Personal achievement on the part of the individual who accomplishes things worth while for himself and in behalf of his fellow men, is always worth recording. The inherent qualities possessed by an able man will develop and become pronounced in decided results if he be given the proper opportunity. Albert E. Mayhew, legislative representative from the Atchison county district and a successful merchant, belongs to that type of men who by force of intellect and sheer ability to do things have placed themselves in the forefront of affairs and taken their proper places as leaders in their respective communities. Forty-five years of his life have been spent in Kansas, and he can properly be classed as one of the pioneers of the state. Mr. Mayhew established himself in business in Effingham January 1, 1899, and his success since his advent into Atchison County has been marked and rapid. He began at first with a capital of $3,000 invested in a hardware and implement business. With characteristic energy and enterprise he developed his business to the extent that his extensive stock of goods now requires a capital of $10,000. In 1912 he purchased a lot at the corner of the two principle streets of Effingham and erected a handsome two-story brick building and a warehouse at the same time. This building measures 84x60 feet, including the warehouse and two splendid show rooms, filled with high class goods. The stock of goods in the Mayhew establishment embraces hardware, farming implements and wagons, paints, furniture, and he also conducts an undertaking establishment. Three men are employed to attend to the extensive trade of the store, which is the most important institution of its kind in this section of the county.

Albert E. Mayhew was born March 17, 1866, at St. Mary's, Ontario, Canada, a son of William, born in 1833, died in March, 1906, and Mary (LANCASTER), born in 1833, died December 25, 1878, Mayhew, both of whom were born in England and immigrated to Canada when in their youth. William Mayhew ran away from home and made his way to Canada where he became a farmer and married. William Mayhew and his wife resided in Canada until May, 1870, when they immigrated to Kansas, settling in Nemaha County. They purchased a farm near the town of Centralia, developed it and Mr. Mayhew made a success of farming and stock raising. He began with a large tract of land at first, but soon ascertained that it were better to have a smaller farm, and accordingly reduced his acreage to 160 acres, upon which he prospered. Mrs. Mayhew, the mother of Albert E., died on the home place in Nemaha County. William, as old age crept upon him, removed to San Diego, Cal., where his demise occurred. He is buried in the cemetery of the California city. Five sons and a daughter were born to William Mayhew and wife, namely: John, a merchant, of Denver, Colo.; Robert, a retired farmer and merchant, living in Topeka, Kan.; George, a merchant of Denver, Colo.; Eliza, wife of A.B. CLIPPINGER, Kansas City, Mo.; Albert E., the subject of this review, and Leonard of Los Angeles, Cal.

Albert E. was reared to young manhood on the home farm in Nemaha County and received his education in the public schools of Centralia, Kan., and the Seneca, Kan., high school, completing his education in the normal school at Emporia, Kan. He taught school for a number of years in his home county, saved his earnings and in 1887 embarked in the hardware and implement business at Vermilion, Kan. He conducted this business with fair success until 1897, and then sold out, coming to Effingham soon afterward and engaging in the same line of business in this city. In addition to his extensive business Mr. Mayhew is the owner of two excellent farms in Marshall County, Kansas, aggregating 640 acres in all, which has his attention. He has a beautiful, modern residence in the south part of Effingham.

Mr. Mayhew was married in September, 1887 to Anna J. TINKER of Vermilion, Kan., born in Humboldt County, Kansas, a daughter of Avery and Ellen Tinker, natives of New York State, born at Hastings Center, that state. Two children have blessed this union of Albert E. and Anna Mayhew:

Avery, born in 1889 and died June 2, 1901; Carl H. Born January, 1891 and associated with his father in business. Carl H. married Miss Vera SNYDER and has one daughter, Lucille, aged two years.

Mr. Mayhew is a stanch Republican in his political affiliations and has taken an active and influential part in the affairs of his party since coming to Atchison County. In November, 1914, he was the candidate of his party for the high office of state representative from this district and was elected, subsequently serving in the 1915 session of the Kansas legislature with such marked ability as a legislator that his course and activities conferred distinction upon himself and his constituents. During this session he was a member of the committees on insurance, education, legislative appointments, mines

and mining, and judicial apportionments. Having always taken a keen interest in educational affairs, his position as a member of the committee on education gave him a opportunity to support and advocate legislation which would enhance the cause of education throughout the state. He succeeded in having passed through the house an act requiring the school moneys of the state to be loaned to farmers. There was plenty of precedence behind an act of this character, and the fairness of its provisions is very evident, although it was opposed by the banking interests of the state. The act, however, failed to take its regular course through the senate, because of the adjournment of the legislative body. It is probable that the act will be finally passed at the next session and it is morally certain to have strong support, if Mr. Mayhew is again representative from Atchison County. He also introduced and successfully fathered an act, allowing districts to levy higher taxes to provide more amply for bridge building and road improvements, two provisions, which were of direct benefit to the farming interests of the state, inasmuch as the movement for better highways is fast gaining ground in Kansas. Mr. Mayhew also assisted in the passing of better automobile laws, and took an active part in all the deliberations of the legislative body, specializing, however, in legislation which had for its ultimate object the betterment of the school system of the state. He is a member and trustee of the Presbyterian Church of Effingham and is fraternally associated with the Odd Fellows and Modern Woodmen. It is probable that no citizen is more widely or more favorably known throughout Atchison County than A. E,. Mayhew and his course as a successful merchant and public official has been such as to favorably commend him to the masses of the people, who are always found appreciative of honesty and square dealing on the part of men in public life, whom they honor with their political preference. He is well worthy of the confidence and trust which have been bestowed upon him by the people.

Taken From:

History of Atchison County, Kansas

by Sheffield Ingalls - 1916

Submitted by:

Clemi Higley Blackburn, September 2003