Transcribed from History of Wyandotte County Kansas and its people ed. and comp. by Perl W. Morgan. Chicago, The Lewis publishing company, 1911. 2 v. front., illus., plates, ports., fold. map. 28 cm. [Vol. 2 contains biographical data. Paged continuously.] p. 929-930 transcribed on July 19, 2001.

Nels A. Anderson

NELS A. ANDERSON - belongs to the thrifty Swedish nation. He won for himself a position of trust and responsibility by reason of his good common sense, his industry and enterprise. He is well known and greatly respected in Kansas City. He was born in Sweden July 14, 1862, the son of Ander Anderson and Mary, his wife. The father came to this country in 1871, and the son came in 1882. The father first went to Des Moines, Iowa, where Ander worked as a laborer. A few years later he went to Mississippi and gained employment as a stave worker. He continued at this kind of work until 1888, when he joined his son in Kansas City and has since then lived a retired life with his son. His wife died in 1898 in Sweden.

Nels A. Anderson received his schooling in Sweden. In Kansas City, Kansas, he learned the blacksmith trade, and later he obtained a position with the railroad as spring maker. He is now employed at the Frisco shops.

In 1887, on the 14th of July, Nels A. Anderson married Carrie Olson, who was born in Sweden July 11, 1867, and was the daughter of Olaf Erickson, who had married Carrie Olson. In 1900 Mrs. Anderson's father and mother came to live with them and in the month of April, 1901, he died. His widow went to live with her other daughter, Mrs. A. G. Anderson, of Enterprise, Kansas, and is still there. Mr. and Mrs. Nels A. Anderson have three daughters, all living at home. Selma, Edna and Helen.

Mr. and Mrs. Anderson attended the Swedish Baptist church and are both earnest church workers. Mrs. Anderson is president of the Ladies' Society. Mr. Anderson is a member of the fraternal order of Modern Woodmen of America. He is a Republican in political sympathies, but he does not always vote with the party. He prefers to pick his man for office every time and wants the best man to win, no matter which platform claims him as its own. At his own trade Mr. Anderson is an expert. In his domestic relations, as son, son-in-law, husband and father there is nothing to be desired. As a citizen he is both loyal and active. He has built two beautiful houses, both on Orville avenue, and everything about these two houses shows the care and thought which he has bestowed upon them.

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