George Henry Boyd

 George Henry BOYD was the second of six children born to John J. BOYD and

Elizabeth CASE in Atchison, Kansas. He lived in the Atchison, Kansas area

until his early adult life. In 1888, he married Olive May JOHNSON and in

1900 he was living in Kansas City, Missouri with his wife and two sons.

His occupations is listed as a traveling salesman. (1) A decade later, the

George Boyd family consisted of four sons and lived on Hardesty Avenue in

Kansas City. George's occupation is a salesman for commercial hardware.

(2) In 1915, the George Boyd family, consisting of his wife and three sons

moved to Minnesota and were living in St Paul. His employment at that time

was a buyer of wholesale hardware. (3) In 1940, he and his wife moved to

Missouri and lived with his son, George Raymond BOYD in Blue Township, a

rural area near Independence. He died on November 1942, five months after

his wife. (4)