Transcribed from History of Wyandotte County Kansas and its people ed. and comp. by Perl W. Morgan. Chicago, The Lewis publishing company, 1911. 2 v. front., illus., plates, ports., fold. map. 28 cm. [Vol. 2 contains biographical data. Paged continuously.] transcribed by students and staff from USD 508, Baxter Springs Middle School, Baxter Springs, Kansas.


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Note: the following locations are mentioned in the indicated biographies.
Indian Territory | Indiana | Iowa | Ireland | Isle of Man

Indian Territory, Ardmore Crockett, J. D. M.
Indiana Bailey, James M.
Indiana Brugh, Andrew T.
Indiana Cook, Wylie White
Indiana Daniels, William H.
Indiana Dudley, John
Indiana Egan, Lewis M.
Indiana Ferguson, Roscoe W.
Indiana Fink, Samuel F.
Indiana Hogin, James L.
Indiana Lane, Vincent J.
Indiana McGrew, James
Indiana McKay, Austin T.
Indiana Misenhelter, Thomas Jefferson
Indiana Myers, Thomas E.
Indiana Perkins, John S.
Indiana Poindexter, E. W.
Indiana Russell, Roy R.
Indiana Schenck, Eugene A.
Indiana Stover, Harvey L.
Indiana Sturtz, Adam L.
Indiana Wiehe, Gus F.
Indiana, Angola Badger, Lewis M.
Indiana, Bartholomew county Farrow, Tiera
Indiana, Brown county McWilliams, Charles A.
Indiana, Cedar Lake Neudeck, Irvin R.
Indiana, Cicero Cook, Wylie White
Indiana, Clark county Deitz, James N.
Indiana, Clark county Kopp, Christian
Indiana, Claypool Heisler, E. F.
Indiana, Columbus Farrow, Tiera
Indiana, Connersville Smith, Daniel M.
Indiana, Crawfordsville Railsback, T. Forest
Indiana, Decatur county Draper, Everett D.
Indiana, Decatur county Stockhoff, Henry
Indiana, Delaware county Frye, William E.
Indiana, Edinburg Allen, Edward
Indiana, Evansville Espenlaub, Gottlieb Frederick
Indiana, Evansville Friedman, David
Indiana, Evansville McKay, Austin T.
Indiana, Fairfield Hilliard, James Whitcomb
Indiana, Fort Wayne Carlisle, Jay L.
Indiana, Fort Wayne Hughes, Peter Davis
Indiana, Fort Wayne Kelly, William
Indiana, Franklin county Hilliard, James Whitcomb
Indiana, Fulton county Killmer, James M.
Indiana, Goodland Stevens, C. B.
Indiana, Goshen Jennings, Francis Hamilton
Indiana, Goshen Kelly, William
Indiana, Greencastle Talbott, Ingram J.
Indiana, Greene county Poindexter, E. W.
Indiana, Greensburg Draper, Everett D.
Indiana, Hamilton county Cook, Wylie White
Indiana, Hancock county Smith, Daniel M.
Indiana, Indianapolis Butler, Joseph A.
Indiana, Indianapolis Kaufman, Joseph R.
Indiana, Indianapolis McClean, James A.
Indiana, Indianapolis Railsback, T. Forest
Indiana, Indianapolis Smith, Daniel M.
Indiana, Jackson county Kansas City Cut Stone Company
Indiana, Jeffersonville Kopp, Christian
Indiana, Johnson Allen, Edward
Indiana, Kewanna Killmer, James M.
Indiana, Kosciusko county Heisler, E. F.
Indiana, Lafayette Landry, Joseph L.
Indiana, Liberty Peters, George A.
Indiana, Logansport Keplinger, Lewis Walter
Indiana, Marion Biscomb, William H.
Indiana, Marion county Allen, Edward
Indiana, Monrovia Morgan, Perl Wilber
Indiana, Montgomery county Railsback, T. Forest
Indiana, Morgan county Morgan, Perl Wilber
Indiana, Muncie Jones, J. Arthur
Indiana, New Albany Kopp, Christian
Indiana, New Paris Jennings, Francis Hamilton
Indiana, Newcastle McDonald, James M.
Indiana, Newton county Newhall, Martin Herrick
Indiana, Plainfield Morgan, Perl Wilber
Indiana, Plainfield Pearson, Matthew E.
Indiana, Princeton Snyder, Kimble P.
Indiana, Putnam county Talbott, Ingram J.
Indiana, Richmond Hollingsworth, Frank
Indiana, Richmond Mendenhall, Harry A.
Indiana, Ripley Harrod, Otho N.
Indiana, Rockville Misenhelter, Thomas Jefferson
Indiana, Seymour Kansas City Cut Stone Company
Indiana, Shelby county Allen, Edward
Indiana, South Bend Jones, J. Arthur
Indiana, Spencer county Rice, William J.
Indiana, Terre Haute Mank, John
Indiana, Topeka Meek, James M.
Indiana, Union county Peters, George A.
Indiana, Vermilion county Randall, Horace G.
Indiana, Versailles Harrod, Otho N.
Indiana, Vincennes Poindexter, E. W.
Indiana, Warrington Smith, Daniel M.
Indiana, Warsaw Jennings, Francis Hamilton
Indiana, Wayne county Hollingsworth, Frank
Indiana, Williamsburg Hollingsworth, Frank
Indiana, Williamsport Seward, Atwell C.
Iowa Alden, Frank R.
Iowa Beagle, Dode V.
Iowa Bell, Simeon B.
Iowa Blanz, Jacob
Iowa Falconer, John C.
Iowa Hinman, Aaron Pierce
Iowa Jons, Marx
Iowa Kaufman, Joseph R.
Iowa Leavengood, D. J.
Iowa Maher, Daniel J.
Iowa McGrew, James
Iowa Misenhelter, Thomas Jefferson
Iowa Perkins, John S.
Iowa Rohrbach, Frank C.
Iowa Shepherd, Orrin W.
Iowa Simms, Charles H.
Iowa Webb, William H.
Iowa, Adel Seward, Atwell C.
Iowa, Allamakee county Taggart, Joseph
Iowa, Appanoose county McMurray, Charles E.
Iowa, Belmond Leinbach, Charles N.
Iowa, Boonesboro McMurray, Charles E.
Iowa, Buchanan county Coy, William A.
Iowa, Cedar county Sheaff, John M.
Iowa, Council Bluffs Miller, Henry
Iowa, Council Bluffs Talbott, Ingram J.
Iowa, Coyville Coy, William A.
Iowa, Davenport Galvin, James
Iowa, Davenport Sheaff, John M.
Iowa, Davies county Hinman, Aaron Pierce
Iowa, Des Moines Anderson, Nels A.
Iowa, Des Moines Judd, Byron
Iowa, Des Moines Lyons, T. J.
Iowa, Des Moines McDonald, James M.
Iowa, Des Moines White, George H.
Iowa, Dubuque Caples, John
Iowa, Durant Kapka, Carl J.
Iowa, Fairfield Dudley, John
Iowa, Fort Madison Brandt, Frank F.
Iowa, Fort Madison Smith, Daniel M.
Iowa, Guthrie Center Draper, Everett D.
Iowa, Guthrie county Draper, Everett D.
Iowa, Iowa City Baird, Justus N.
Iowa, Jasper county Arnold, Henry J.
Iowa, Jefferson county Coy, William A.
Iowa, Jefferson county Dudley, John
Iowa, Jessup Ladd, Walter L.
Iowa, Keokuk Davis, Jefferson A.
Iowa, Keokuk Debus, William Frederick
Iowa, Keokuk Schenck, Eugene A.
Iowa, Keokuk county Hogin, James L.
Iowa, Keokuk county McGrew, Henry
Iowa, Keokuk county McGrew, James
Iowa, Keokuk county Wilkinson, Hugh
Iowa, Lancaster McGrew, Henry
Iowa, Lancaster McGrew, James
Iowa, Lee county Debus, William Frederick
Iowa, Logan Phelps, Frank N.
Iowa, Magnolia Phelps, Frank N.
Iowa, Mitchell county Smith, George C.
Iowa, Moravia McMurray, Charles E.
Iowa, Mt. Pleasant Baird, Justus N.
Iowa, Muscatina Benton, Arthur S.
Iowa, Muscatine Ensley, Charles C.
Iowa, Muscatine Kapka, Carl J.
Iowa, Newton Arnold, Henry J.
Iowa, Newton Pollock, John C.
Iowa, Osage Smith, George C.
Iowa, Oskaloosa Coy, William A.
Iowa, Page county Falconer, John C.
Iowa, Sigourney Hogin, James L.
Iowa, Sigourney Wilkinson, Hugh
Iowa, Toledo Guyer, U. S.
Iowa, Van Buren county Algire, Russell A.
Iowa, Van Buren county Baird, Justus N.
Iowa, West Point West, John W.
Iowa, Wright county Leinbach, Charles N.
Ireland Algire, Russell A.
Ireland Bell, Simeon B.
Ireland Burnett, William E.
Ireland Coffey, Christopher F.
Ireland Dean, Henry E.
Ireland Duffels, Bernard
Ireland Elliott, Samuel J.
Ireland Enright, Timothy J.
Ireland Fulcher, Benjamin W.
Ireland Higgins, Richard J.
Ireland Holcomb, Frank M.
Ireland Kelly, David Clarke
Ireland Lovelace, Eldridge H.
Ireland McFadden, John E.
Ireland McKenzie, Robert
Ireland Pollock, Thomas A.
Ireland Simpson, William A.
Ireland Sloan, Joseph H.
Ireland Smith, Daniel M.
Ireland, Antrim Milner, John O.
Ireland, Armagh McKeown, James F.
Ireland, Belfast Ellis, Frank S.
Ireland, Belfast Fennell, James
Ireland, Belfast McNarrey, John
Ireland, Clare Enright, Edward A.
Ireland, Clare Hynes, Michael
Ireland, Clare Maloney, Thomas
Ireland, Clare Scanlan, John
Ireland, Clare Thornhill, Arthur
Ireland, Cork Drought, Edward S. W.
Ireland, Cork Hewlett, Charles B.
Ireland, Cork Thornhill, Arthur
Ireland, Donegal Beattie, Samuel
Ireland, Down Beggs, William
Ireland, Down Clarke, Samuel
Ireland, Down Curran, Robert
Ireland, Down Maher, Daniel J.
Ireland, Down McNarrey, John
Ireland, Edenderry Kelly, William
Ireland, Fermanagh Cassidy, John J.
Ireland, Kent McClean, James A.
Ireland, Kerry Trant, James
Ireland, Kerry Walsh, Dennis
Ireland, Kilkenny Daniels, William H.
Ireland, Kilrush Enright, Edward A.
Ireland, Kings Drought, Edward S. W.
Ireland, Kings Galvin, James
Ireland, Kings Kelly, William
Ireland, Limerick Caples, John
Ireland, Limerick Enright, Timothy J.
Ireland, Limerick Lyons, T. J.
Ireland, Longford Maher, Daniel J.
Ireland, Louth Trant, James
Ireland, Monaghan Cassidy, John J.
Ireland, Monaghan McDonald, John
Ireland, Munster Hynes, Michael
Ireland, Muster Thornhill, Arthur
Ireland, Navan Kelly, William
Ireland, Tipperary Caples, John
Ireland, Tipperary Daniels, William H.
Ireland, Tyrone McFarland, Robert J.
Ireland, Tyrone Murray, James Philip
Ireland, Waterford Kennedy, George D.
Ireland, Waterford Murray, James Philip
Isle of Man Lovelace, Eldridge H.
Isle of Man Thornhill, Arthur

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