Transcribed from History of Wyandotte County Kansas and its people ed. and comp. by Perl W. Morgan. Chicago, The Lewis publishing company, 1911. 2 v. front., illus., plates, ports., fold. map. 28 cm. [Vol. 2 contains biographical data. Paged continuously.] transcribed by students and staff from USD 508, Baxter Springs Middle School, Baxter Springs, Kansas.


As completed through 21 July 2001 Note: the following locations are mentioned in the indicated biographies.
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Kansas, Abilene Chronister, Bert
Kansas, Aubry Bell, Simeon B.
Kansas, Allen county Childs, Wesley R.
Kansas, Allen county Dana, J. W.
Kansas, Alma Hovey, John P. J.
Kansas, Anderson county Bunn, Asa M.
Kansas, Anderson county Ensley, Charles C.
Kansas, Anderson county Farrow, Tiera
Kansas, Anderson county Hewlett, Charles B.
Kansas, Anderson county Smith, Daniel M.
Kansas, Anthony McKay, Austin T.
Kansas, Anthony Sturtz, Adam L.
Kansas, Argentine Badger, Lewis M.
Kansas, Argentine Bailey, James M.
Kansas, Argentine Beagle, Dode V.
Kansas, Argentine Carlisle, Jay L.
Kansas, Argentine Clopper, David E.
Kansas, Argentine Darnall, Charles D.
Kansas, Argentine Draper, Everett D.
Kansas, Argentine Enright, Timothy J.
Kansas, Argentine Frisbie, L. G.
Kansas, Argentine Green, Charles W.
Kansas, Argentine Johnson Brothers
Kansas, Argentine Landry, Joseph L.
Kansas, Argentine Lovelace, Charles W.
Kansas, Argentine Lovelace, Eldridge H.
Kansas, Argentine Lust, Edward
Kansas, Argentine Matney, John R.
Kansas, Argentine McGeorge, William
Kansas, Argentine Sayers, Ray
Kansas, Argentine Schuetz, William E.
Kansas, Argentine Smith, Daniel M.
Kansas, Argentine Smith, Hugh J.
Kansas, Arkansas City Smith, Daniel M.
Kansas, Arkansas City Thomas, William B.
Kansas, Armourdale Brandt, Frank F.
Kansas, Armourdale Claflin, Oliver Q.
Kansas, Armourdale Coy, William A.
Kansas, Armourdale Draper, Everett D.
Kansas, Armourdale Hipple, Jacob B.
Kansas, Armourdale Meseraull, Isaac L.
Kansas, Armourdale Monahan, George
Kansas, Armourdale Shively, Delbert M.
Kansas, Armourdale Studt, John Henry
Kansas, Armourdale Taylor, Charles S.
Kansas, Armourdale Thomas, William B.
Kansas, Armstrong Twist, William Starr
Kansas, Atchison Monahan, George
Kansas, Atchison Newton, Periander C.
Kansas, Atchison Sihler, Charles J.
Kansas, Atchison Taggart, Joseph
Kansas, Atchison Wells, Charles K.
Kansas, Atchison county Gottesburen, Henry Louis
Kansas, Atchison county Leffrom, Joseph
Kansas, Aubry Bell, Simeon B.
Kansas, Aubry Rose, Louis, H.
Kansas, Baldwin Alden, Frank R.
Kansas, Baldwin Benton, Arthur S.
Kansas, Baldwin Haines, Dempsey St. Clair
Kansas, Baldwin Pearson, Matthew E.
Kansas, Baldwin Smith, Walter Dale
Kansas, Baldwin Thompson, John Augustus
Kansas, Barker station Studt, Charles F.
Kansas, Basehor Kapka, Carl J.
Kansas, Beeler Dudley, John
Kansas, Belleplaine Algire, Russell A.
Kansas, Belleville Hogin, James L.
Kansas, Beloit Cadden, John H.
Kansas, Bethal Drake, Joseph Francis
Kansas, Bethel Akesson, Ola
Kansas, Bethel Barker, Albert Auburn
Kansas, Bethel Bellamy, Gervas
Kansas, Bethel Curran, Robert
Kansas, Bethel Falk, Henry
Kansas, Bethel Forsberg, Gustoff
Kansas, Bethel Haff, John
Kansas, Bethel Hurrelbrink, William
Kansas, Bethel Johnson, Ola
Kansas, Bethel Leavenduckey, Valentine
Kansas, Bethel Mindedahl, Peter S.
Kansas, Bethel Riley, James T.
Kansas, Bethel Snyder, Samuel H.
Kansas, Bethel Tanner, William C.
Kansas, Bethel Wahlin, Anders L.
Kansas, Bethel Woestemeyer, Henry F.
Kansas, Bonner Springs Alden, Frank R.
Kansas, Bonner Springs Baker, John J.
Kansas, Bonner Springs Blanz, Jacob
Kansas, Bonner Springs Bugbee, George E.
Kansas, Bonner Springs Clark, Philo M.
Kansas, Bonner Springs Coleman, James B.
Kansas, Bonner Springs Dague, A. B. C.
Kansas, Bonner Springs Dunlap, Doniphan
Kansas, Bonner Springs Einhellig, William E.
Kansas, Bonner Springs Ferguson, Roscoe W.
Kansas, Bonner Springs Hafner, George
Kansas, Bonner Springs Hays, Henry C.
Kansas, Bonner Springs Henry, Minerva
Kansas, Bonner Springs Hyoort, Oscar
Kansas, Bonner Springs Jackson, John Logan
Kansas, Bonner Springs Kay, William S.
Kansas, Bonner Springs Kelly, David Clarke
Kansas, Bonner Springs Kern, Henry H.
Kansas, Bonner Springs Kindred, Joel C.
Kansas, Bonner Springs Longfellow, Jacob W.
Kansas, Bonner Springs Luther, Belton J.
Kansas, Bonner Springs Miller, General Houston
Kansas, Bonner Springs Miller, Houston
Kansas, Bonner Springs Perkins, George A.
Kansas, Bonner Springs Peters, George A.
Kansas, Bonner Springs Scheidt, Jacob
Kansas, Bonner Springs Schubert, Carl
Kansas, Bonner Springs Shively, Delbert M.
Kansas, Bonner Springs Sonntag, Carl H.
Kansas, Bonner Springs Stark, John Augustus
Kansas, Bonner Springs Taylor, Charles S.
Kansas, Bonner Springs Theden, Herman
Kansas, Bonner Springs Twist, John R.
Kansas, Bonner Springs Twist, William Starr
Kansas, Bonner Springs Waters, James D.
Kansas, Bonner Springs Whitlock, John Wesley
Kansas, Bonner Springs Wood, Dewitt C.
Kansas, Bosar Ferguson, Winfield S.
Kansas, Brown county Kerr, Hanford Lester
Kansas, Brown county McWilliams, Charles A.
Kansas, Brown county Stover, Harvey L.
Kansas, Brown county Turner, R. L.
Kansas, Burlington Bunn, Asa M.
Kansas, Burlington Kelly, William
Kansas, Burlington Junction Leavengood, D. J.
Kansas, Cedar Junction Frisbie, L. G.
Kansas, Chanute Claflin, Oliver Q.
Kansas, Chapman Chronister, Bert
Kansas, Chapman Enright, Timothy J.
Kansas, Chase county Winters, William H.
Kansas, Chelsea Debus, George
Kansas, Chelsea Point Nelson, John P.
Kansas, Cherokee Barney, Louie F.
Kansas, Cherokee county Barney, Louie F.
Kansas, Cherokee county Beagle, Dode V.
Kansas, Cherokee county Jones, J. Arthur
Kansas, Cherokee county McClung, Charles L.
Kansas, Cherokee county Prather, Van B.
Kansas, Cherokee county Rose, Louis, H.
Kansas, Cherokee county True, Lewis C.
Kansas, Cherryvale Ott, Miles W.
Kansas, Chetopa True, Lewis C.
Kansas, Cheyenne county Rice, William J.
Kansas, Clay Center Crossley, George W.
Kansas, Clay county Crossley, George W.
Kansas, Clay county Monahan, George
Kansas, Clay county Morton, Isaiah Lafayette
Kansas, Cloud county Schaible, John Louis
Kansas, Cloud county Wells, Charles K.
Kansas, Clyde Schuetz, William E.
Kansas, Clyde Smith, Walter Dale
Kansas, Clyde Wiles, James P.
Kansas, Coffee county Kelly, William
Kansas, Coffeeville Lloyd, John
Kansas, Coffey county Heisler, E. F.
Kansas, Coffey county Kelly, William
Kansas, Colorado City Hough, Harry C.
Kansas, Columbus Childs, Wesley R.
Kansas, Columbus Jones, J. Arthur
Kansas, Columbus Rose, Louis H.
Kansas, Concordia Wells, Charles K.
Kansas, Conway Simmons, Ave
Kansas, Council Bluffs Deitz, James N.
Kansas, Council Grove Russel, Roy R.
Kansas, Council Grove Russell, Roy R.
Kansas, Council Grove Williams, Ernest D.
Kansas, Cowley county Railsback, T. Forest
Kansas, Crawford county Barney, Louie F.
Kansas, Crawford county Bunn, Asa M.
Kansas, Crawford county Jones, J. Arthur
Kansas, Crawford county Merriweather, Frederick William
Kansas, Crawford county Randall, Horace G.
Kansas, Crawford county Woodcock, Grant A.
Kansas, Davis county Ellis, Frank S.
Kansas, Desoto Bell, Simeon B.
Kansas, Dickinson county Chronister, Bert
Kansas, Dickinson county Enright, Timothy J.
Kansas, Dickinson county Hough, Harry C.
Kansas, Dickinson county Winters, William H.
Kansas, Dodge City Claflin, Oliver Q.
Kansas, Dodge City Scott, Larmon E.
Kansas, Doniphan county Espenlaub, Gottlieb Frederick
Kansas, Doniphan county La Grange, Isaac
Kansas, Doniphan county Marxen, Adam
Kansas, Douglas Williams, Ernest D.
Kansas, Douglas county Embry, Earnest Howard
Kansas, Douglas county Longfellow, Jacob W.
Kansas, Douglas county Pearson, Matthew E.
Kansas, Douglas county Simpson, William A.
Kansas, Douglass county Simpson, Samuel N.
Kansas, Edwards county Talbott, Ingram J.
Kansas, Edwardsville Haines, Dempsey St. Clair
Kansas, Edwardsville Shepherd, Orrin W.
Kansas, Edwardsville Thompson, Charles E.
Kansas, Edwardsville Thompson, John Augustus
Kansas, Edwardsville Trant, James
Kansas, Eldorado Cubbison, James K.
Kansas, Eldorado Smith, Daniel M.
Kansas, Elk City Brugh, Andrew T.
Kansas, Ellis Darby, Harry
Kansas, Ellsworth Sutton, William B.
Kansas, Empire City McClung, Charles L.
Kansas, Emporia Cassidy, John J.
Kansas, Emporia Clotfelter, A. Lloyd
Kansas, Emporia Cubbison, James K.
Kansas, Emporia Haines, Dempsey St. Clair
Kansas, Emporia Jones, J. Arthur
Kansas, Emporia Kelly, David Clarke
Kansas, Emporia Killmer, James M.
Kansas, Emporia Ladd, Walter L.
Kansas, Emporia Mendenhall, Harry A.
Kansas, Emporia Myers, Thomas E.
Kansas, Emporia Pollock, Thomas A.
Kansas, Emporia Ross, Edward P.
Kansas, Emporia Sutherland, Thomas W.
Kansas, Emporia Twist, William Starr
Kansas, Enterprise Anderson, Nels A.
Kansas, Eureka Brugh, Andrew T.
Kansas, Eureka Jackson, John Logan
Kansas, Fairmont Harrod, Otho N.
Kansas, Fairmount Neudeck, Irvin R.
Kansas, Fairmount Wiehe, Gus F.
Kansas, Fort Larnard Drought, Edward S. W.
Kansas, Fort Leavenworth Beddow, James H.
Kansas, Fort Leavenworth Fulton, James A.
Kansas, Fort Leavenworth Galvin, James
Kansas, Fort Riley Anderson, Charles A.
Kansas, Fort Scott Ott, Miles W.
Kansas, Fort Scott Randall, Horace G.
Kansas, Fort Scott Stevens, C. B.
Kansas, Fort Scott Thompson, John Augustus
Kansas, Franklin Simpson, Samuel N.
Kansas, Franklin county Anderson, Gustaf A.
Kansas, Franklin county Benton, Arthur S.
Kansas, Franklin county Bunn, Asa M.
Kansas, Franklin county Dean, Henry E.
Kansas, Franklin county Embry, Earnest HOward
Kansas, Franklin county Ensley, Charles C.
Kansas, Franklin county Kelly, William
Kansas, Franklin county Maher, Daniel J.
Kansas, Franklin county Smith, George C.
Kansas, Franklin county True, Lewis C.
Kansas, Garden City Garleck, William B.
Kansas, Garden City McKay, Austin T.
Kansas, Gardner Hewlett, Charles B.
Kansas, Gardner Miller, Henry
Kansas, Garfield Johnson, August
Kansas, Garnett Bunn, Asa M.
Kansas, Garnett Farrow, Tiera
Kansas, Gaylord Haskell, William H.
Kansas, Geary county Ellis, Frank S.
Kansas, Geary county Smith, George C.
Kansas, Geneva Childs, Wesley R.
Kansas, Girard Bunn, Asa M.
Kansas, Girard Merriweather, Frederick William
Kansas, Glenwood Ferguson, Winfield S.
Kansas, Glenwood Jackson, John Logan
Kansas, Gove county Egan, Lewis M.
Kansas, Gove county Prather, Van B.
Kansas, Great Bend Ellis, Floyd Clinton
Kansas, Great Bend Killmer, James M.
Kansas, Greeley Ensley, Charles C.
Kansas, Greeley Smith, Daniel M.
Kansas, Greenwood county Longfellow, Jacob W.
Kansas, Gridley Ross, Edward P.
Kansas, Hanover Brandt, Frank F.
Kansas, Haraneff Budy, John
Kansas, Harper Sutton, William B.
Kansas, Harper county Falconer, John C.
Kansas, Harper county Gaulke, Gustav
Kansas, Harper county Sturtz, Adam L.
Kansas, Hartford Myers, Thomas E.
Kansas, Hesper Pearson, Matthew E.
Kansas, Hodgeman county Kansas City Cut Stone Company
Kansas, Hoge McWilliams, Charles A.
Kansas, Holliday Baum, Jacob
Kansas, Holton Atkinson, William T.
Kansas, Holton Ferguson, Roscoe W.
Kansas, Holton Leavengood, D. J.
Kansas, Holton Russel, Roy R.
Kansas, Holton Russell, Roy R.
Kansas, Holton Thompson, John Augustus
Kansas, Humboldt Dana, J. W.
Kansas, Humboldt Keplinger, Lewis Walter
Kansas, Hutchinson Atkinson, William T.
Kansas, Hutchinson Lasley, Jonathan H.
Kansas, Hutchinson Link, Michael
Kansas, Hutchinson Myers, William H.
Kansas, Hutchinson Sutton, William B.
Kansas, Independence Biscomb, William H.
Kansas, Independence Craft, Carlis C.
Kansas, Independence James, A. R.
Kansas, Independence McKay, Austin T.
Kansas, Jackson county McFadden, John E.
Kansas, Jackson county McKeown, James F.
Kansas, Jefferson county Coy, William A.
Kansas, Jefferson county Ferguson, Roscoe W.
Kansas, Jefferson county Fulton, James A.
Kansas, Jefferson county Kapka, Carl J.
Kansas, Jefferson county Russell, Roy R.
Kansas, Jefferson county Snell, William D.
Kansas, Johnson county Ainsworth, John M.
Kansas, Johnson county Alden, Frank R.
Kansas, Johnson county Anderson, William W.
Kansas, Johnson county Beattie, Samuel
Kansas, Johnson county Bell, Simeon B.
Kansas, Johnson county Bugbee, George E.
Kansas, Johnson county Cassidy, John J.
Kansas, Johnson county Daniels, William H.
Kansas, Johnson county Drake, Joseph Francis
Kansas, Johnson county Frisbie, L. G.
Kansas, Johnson county Frye, William E.
Kansas, Johnson county Gerner, George
Kansas, Johnson county Haines, Dempsey St. Clair
Kansas, Johnson county Hewlett, Charles B.
Kansas, Johnson county Kay, William S.
Kansas, Johnson county Kelly, David Clarke
Kansas, Johnson county Kerr, Hanford Lester
Kansas, Johnson county McWilliams, Charles A.
Kansas, Johnson county Miller, Henry
Kansas, Johnson county Winters, William H.
Kansas, Johnson county Ott, Miles W.
Kansas, Johnson county Rose, Louis, H.
Kansas, Johnson county Theden, Herman
Kansas, Junction City Faust, John W.
Kansas, Junction City Hovey, John P. J.
Kansas, Junction City Smith, George C.

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