Transcribed from History of Wyandotte County Kansas and its people ed. and comp. by Perl W. Morgan. Chicago, The Lewis publishing company, 1911. 2 v. front., illus., plates, ports., fold. map. 28 cm. [Vol. 2 contains biographical data. Paged continuously.] transcribed by students and staff from USD 508, Baxter Springs Middle School, Baxter Springs, Kansas.

LOCATION INDEX - Kansas: Labette - Wyandotte

As completed through 21 July 2001
Note: the following locations are mentioned in the indicated biographies.
L | M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | V | W | Kansas, Labette county Cook, Wylie White
Kansas, LaBette county Dudley, John
Kansas, Labette county Littick, George W.
Kansas, Labette county McClung, Charles L.
Kansas, Labette county True, Lewis C.
Kansas, Labette county Twist, William Starr
Kansas, Lansing Bunn, Asa M.
Kansas, Lansing Jennings, Francis Hamilton
Kansas, Lansing Tanner, William C.
Kansas, Larned Woestemeyer, Henry F.
Kansas, Lawrence Anderson, Gustaf A.
Kansas, Lawrence Carter, Lee O.
Kansas, Lawrence Claflin, Oliver Q.
Kansas, Lawrence Embry, Earnest Howard
Kansas, Lawrence Guyer, U. S.
Kansas, Lawrence Hauber, Frank J.
Kansas, Lawrence Hutchings, Frank Day
Kansas, Lawrence Longfellow, Jacob W.
Kansas, Lawrence Lovelace, Charles W.
Kansas, Lawrence McGeorge, William
Kansas, Lawrence Pollock, Thomas A.
Kansas, Lawrence Simms, Charles H.
Kansas, Lawrence Simpson, Samuel N.
Kansas, Lawrence Simpson, William A.
Kansas, Lawrence Stotler, Joseph J.
Kansas, Lawrence Sutton, William B.
Kansas, Lawrence county Snell, William D.
Kansas, Lawrenceburg Wiles, James P.
Kansas, Leavenworth Allen, Edward
Kansas, Leavenworth Anderson, Charles A.
Kansas, Leavenworth Anderson, William W.
Kansas, Leavenworth Bellamy, Gervas
Kansas, Leavenworth Budy, John
Kansas, Leavenworth Caples, John
Kansas, Leavenworth Coy, William A.
Kansas, Leavenworth Davis, William D.
Kansas, Leavenworth Deitz, James N.
Kansas, Leavenworth Drought, Edward S. W.
Kansas, Leavenworth Enright, Timothy J.
Kansas, Leavenworth Ferguson, Winfield S.
Kansas, Leavenworth Fulton, James A.
Kansas, Leavenworth Gonser, Karl
Kansas, Leavenworth Gray, Homer B.
Kansas, Leavenworth Hynes, Michael
Kansas, Leavenworth Jackson, John Logan
Kansas, Leavenworth Jacks, Warden T.
Kansas, Leavenworth Keller, John James
Kansas, Leavenworth Larson, Fred
Kansas, Leavenworth Leffrom, Joseph
Kansas, Leavenworth Marxen, Henry A.
Kansas, Leavenworth Scott, Larmon E.
Kansas, Leavenworth Talbott, Ingram J.
Kansas, Leavenworth Tanner, William C.
Kansas, Leavenworth Thompson, Charles E.
Kansas, Leavenworth Thompson, John Augustus
Kansas, Leavenworth Twist, William Starr
Kansas, Leavenworth Waters, James D.
Kansas, Leavenworth Wiehe, Gus F.
Kansas, Leavenworth county Baker, John J.
Kansas, Leavenworth county Dean, Henry E.
Kansas, Leavenworth county Drought, Edward S. W.
Kansas, Leavenworth county Ferguson, Winfield S.
Kansas, Leavenworth county Fulcher, Benjamin W.
Kansas, Leavenworth county Harrod, Otho N.
Kansas, Leavenworth county Kapka, Carl J.
Kansas, Leavenworth county Lallier, Eugene
Kansas, Leavenworth county Marxen, Adam
Kansas, Leavenworth county Marxen, Henry A.
Kansas, Leavenworth county McWilliams, Charles A.
Kansas, Leavenworth county Neudeck, Irvin R.
Kansas, Leavenworth county Shepherd, Orrin W.
Kansas, Leavenworth county Stover, Harvey L.
Kansas, Leavenworth county Tanner, William C.
Kansas, Leavenworth county Trower, Oliver B.
Kansas, Leavenworth county Wiehe, Gus F.
Kansas, Lecompton McFadden, John E.
Kansas, Lenexa Lust, Edward
Kansas, Lincoln county Hovey, John P. J.
Kansas, Linn county West, Owen m.
Kansas, Linwood Shepherd, Orrin W.
Kansas, Linwood Smith, William S.
Kansas, Logan Leavengood, D. J.
Kansas, Loring Waters, James D.
Kansas, Louisburg Goebel, Peter W.
Kansas, Louisburg Puhr, Victor W.
Kansas, Lyon county Jones, J. Arthur
Kansas, Lyon county Myers, Thomas E.
Kansas, Lyon county Pollock, Thomas A.
Kansas, Manhattan Embry, Earnest Howard
Kansas, Manhattan Trant, James
Kansas, Manhattan Williams, Ernest D.
Kansas, Mankato Smith, William S.
Kansas, Maywood Barker, James Thomas
Kansas, Maywood Hovey, John P. J.
Kansas, McCune Woodcock, Grant A.
Kansas, McPherson county Brugh, Andrew T.
Kansas, Mead county Falconer, John C.
Kansas, Medicine Lodge McKay, Austin T.
Kansas, Menager Junction Coffey, Christopher F.
Kansas, Merriam Rieke, Charles
Kansas, Miami county Beagle, Dode V.
Kansas, Miami county Brokaw, Charles L.
Kansas, Miami county Coleman, James B.
Kansas, Miami county Goebel, Peter W.
Kansas, Miami county La Grange, Isaac
Kansas, Miami county McWilliams, Charles A.
Kansas, Miami county O'Connell, Paul J.
Kansas, Morris Station Dudley, John
Kansas, Nearman Theno, Mathias A.
Kansas, Nemaha county Wilkinson, Hugh
Kansas, Neosho county Claflin, Oliver Q.
Kansas, Neosho county Hutchings, Frank Day
Kansas, Ness county Dudley, John
Kansas, Ness county McFarland, Robert J.
Kansas, Nortonville Fulton, James A.
Kansas, Oakley Miller, Henry
Kansas, Olathe Kansas City Cut Stone Company
Kansas, Olathe Frye, William E.
Kansas, Olathe Hewlett, Charles B.
Kansas, Olathe Kelly, David Clarke
Kansas, Olathe Lovelace, Eldridge H.
Kansas, Olathe Ott, Miles W.
Kansas, Olathe Simmons, Ave
Kansas, Osage City Mendenhall, Harry A.
Kansas, Osage county Mendenhall, Harry A.
Kansas, Osage county Monahan, George
Kansas, Osage Mission Hutchings, Frank Day
Kansas, Osawatamie Twist, William Starr
Kansas, Osborne county Morton, Isaiah Lafayette
Kansas, Oskaloosa Russell, Roy R.
Kansas, Oswego Cook, Wylie White
Kansas, Oswego Littick, George W.
Kansas, Oswego McClung, Charles L.
Kansas, Ottawa Anderson, Gustaf A.
Kansas, Ottawa Bunn, Asa M.
Kansas, Ottawa Kelly, William
Kansas, Ottawa Maher, Daniel J.
Kansas, Ottawa Smith, George C.
Kansas, Paola Goebel, Peter W.
Kansas, Paola La Grange, Isaac
Kansas, Paola Perkins, George A.
Kansas, Parsons Cook, Wylie White
Kansas, Parsons Dudley, John
Kansas, Parsons Sims, John T.
Kansas, Paw Paw Bend Waters, James D.
Kansas, Perry Trant, James
Kansas, Phillips county Catley, James W.
Kansas, Piper Brown, Robert Lee
Kansas, Piper Coffey, Christopher F.
Kansas, Piper Einhellig, William E.
Kansas, Piper Ellis, Floyd Clinton
Kansas, Piper Embry, Earnest Howard
Kansas, Piper Jons, Marx
Kansas, Piper Lallier, Eugene
Kansas, Piper Laws, John Anderson
Kansas, Piper Marxen, Adam
Kansas, Piper Marxen, Henry A.
Kansas, Piper McKenzie, Frank
Kansas, Piper McKenzie, Robert
Kansas, Piper Newton, Periander C.
Kansas, Piper Rohrbach, Frank C.
Kansas, Piper Scott, Larmon E.
Kansas, Piper Yunghans, Oscar
Kansas, Piper Yunghans, Oscar
Kansas, Pittsburg Barney, Louie F.
Kansas, Pittsburg Bunn, Asa M.
Kansas, Pittsburg Grubel, Edward J.
Kansas, Pittsburg Jones, J. Arthur
Kansas, Pittsburg Merriweather, Frederick William
Kansas, Plymouth Jones, J. Arthur
Kansas, Pomeroy Blum, Edward F.
Kansas, Pomona Benton, Arthur S.
Kansas, Pomona Benton, Arthur S.
Kansas, Porkville Baum, Jacob
Kansas, Pottawatomie Anderson, Otto
Kansas, Pottawatomie county Elliott, Samuel J.
Kansas, Pottawatomie county Shively, Delbert M.
Kansas, Quindaro Gray, George M.
Kansas, Quindaro Lane, Vincent J.
Kansas, Reno county Atkinson, William T.
Kansas, Reno county Link, Michael
Kansas, Reno county Myers, William H.
Kansas, Republic county Carlson, John August
Kansas, Rice county Arnold, Henry J.
Kansas, Richmond county Twist, William Starr
Kansas, Riley county Nelson, John P.
Kansas, Riley county Williams, Ernest D.
Kansas, Riverview Carr, John
Kansas, Rosedale Antoine, Louis
Kansas, Rosedale Ball, William
Kansas, Rosedale Banning, William Robert
Kansas, Rosedale Barben, Gus
Kansas, Rosedale Barnett, Benjamin M.
Kansas, Rosedale Bauer, Alfred
Kansas, Rosedale Bell, Simeon B.
Kansas, Rosedale Buckland, David
Kansas, Rosedale Bunyar, Edward
Kansas, Rosedale Catley, James W.
Kansas, Rosedale Chronister, Bert
Kansas, Rosedale Clasen, Samuel
Kansas, Rosedale Cooke, George H.
Kansas, Rosedale Eicholtz, Edward J.
Kansas, Rosedale Ely, Louis L.
Kansas, Rosedale Erhardt, Philip
Kansas, Rosedale Espenlaub, Gottlieb Frederick
Kansas, Rosedale Fisette, Rush L.
Kansas, Rosedale Fromholtz, Adam
Kansas, Rosedale Gerner, George
Kansas, Rosedale Haff, John
Kansas, Rosedale Holmes, Alexander
Kansas, Rosedale Holmes, Herbert James
Kansas, Rosedale Hough, Harry C.
Kansas, Rosedale Hovey, John P. J.
Kansas, Rosedale Johnson Brothers
Kansas, Rosedale Johnston, Anthony
Kansas, Rosedale Kaufman, Joseph R.
Kansas, Rosedale Kennedy, George D.
Kansas, Rosedale Killmer, James M.
Kansas, Rosedale Larson, Fred
Kansas, Rosedale Leavengood, D. J.
Kansas, Rosedale Leavenduckey, Valentine
Kansas, Rosedale Lloyd, John
Kansas, Rosedale Lust, Edward
Kansas, Rosedale Mank, John
Kansas, Rosedale Marty, Samuel Clinton
Kansas, Rosedale Matney, John R.
Kansas, Rosedale McGeorge, William
Kansas, Rosedale McWilliams, Charles A.
Kansas, Rosedale Merriweather, Frederick William
Kansas, Rosedale Millspaugh, Harris K.
Kansas, Rosedale Misenhelter, Thomas Jefferson
Kansas, Rosedale Myers, William H.
Kansas, Rosedale Naschold, Gottlieb
Kansas, Rosedale Nelson, Andrew
Kansas, Rosedale Newton, Periander C.
Kansas, Rosedale O'Connell, Paul J.
Kansas, Rosedale Phelps, Frank N.
Kansas, Rosedale Puhr, Victor W.
Kansas, Rosedale Rose, Louis H.
Kansas, Rosedale Ross, Edward P.
Kansas, Rosedale Rushton, George
Kansas, Rosedale Sayers, Ray
Kansas, Rosedale Sharp, Benjamin T.
Kansas, Rosedale Simmons, Ave
Kansas, Rosedale Smith, William S.
Kansas, Rosedale Stevens, C. B.
Kansas, Rosedale Stine, Benjamin L.
Kansas, Rosedale Thornhill, Arthur
Kansas, Rosedale Twist, William Starr
Kansas, Rosedale Walsh, Dennis
Kansas, Rosedale Watson, Joseph F.
Kansas, Rosedale Williams, Ernest D.
Kansas, Rosedale Woodcock, Grant A.
Kansas, Rosedale Wray, Thomas W.
Kansas, Rosendale Holmes, Herbert James
Kansas, Russell county Drake, Joseph Francis
Kansas, Russell county Strohmyer, John J.
Kansas, Russell county Sutton, William B.
Kansas, Salina Deitz, James N.
Kansas, Salina Drought, Edward S. W.
Kansas, Salina Kapka, Carl J.
Kansas, Salina Scheidt, Jacob
Kansas, Salina Southwick, Albert
Kansas, Salina Taggart, Joseph
Kansas, Saline county Deitz, James N.
Kansas, Saline county Drought, Edward S. W.
Kansas, Saline county Southwick, Albert
Kansas, Saline county Taggart, Joseph
Kansas, Scammon Childs, Wesley R.
Kansas, Scammon Rose, Louis, H.
Kansas, Seneca Wilkinson, Hugh
Kansas, Sharon Springs Wiles, James P.
Kansas, Shawnee Beattie, Samuel
Kansas, Shawnee Matney, David B.
Kansas, Shawnee county Mendenhall, Harry A.
Kansas, Shawnee county Wood, Watson F.
Kansas, Sheffield Miller, Henry
Kansas, Sherman county Anderson, Otto
Kansas, Smith county Haskell, William H.
Kansas, Solomon Hough, Harry C.
Kansas, Solomon City Winters, William H.
Kansas, Somerset Brokaw, Charles L.
Kansas, South Park Banning, William Robert
Kansas, South Park Brus, Jules C.
Kansas, South Park Puhr, Victor W.
Kansas, Springhill Winters, William H.
Kansas, St. Francis Rice, William J.
Kansas, St. John Ross, Edward P.
Kansas, Stafford Sturtz, Adam L.
Kansas, Stafford county Sturtz, Adam L.
Kansas, Stephens county Schuetz, William E.
Kansas, Sterling Arnold, Henry J.
Kansas, Stillwell Rose, Louis, H.
Kansas, Stilwell Bell, Simeon B.
Kansas, Stony Point Snyder, Samuel H.
Kansas, Strong City Winters, William H.
Kansas, Sullivan county Watson, Joseph F.
Kansas, Sumner county Algire, Russell A.
Kansas, Tibleau Schubert, Carl
Kansas, Tonganoxie Budy, John
Kansas, Tonganoxie McWilliams, Charles A.
Kansas, Tonganoxie Twist, William Starr
Kansas, Topeka Atkinson, William T.
Kansas, Topeka Bartlett, Frank W.
Kansas, Topeka Brown, Oscar
Kansas, Topeka Bunn, Asa M.
Kansas, Topeka Draper, Everett D.
Kansas, Topeka Dudley, John
Kansas, Topeka Fromholtz, Adam
Kansas, Topeka Hutchings, Frank Day
Kansas, Topeka Killmer, James M.
Kansas, Topeka Mendenhall, Harry A.
Kansas, Topeka Moore, John McCabe
Kansas, Topeka Poindexter, E. W.
Kansas, Topeka Pollock, John C.
Kansas, Topeka Ross, Edward P.
Kansas, Topeka Tanner, William C.
Kansas, Topeka Twist, William Starr
Kansas, Topeka Wilkinson, Hugh
Kansas, Turner Lovelace, Charles
Kansas, Turner Lovelace, Eldridge H.
Kansas, Turner Station Perkins, John S.
Kansas, Turner Station Perkins, Robert H.
Kansas, Turon Myers, William H.
Kansas, Valley Falls Coy, William A.
Kansas, Valley Falls Ferguson, Roscoe W.
Kansas, Valley Falls Smith, Walter Dale
Kansas, Vance Strohmyer, John J.
Kansas, Wabaunsee county Kapka, Carl J.
Kansas, Wabaunsee county Russell, Roy R.
Kansas, Wakarusa Smith, Daniel M.
Kansas, Walcott Agers, Moses
Kansas, Walcott Hartig, Frank
Kansas, Walcott Keller, John James
Kansas, Walcott Leffrom, Joseph
Kansas, Wallace county Wiles, James P.
Kansas, Wallula Fulcher, Benjamin W.
Kansas, Wallula Gonser, Karl
Kansas, Wallula Pearson, Matthew E.
Kansas, Wallula Wiehe, Gus F.
Kansas, Wamego Anderson, Otto
Kansas, Wamego Kansas City Cut Stone Company
Kansas, Wamego Shively, Delbert M.
Kansas, Wano Rice, William J.
Kansas, Washington Zugg, Clarence L.
Kansas, Washington county Brandt, Frank F.
Kansas, Washington county Fromholtz, Adam
Kansas, Washington county McWilliams, Charles A.
Kansas, Waterville Wilkinson, Hugh
Kansas, Wayne Smith, Walter Dale
Kansas, Weir Barney, Louie F.
Kansas, Welborn station Studt, Charles F.
Kansas, Welda Ensley, Charles C.
Kansas, Wellborn Curran, Robert
Kansas, Wellington Algire, Russell A.
Kansas, Wellington Newton, Periander C.
Kansas, Wellington Phelps, Frank N.
Kansas, Westphalia Brandt, Frank F.
Kansas, Westphalia Smith, Daniel M.
Kansas, Westport Matney, David B.
Kansas, WestPort Matney, David B.
Kansas, Westport Matney, John R.
Kansas, Westport Perkins, John S.
Kansas, WestPort Perkins, Robert H.
Kansas, Westport Landing Alden, Frank R.
Kansas, Wetmore Morton, Isaiah Lafayette
Kansas, White Church Budy, John
Kansas, White Church Coleman, James B.
Kansas, White Church Ellis, Floyd Clinton
Kansas, White Church Hovey, John P. J.
Kansas, White Church Merchant, John W.
Kansas, White Church Newton, Periander C.
Kansas, White Church Wood, Watson F.
Kansas, Wichita Curran, Robert
Kansas, Wichita Falconer, John C.
Kansas, Wichita Morris, William A.
Kansas, Wichita Newton, Periander C.
Kansas, Wichita Ross, Edward P.
Kansas, Wilder Anderson, William W.
Kansas, Wilder Stark, John Augustus
Kansas, Wilson county Hutchison, John B.
Kansas, Wilson county Railsback, T. Forest
Kansas, Winchester Fulton, James A.
Kansas, Winfield Ensley, Charles C.
Kansas, Winfield Ott, Miles W.
Kansas, Winfield Pollock, John C.
Kansas, Winfield Railsback, T. Forest
Kansas, Wolcott Randall, Horace G.
Kansas, Wolcott Wiehe, Gus F.
Kansas, Wolcott Wood, Watson F.
Kansas, Wyandotte Alden, Henry L.
Kansas, Wyandotte Alden, Henry L.
Kansas, Wyandotte Bemarkt, George
Kansas, Wyandotte Blum, Edward F.
Kansas, Wyandotte Browne, Kenneth L.
Kansas, Wyandotte Cassidy, John J.
Kansas, Wyandotte Drake, Joseph Francis
Kansas, Wyandotte Hafner, George
Kansas, Wyandotte Hinman, Aaron Pierce
Kansas, Wyandotte Judd, Byron
Kansas, Wyandotte Keplinger, Lewis Walter
Kansas, Wyandotte La Grange, Isaac
Kansas, Wyandotte Peterson, August
Kansas, Wyandotte Schleifer, Fred
Kansas, Wyandotte Scroggs, John B.
Kansas, Wyandotte Sloan, Joseph H.
Kansas, Wyandotte Talbott, Ingram J.
Kansas, Wyandotte Thompson, Charles E.
Kansas, Wyandotte West, John W.
Kansas, Wyandotte White, George H.
Kansas, Wyandotte Wood, William L.

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