy dying anguish
Thou all my woe wouldst end.
O keep me ever faithful,
Relying on Thy grace,
That I, in Thee departing
May see Thee face to face."

This poem was cut from
a newspaper in March 1948
and saved all these years by
Mrs. Elma Isabel (nee Dumler) Brack
who collected most of these remembrances


Nettleingham, Amelia New, Vernon "Frankie" Newcomer, Leila R. Nuss, Amelia
Nuss, Mrs. Amelia Nuss, Elizabeth Nuss, Emanuel Nuss, Emanuel Jr.
Nuss, Esther Nuss, Henry Peter Nuss, John Jacob Nuss, Katherine Elizabeth
Nuss, Paul Nuss, Pauline Nuss, Reuben O'Neill, Alma Pearl
Osborn, Willmetta M. Pabitzky, Violette Carolla Peil, Fredrick Peil, Reubin Fredrick
Peil, Susanna Katherina Peck, Frank Wayne Pope, David Popp, Hannah
Radke, Anna Elizabeth Radke, Arthur Radke, Edward Radke, Eugenie Theresa "Agnes"
Radke, Harvey E. Radke, Herman Radke, John Radke, Lydia Esther
Radke, Pauline Radke, William Rassette, Raymond R. Resner, Roland A.
Riedel, Elmer A. Rogers, Talma Keyes Rogg, Verne Lee Rube, Katharina E.
Rube, Phillip Ruggels, Paul E. Savage, Helen Schafer, Elmer J. Sr.
Schafer, Jacob B. Schafer, Mary Elizabeth Schatz, Elenora Rose Schmidt, James W.
Schneider, Milton Schneider, Norman E. Schroeder, Emma Schruben, Florence Dumler
Schuckman, William "Bill" Schwien, Sigmond Shackelford, Vernon F. "Shack" Shriwise, Christina
Smith, Logan Smith, Rozella Sorensen, Mollie Miller Steckel, Irene Marie
Steinert, Alex Steinert, Anna E. Steinert, Clarence M. Steinert, David H.
Steinert, Edna M. Steinert, Emanuel Steinert, Eugenie Steinert, Fred
Steinert, George K. Steinert, Hannah L. Steinert, Harold Hugo Leando Steinert, Herman E.
Steinert, Jacob Steinert, Jonathan Steinert, Lizzie Steinert, Lydia
Steinert, Lydia Steinert, Marie Steinert, Martha Steinert, William
Steponick, Nila Vena Streck, Jacob Streck, John F. Streck, Phoebe Tabea
Strecker, Alexander Albert Strecker, Alvina Caroline Strecker, Edward A. Strecker, Ferdinand A.
Strecker, Fred W. "Fritz" Strecker, Henry C. Strecker, John Jacob, Jr. Strecker, Julius
Strecker, Katherine Elizabeth Strecker, Martha Strecker, Paul Strecker, Theresa
Steinle, Elma M. Thacker, Ethel Thies, Golda Truan, Ward W.
Van Pelt, Goldie F. Varah, Nima Keil Vopat, Raymond L. Wagner, Martha L.
Wagner, Mary Elizabeth Wahl, Vona V. Weedin, Amelia Wegele, Jacob Jr.
Wegele, Marie Elizabeth Wegele, Pauline Weiler, Florence E. "Sue" Wiedeman, Alex
Wiedeman, George Wilkerson, Bonnie L. Willson, Verne Emery Wilson, Dale R
Winder, Blaine E. Yost, Alois Joseph "Lum" Zeigler, Mary D. Zweifel, Samuel

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