Transcribed from History of Wyandotte County Kansas and its people ed. and comp. by Perl W. Morgan. Chicago, The Lewis publishing company, 1911. 2 v. front., illus., plates, ports., fold. map. 28 cm. [Vol. 2 contains biographical data. Paged continuously.] transcribed by students and staff from USD 508, Baxter Springs Middle School, Baxter Springs, Kansas.


As completed through 21 July 2001

Note: the following locations are mentioned in the indicated biographies.
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Palestine Bellamy, Gervas
Pennsylvania Alden, Henry L.
Pennsylvania Babcock, Luke
Pennsylvania Barnett, Benjamin M.
Pennsylvania Bunn, Asa M.
Pennsylvania Chronister, Bert
Pennsylvania Einhellig, William E.
Pennsylvania Embry, Earnest Howard
Pennsylvania Hartig, Frank
Pennsylvania Hutchison, John B.
Pennsylvania Kapka, Carl J.
Pennsylvania Leavengood, D. J.
Pennsylvania McWilliams, Charles A.
Pennsylvania Merriam, Willard
Pennsylvania Meseraull, Samuel I.
Pennsylvania Morton, Isaiah Lafayette
Pennsylvania Neudeck, Irvin R.
Pennsylvania Sayers, Ray
Pennsylvania Smith, George C.
Pennsylvania Snyder, Kimble P.
Pennsylvania Snyder, Samuel H.
Pennsylvania Stover, Harvey L.
Pennsylvania Sturtz, Adam L.
Pennsylvania Sutherland, Thomas W.
Pennsylvania West, John W.
Pennsylvania Wilkinson, Hugh
Pennsylvania Yunghans, Oscar
Pennsylvania Zugg, Clarence L.
Pennsylvania, Adams county Fink, Samuel F.
Pennsylvania, Adams county McGrew, James
Pennsylvania, Allegheny Fulton, James A.
Pennsylvania, Allegheny county McKeown, James F.
Pennsylvania, Apollo Stark, John Augustus
Pennsylvania, Beaver county Lasley, Jonathan H.
Pennsylvania, Bedford county Kay, William S.
Pennsylvania, Berks county Carlson, John August
Pennsylvania, Berks county Stine, Benjamin L.
Pennsylvania, Bethlehem Banning, William Robert
Pennsylvania, Bradford Darnall, Charles D.
Pennsylvania, Bradford county Browne, Kenneth L.
Pennsylvania, Bryn Mawr Sheaff, John M.
Pennsylvania, Bucks county Ely, Louis L.
Pennsylvania, Burks county Christy, James M.
Pennsylvania, Butler Morris, William A.
Pennsylvania, Butler county Cubbison, James K.
Pennsylvania, Canonsburg Sutton, William B.
Pennsylvania, Chambersburg Guyer, U. S.
Pennsylvania, Columbia county Kline, Calvin Ellis
Pennsylvania, Cumberland county Eicholtz, Edward j.
Pennsylvania, Darlington Lasley, Jonathan H.
Pennsylvania, Dauphin county Crossley, George W.
Pennsylvania, Erie Sauer, Anthony Philip
Pennsylvania, Export Stark, John Augustus
Pennsylvania, Franklin Cubbison, James K.
Pennsylvania, Franklin county Fink, Samuel F.
Pennsylvania, Gettysburg Brugh, Andrew T.
Pennsylvania, Greencastle Fink, Samuel F.
Pennsylvania, Harrisburg Cable, Ebert S.
Pennsylvania, Harrisburg Eicholtz, Edward J.
Pennsylvania, Huntingdon Venard, Edward E.
Pennsylvania, Indiana county Sutton, William B.
Pennsylvania, Johnstown Murray, James Philip
Pennsylvania, Juniata county Stine, Benjamin L.
Pennsylvania, Juniata county Sutton, William B.
Pennsylvania, Lancaster Sheaff, John M.
Pennsylvania, Lancaster county Hipple, Jacob B.
Pennsylvania, Lebanon county Killmer, James M.
Pennsylvania, Lehigh Buckland, David
Pennsylvania, Manheim Hipple, Jacob B.
Pennsylvania, Meadville Cubbison, James K.
Pennsylvania, Meadville Wells, Charles K.
Pennsylvania, Mifflin Stine, Benjamin L.
Pennsylvania, Mifflin county Rice, William J.
Pennsylvania, Mount Joy Hipple, Jacob B.
Pennsylvania, Northampton county Crossley, George W.
Pennsylvania, Northumberland Eicholtz, Edward J.
Pennsylvania, Northumberland county Leinbach, Charles N.
Pennsylvania, Oil City Clark, Philo M.
Pennsylvania, Pennbrook Eicholtz, Edward J.
Pennsylvania, Perry county Crossley, George W.
Pennsylvania, Philadelhia Newton, Periander C.
Pennsylvania, Philadelphia Barnett, Benjamin M.
Pennsylvania, Philadelphia Brus, Jules C.
Pennsylvania, Philadelphia Catley, James W.
Pennsylvania, Philadelphia Ely, Louis L.
Pennsylvania, Philadelphia Fisette, Rush L.
Pennsylvania, Philadelphia Gaulke, Gustav
Pennsylvania, Philadelphia Gaulke, Gustav
Pennsylvania, Philadelphia Green, Charles W.
Pennsylvania, Philadelphia Killmer, James M.
Pennsylvania, Philadelphia Lovelace, Eldridge H.
Pennsylvania, Philadelphia Maher, Daniel J.
Pennsylvania, Philadelphia Myers, William H.
Pennsylvania, Philadelphia Newton, Periander C.
Pennsylvania, Philadelphia Ott, Miles W.
Pennsylvania, Philadelphia Smith, William H.
Pennsylvania, Philadelphia Wilt, Anderson S.
Pennsylvania, Philadelphia county Ely, Louis L.
Pennsylvania, Pittsburg Becker, Albert L.
Pennsylvania, Pittsburg Benton, Arthur S.
Pennsylvania, Pittsburg Biscomb, William H.
Pennsylvania, Pittsburg Dague, A. B. C.
Pennsylvania, Pittsburg Lovelace, Eldridge H.
Pennsylvania, Pittsburg Maher, Daniel J.
Pennsylvania, Pittsburg McKeown, James F.
Pennsylvania, Pittsburg Sutton, William B.
Pennsylvania, Pittsburg Woodcock, Grant A.
Pennsylvania, Reading Hinman, Aaron Pierce
Pennsylvania, Schuylkill Killmer, James M.
Pennsylvania, Schuylkill county Killmer, James M.
Pennsylvania, Scranton Cadden, John H.
Pennsylvania, Sharon Winters, William H.
Pennsylvania, Susquehanna county Cadden, John H.
Pennsylvania, Towanda Browne, Kenneth L.
Pennsylvania, Washington Milner, John O.
Pennsylvania, Washington county Dague, A. B. C.
Pennsylvania, Washington county Lane, Vincent J.
Pennsylvania, Washington county Pollock, John C.
Pennsylvania, Waynesboro Fink, Samuel F.
Pennsylvania, Waynesburg Craft, Carlis C.
Pennsylvania, Waynesoro Fink, Samuel F.
Pennsylvania, West Middletown Lane, Vincent J.
Pennsylvania, Westmoreland county Southwick, Albert
Pennsylvania, Westmoreland county Stark, John Augustus
Pennsylvania, Wilkes-Barre Cadden, John H.
Pennsylvania, York county Eicholtz, Edward J.
Philippines, Panay Thompson, John Augustus
Prussia Rieke, Charles
Prussia Schleifer, Fred
Prussia, Brreslau Bemarkt, George
Prussia, Provice of Westphalia Stockhoff, Henry
Prussia, Silecia province Bemarkt, George
Rhein Hessen, Worms Berger, Albert L.
Rhode Island Cornell, Dudley Emerson
Rhode Island Gray, George M.
Rhode Island, East Greenwich Myers, William H.
Rhode Island, Providence Myers, William H.
Scotland Enright, Edward A.
Scotland Grafke, Henry O.
Scotland Hogin, James L.
Scotland Johnston, Anthony
Scotland McMurray, Charles E.
Scotland McNarrey, John
Scotland Monahan, George
Scotland Pollock, Thomas A.
Scotland Simpson, Samuel N.
Scotland Simpson, William A.
Scotland Sloan, Joseph H.
Scotland Wilkinson, Hugh
Scotland, Aberdeen Johnston, Anthony
Scotland, Aberdeen Smith, William S.
Scotland, Castle Douglas McGeorge, William
Scotland, Glasgow Anderson, William W.
Scotland, Huntle Smith, William S.
Scotland, Invernessshire Falconer, John C.
Scotland, Kirkcudbrightshire McGeorge William
South Carolina Lovelace, Charles
South Dakota, Chadron Meseraull, Isaac L.
South Dakota, Crawford Meseraull, Isaac L.
South Dakota, Rapid City Meseraull, Isaac L.
South Dakota, Yankton Dudley, John
South Wales Thornhill, Arthur
South Wales, Cardiff Buckland, David
South Wales, Isle of Alan Thornhill, Arthur
Staffordshire, Leek Ellis, Frank S.
Sweden Akesson, Ola
Sweden Anderson, Charles A.
Sweden Anderson, Gustaf A.
Sweden Anderson, John Edwin
Sweden Anderson, Nels A.
Sweden Anderson, Otto
Sweden Beggs, William
Sweden Blomquist, Charles
Sweden Carlson, John August
Sweden Forsberg, Gustoff
Sweden Hyoort, Oscar
Sweden Johnson, August
Sweden Johnson Brothers
Sweden Johnson, Ola
Sweden Larson, Fred
Sweden Lindberg, Heming
Sweden Lind, Olander
Sweden Miller, Henry
Sweden Nelson, Andrew
Sweden Nelson, John P.
Sweden Olander, John W.
Sweden Peterson, August
Sweden Theden, Herman
Sweden Wahlin, Anders L.
Sweden, Gottland Olson, Oscar Morton
Sweden, Linkoping Bjorkman, John F.
Sweden, Ostergotland Bjorkman, John F.
Sweden, Rydaholm Blomquist, John
Sweden, Skofde Anderson, Gustaf A.
Sweden, Smoland Blomquist, John
Switzerland Barben, Gus
Switzerland Becker, Albert L.
Switzerland Keller, John James
Tennessee Atkinson, William T.
Tennessee Fleming, Pettis
Tennessee Fulcher, Benjamin W.
Tennessee Glasscock, Samuel S.
Tennessee Jacks, Warden T.
Tennessee Laws, John Anderson
Tennessee Lovelace, Charles
Tennessee McWilliams, Charles A.
Tennessee Phelps, Frank N.
Tennessee Riley, James T.
Tennessee Shore, Joseph L.
Tennessee Wulf, Henry F.
Tennessee, Blount county Ensley, Charles C.
Tennessee, Bristol Cable, James A.
Tennessee, Buchanan county Newton, Periander C.
Tennessee, Carter county Cable, James A.
Tennessee, Carter's Station Cable, James A.
Tennessee, Cumberland Gap Childs, Wesley R.
Tennessee, Knoxville Cable, James A.
Tennessee, Knoxville Jones, J. Arthur
Tennessee, Lebanon Phelps, Frank N.
Tennessee, Louisville Clark, Philo M.
Tennessee, Marysville Ensley, Charles C.
Tennessee, Memphis Clark, Philo M.
Tennessee, Memphis Ensley, Charles C.
Tennessee, Memphis McKeown, James F.
Tennessee, Nashville Murray, James Philip
Tennessee, Nashville Newton, Periander C.
Tennessee, Sullivan county Cable, James A.
Tennessee, Union county Cable, James A.
Texas Cooke, George H.
Texas Crockett, J. D. M.
Texas Haines, Dempsey St. Clair
Texas Hartman, Henry E.
Texas Wood, William L.
Texas, Amarillo Caples, John
Texas, Big Springs Grafke, Henry O.
Texas, Brownsville Ball, William
Texas, Brownwood Biscomb, William H.
Texas, Portland Venard, Edward E.
Texas, San Antonio Embry, Earnest Howard
Texas, San Antonio Longfellow, Jacob W.
Texas, Temple Faust, John W.
Utah, Ogden La Grange, Isaac
Vermont Alden, Frank R.
Vermont Fennell, James
Vermont Merriam, Willard
Vermont Scott, Larmon E.
Vermont Smalley, James L.
Vermont Southwick, Albert
Vermont White, George H.
Vermont, Caledonia county Enright, Edward A.
Vermont, Irasburg Judd, Byron
Vermont, Morrisville Simpson, Samuel N.
Vermont, Orleans county Judd, Byron
Vermont, Shaftsbury Cornell, Dudley Emerson
Vermont, Springfield Newhall, Martin Herrick
Vermont, Weatherfield Newhall, Martin Herrick
Vermont, West Burke Enright, Edward A.
Vermont, West Fairlee Simpson, William A.
Vermont, West Windsor Newhall, Martin Herrick
Vermont, Windsor Enright, Edward A.
Virginia Anderson, William W.
Virginia Bailey, James M.
Virginia Burnett, William E.
Virginia Crooks, Thomas
Virginia Darby, Harry
Virginia Drake, Joseph Francis
Virginia Dunlap, Doniphan
Virginia Jacks, William
Virginia Matney, David B.
Virginia McClung, Charles L.
Virginia McKay, Austin T.
Virginia Miller, Henry
Virginia Milner, John O.
Virginia Moore, John McCabe
Virginia Morton, Isaiah Lafayette
Virginia Sharp, Benjamin T.
Virginia Simmons, Ave
Virginia Simms, Charles H.
Virginia Sims, John T.
Virginia Sutherland, Thomas W.
Virginia Tabler, Charles M.
Virginia Webb, William H.
Virginia White, George H.
Virginia, Albemarle county Barker, Thomas J.
Virginia, Bedford county Barker, James Thomas
Virginia, Bedford county Barker, Thomas J.
Virginia, Bedford county Wood, Watson F.
Virginia, Berryville Wood, William L.
Virginia, Buffalo Gap Jennings, Francis Hamilton
Virginia, Clark county Wood, Dewitt C.
Virginia, Clarke county Wood, William L.
Virginia, Cumberland county Wood, Watson F.
Virginia, Danville Anderson, William W.
Virginia, Fluvanna county Wood, Watson F.
Virginia, Jamestown McClung, Charles L.
Virginia, Loudon county Lasley, Jonathan H.
Virginia, Mercer county Barker, Albert Auburn
Virginia, Richmond Barker, Thomas J.
Virginia, Richmond Darnall, Charles D.
Virginia, Rockbridge county McClung, Charles L.
Virginia, Shenandoah Valley Sheaff, John M.
Virginia, Smyth county Smyth, John E.
Virginia, Summers county Barker, James Thomas
Virginia, Tazewell county Matney, John R.
Wales Buckland, David
Wales McGeorge, William
Washington, Hoods Canal Heisler, E. F.
Washington, SEattle McNarrey, John
Washington, Seattle Stover, Harvey L.
Washington, Seattle Theno, Mathias A.
Washington, Seattle Venard, Edward E.
Washington, Spokane Taggart, Joseph
West Virginia Dague, A. B. C.
West Virginia Miller, Henry
West Virginia Sutherland, Thomas W.
West Virginia, Berkeley county Tabler, Charles M.
West Virginia, Huntington Cornell, Dudley Emerson
West Virginia, Wheeling Lloyd, John
Wisconsin Cornell, Dudley Emerson
Wisconsin Darnall, Charles D.
Wisconsin Fulton, James A.
Wisconsin Lallier, Eugene
Wisconsin Marty, Samuel Clinton
Wisconsin McKenzie, Frank
Wisconsin McKenzie, Robert
Wisconsin Meyers, Albert J.
Wisconsin Miller, Orrin L.
Wisconsin Neudeck, Irvin R.
Wisconsin Theden, Herman
Wisconsin, Berlin Merriam, Willard
Wisconsin, Elkhorn Clark, Philo M.
Wisconsin, Elroy Snell, William D.
Wisconsin, Green Lake Merriam, Willard
Wisconsin, Hudson Milner, John O.
Wisconsin, Juneau county Enright, Edward A.
Wisconsin, Madison Grafke, Henry O.
Wisconsin, Mauston Enright, Edward A.
Wisconsin, North Fond-du-Lac Matney, John R.
Wisconsin, Oshkosh Burgar, John J.
Wisconsin, Racine Anderson, William W.
Wisconsin, Racine McGrew, Henry
Wisconsin, Racine county Anderson, William W.
Wisconsin, Racine county Drought, Edward S. W.
Wisconsin, Walworth county Clark, Philo M.
Wisconsin, Waukesha Rose, Louis, H.
Wisconsin, Waukesha county Rose, Louis H.
Wisconsin, Wilmot Snyder, Kimble P.
Wisconson Theno, Mathias A.
Wyoming, Burlington Alden, Frank R.
Wyoming, Cheyenne Bartlett, Frank W.
Wyoming, Cheyenne Dudley, John
Wyoming, Cheyenne Scanlan, John
Wyoming, Cheyenne Waters, James D.
Wyoming, Chugwater Waters, James D.
Wyoming, Evanston Sheaff, John M.

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