George Raymond Boyd

 George Raymond BOYD was born to George Henry BOYD and Olive May JOHNSON in

Highland, Doniphan County, Kansas. He spent his childhood and early adult

life in Atchison, Kansas. He started working for newspapers when he was

15, and worked various jobs in St Paul and Omaha. In 1910, he and his wife,

Olive, were living in Kansas City, Kansas with his mother-in-law, Hanna

ENGLISH. (1) He worked for the Kansas City Star in Kansas City, as a clerk

and assistant circulation manager. In 1926, he moved to Independence,

Missouri, where he worked as the circulation manager for the Independence

Examiner. He was also the secretary-treasurer for the Midwest Circulation

Managers Association. In the early 1940's, he moved to Glendale, California

and worked for the Glendale News Press as an advertising manager. He retired

in Glendale, but later moved to Washington, NC, where his son Kenneth lived.

After his wife Olive died, he moved to Blue Springs, Missouri and married a

long time friend. After her death, he moved to Ft Myers, Florida to live

with his brother William M BOYD.