Transcribed from History of Wyandotte County Kansas and its people ed. and comp. by Perl W. Morgan. Chicago, The Lewis publishing company, 1911. 2 v. front., illus., plates, ports., fold. map. 28 cm. [Vol. 2 contains biographical data. Paged continuously.] transcribed by students and staff from USD 508, Baxter Springs Middle School, Baxter Springs, Kansas.


As completed through 21 July 2001
Note: the following locations are mentioned in the indicated biographies. Africa | Alabama | Arkansas | Austria | Belgium | British Isles | California | Canada | Colorado | Connecticut | Costa Rica | Cuba | District of Columbia | Delaware | Denmark | East India | England | Florida | France | Georgia | Germany | Hawaii | Holland | Hungary

Africa Wiegers, August
Africa, Johannesburg Wiegers, August
Alabama, Birmingham Rose, William W.
Alabama, Gadsden Ott, Miles W.
Alabama, Mobile Maloney, Thomas
Arkansas Drought, Edward S. W.
Arkansas McClung, Charles L.
Arkansas Woodcock, Grant A.
Arkansas, De Witt Biscomb, William H.
Arkansas, Eureka Springs Jones, J. Arthur
Arkansas, Fayetteville Algire, Russell A.
Arkansas, Little Rock McWilliams, Charles A.
Arkansas, Pine Bluffs True, Lewis C.
Arkansas, Siloam Springs Allen, Edward
Arkansas, Washington county Algire, Russell A.
Austria Puhr, Victor W.
Austria Rieke, Charles
Austria, Vienna Brandt, Frank F.
Austria, Vienna Glasscock, Samuel S.
Bavaria, Landau Pfalz Lutz, Earnest J.
Belgium De Bover, Camiel
Belgium Lust, Edward
British Isles Hilliard, James Whitcomb
British Isles Thornhill, Arthur
California Cornell, Dudley Emerson
California Hovey, John P. J.
California Lovelace, Eldridge H.
California McClung, Charles L.
California Merchant, John W.
California Meyers, Albert J.
California Moore, John McCabe
California Stark, John Augustus
California Studt, John Henry
California Talbott, Ingram J.
California Wood, William L.
California, Alleghany City Wilt, Anderson S.
California, Berkeley Lovelace, Eldridge H.
California, Berkeley Silvey, James M.
California, Georgetown Jacks, William
California, Hangtown Jacks, William
California, Long Beac Longfellow, Jacob W.
California, Los Angeles Bugbee, George E.
California, Los Angeles Cable, Ebert S.
California, Los Angeles La Grange, Isaac
California, Los Angeles Longfellow, Jacob W.
California, New Eldorado Talbott, Ingram J.
California, Oakland Wilt, Anderson S.
California, Oceanside Sutherland, Thomas W.
California, Pasadena Holmes, Herbert James
California, Placerville Jacks, William
California, Plumas county Jacks, William
California, Quincy Jacks, William
California, Ramona Sutherland, Thomas W.
California, Sacramento Carr, John
California, Sacramento valley Carr, John
California, San Francisco Bugbee, George E.
California, San Francisco Garleck, William B.
California, San Francisco Kaufman, Frederick C.
California, San Francisco McClung, Charles L.
California, San Francisco Talbott, Ingram J.
California, San Jose Myers, William H.
California, San Jose Smith, Daniel M.
California, San Juan Shepherd, Orrin W.
California, San Rafael Kopp, Christian
California, Sonoma county Hovey, John P. J.
California, Vacaville Carr, John
Callifornia, Eldorado Taggart, Joseph
Canada Anderson, William W.
Canada Burgar, John J.
Canada Crockett, J. D. M.
Canada Fisette, Rush L.
Canada Hough, Harry C.
Canada Kelly, David Clarke
Canada McFarland, Robert J.
Canada McKenzie, Robert
Canada Sihler, Charles J.
Canada, Craik Kelly, David Clarke
Canada, Fort Hope Sloan, Joseph H.
Canada, Gananoque McFadden, John E.
Canada, Hastings county Hauber, Frank J.
Canada, Kingston Elliott, Samuel J.
Canada, Marysville Hauber, Frank J.
Canada, Montreal Drought, Edward S. W.
Canada, Montreal Hough, Harry C.
Canada, Montreal Stevens, C. B.
Canada, Mosey Caples, John
Canada, New Brunswick Nason, Zachariah
Canada, Ontario Claflin, Oliver Q.
Canada, Ontario Hauber, Frank J.
Canada, Ontario province Elliott, Samuel J.
Canada, Ontario province McFadden, John E.
Canada, Ottawa Enright, Timothy J.
Canada, Ottawa Kapka, Carl J.
Canada, Quebec Enright, Edward A.
Canada, Quebec province La Grange, Isaac
Canada, Saint Armand La Grange, Isaac
Canada, Saskatchewan province Kelly, David Clarke
Canada, St. Phillips Drought, Edward S. W.
Canada, Thorn Kapka, Carl J.
Canada, Toronto McFadden, John E.
Canada, Waton Enright, Edward A.
Canada, York county McFadden, John E.
Colorado Clasen, Samuel
Colorado Davis, William D.
Colorado Kindred, Joel C.
Colorado La Grange, Isaac
Colorado Sayers, Ray
Colorado Smith, Walter Dale
Colorado, Buskskin Joe Bartlett, Frank W.
Colorado, Canyon City Bunn, Asa M.
Colorado, Denver Bartlett, Frank W.
Colorado, Denver Draper, Everett D.
Colorado, Denver Hewlett, Charles B.
Colorado, Denver Holmes, Herbert James
Colorado, Denver Hyoort, Oscar
Colorado, Denver McKeown, James F.
Colorado, Denver Merriweather, Frederick William
Colorado, Denver Meseraull, Isaac L.
Colorado, Denver Miller, A. F.
Colorado, Denver Scanlan, John
Colorado, Denver Seward, Atwell C.
Colorado, Denver Simpson, William A.
Colorado, Denver Stover, Harvey L.
Colorado, Durango Green, Charles W.
Colorado, Edith Hale, John A.
Colorado, La Junta Catley, James W.
Colorado, La Junta Einhellig, William E.
Colorado, Leadville Bartlett, Frank W.
Colorado, Leadville Darnall, Charles D.
Colorado, Leadville Strohmyer, John J.
Colorado, Manitou Springs McKeown, James F.
Colorado, Montrose Sayers, Ray
Colorado, Pueblo Beattie, Samuel
Colorado, Pueblo Killmer, James M.
Colorado, Silverton Schleifer, Fred
Colorado, Steamboat Springs Longfellow, Jacob W.
Colorado, Trinidad Merriam, Willard
Connecticut Alden, Henry L.
Connecticut Alden, Henry L.
Connecticut Brus, Jules C.
Connecticut Fennell, James
Connecticut Frisbie, L. G.
Connecticut Haskell, William H.
Connecticut Hinman, Aaron Pierce
Connecticut Newhall, Martin Herrick
Connecticut Thompson, John Augustus
Connecticut White, George H.
Connecticut, Bridgeport McClean, James A.
Connecticut, Hartford Green, Charles W.
Connecticut, Hartford Twist, John R.
Connecticut, Litchfield Garleck, William B.
Connecticut, Southington Longfellow, Jacob W.
Connecticut, Stanford Hutchings, Frank Day
Connecticut, Westville Hinman, Aaron Pierce
Costa Rica Wilkinson, Hugh
Cuba, Manzanilla Cook, Wylie White
Cuba, Preston Cook, Wylie White
D. C., Washington Darby, Harry
D. C., Washington Davis, William D.
Delaware Cook, Wylie White
Denmark Carr, John
Denmark Mindedahl, Peter S.
Denmark, Schleswig Mailand, Jep Hansen
East India Thornhill, Arthur
England Barker, Thomas J.
England Davis, Jefferson A.
England Enright, Edward A.
England Garleck, William B.
England Hough, Harry C.
England Hovey, John P. J.
England Hutchings, Frank Day
England Johnston, Anthony
England Mank, John
England Mason, Lawrence J.
England McClean, James A.
England McCleery, John A.
England McGrew, Henry
England McNarrey, John
England Milner, John O.
England Monahan, George
England Thompson, Charles E.
England Thornhill, Arthur
England Wood, William L.
England, Birkenhead Ellis, Frank S.
England, Bolton Rushton, George
England, Hampshire Holmes, Herbert James
England, Leeds Biscomb, William H.
England, Leeds Catley, James W.
England, London Atkinson, William T.
England, London Bunyar, Edward
England, London Caples, John
England, London Cook, Wylie White
England, London Drake, Joseph Francis
England, London Ellis, Frank S.
England, London Holmes, Alexander
England, London Thompson, John Augustus
England, Manchester Rushton, George
England, Newport Hughes, Peter Davis
England, Portsmouth Holmes, Herbert James
England, Reading McKeown, James F.
England, Rock Ferry Ellis, Frank S.
England, Soberton Holmes, Herbert James
England, Yorkhire Ball, William
England, Yorkshire Atkinson, William T.
England, Yorkshire Bellamy, Gervas
Florida Haines, Dempsey St. Clair
Florida Kerr, Hanford Lester
Florida Wood, Dewitt C.
Florida, Altamonte Wood, William L.
Florida, Miami Hutchings, Frank Day
France Antoine, Louis
France Brus, Jules C.
France Leffrom, Joseph
France Tanner, William C.
France, Alsace Meyers, Albert J.
France, Brittany Drought, Edward S. W.
France, Montiour Lallier, Eugene
France, Normandy Drought, Edward S. W.
France, Paris Lallier, Eugene
Georgia Luther, Belton J.
Germany Babcock, Luke
Germany Barben, Gus
Germany Barnett, Benjamin M.
Germany Becker, Albert L.
Germany Blum, Edward F.
Germany Brandt, Frank F.
Germany Burkard, George
Germany Debus, John
Germany Debus, William Frederick
Germany Einhellig, William E.
Germany Faust, John W.
Germany Gaulke, Gustav
Germany Gonser, Karl
Germany Green, Charles W.
Germany Grubel, Edward J.
Germany Hafner, George
Germany Hurrelbrink, William
Germany Jons, Marx
Germany Kapka, Carl J.
Germany Kaufman, Joseph R.
Germany Killmer, James M.
Germany Leffrom, Joseph
Germany Lust, Edward
Germany Mank, John
Germany Marxen, Adam
Germany Marxen, Henry A.
Germany Meyers, Albert J.
Germany Naschold, Gottlieb
Germany Neudeck, Irvin R.
Germany Rose, Jacob
Germany Sayers, Ray
Germany Scheller, Charles W.
Germany Schubert, Carl
Germany Sihler, Charles J.
Germany Sloan, Joseph H.
Germany Sonntag, Carl H.
Germany Studt, John Henry
Germany West, John W.
Germany Wiehe, Gus F.
Germany Western Terra Cotta Company
Germany Wulf, Henry F.
Germany Yunghans, Oscar
Germany Zugg, Clarence L.
Germany, Alburg Erhardt, Philip
Germany, Alsacre-Loraine Fromholtz, Adam
Germany, Baden Debus, George
Germany, Baden Falk, Henry
Germany, Baden Kopp, Christian
Germany, Baden Schaible, John Louis
Germany, Baden Schenck, Eugene A.
Germany, Baden Seifert, Joseph
Germany, Bavaria Sauer, Anthony Philip
Germany, Bavaria Scheidt, Jacob
Germany, Erfurth Kaufman, Frederick C.
Germany, Germersheim Lutz, Earnest J.
Germany, Hamburg Grafke, Henry O.
Germany, Hamburg Lutz, Earnest J.
Germany, Hanover Hartman, Henry E.
Germany, Hanover Stockhoff, Herman G.
Germany, Hanover Studt, John Henry
Germany, Heidelberg Berger, Albert L.
Germany, Heilsbrom Rohrbach, Frank C.
Germany, Hesse county Hartig, Frank
Germany, Hessen Debus, George
Germany, Hessen-on-the-Rhine Sauer, Anthony Philip
Germany, Holstein Theden, Herman
Germany, Holstein Theden, Herman
Germany, Koln-on-the-Rhine Clasen, Samuel
Germany, Langbecke Goebel, Peter W.
Germany, Luxemburg Theno, Mathias A.
Germany, Minden Studt, John Henry
Germany, Nassau Goebel, Peter W.
Germany, Oberamt Rothweil Hauber, Frank J.
Germany, Osnabruck Hartman, Henry E.
Germany, Posen Haff, John
Germany, Posen Leavenduckey, Valentine
Germany, Prussia Belter, Hermann
Germany, Prussia Goebel, Peter W.
Germany, Prussia Link, Michael
Germany, Prussia Mank, John
Germany, Rhenish Bavaria Lutz, Earnest J.
Germany, Rhenish province Isenburg, August
Germany, Shweningen Hauber, Frank J.
Germany, Silesia Budy, John
Germany, Vienna Bauer, Alfred
Germany, Wurtemberg Blanz, Jacob
Germany, Wurtemberg Espenlaub, Gottlieb Frederick
Germany, Wurtemberg Heisler, E. F.
Germany, Wurtemberg Meyn, Frederick
Germany, Wurtemburg Hauber, Frank J.
Hawaii Smith, George C.
Hawaii, Honolulu McGeorge, William
Holland Brokaw, Charles L.
Holland La Grange, Isaac
Holland Millspaugh, Harris K.
Holland, Amsterdam Duffels, Bernard
Holland, New Amsterdam Snell, William D.
Hungary Clasen, Samuel
Hungary Gerlecz, James

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