Ref: William G. Cutler's History of the State of Kansas

Atchison County - Part 21

Published in 1883 by A.T. Andreas, Chicago, IL

SAMUEL S. METZGER, cabinet-maker, came to Kansas in March, 1879, and located

in Atchison, where he has since resided. Mr. M. was in the Government employ

in the Pioneer Corps. during the late war. Mr. M. was born in Lancaster, Pa.,

January 29, 1829, and resided in his native place until his twenty-fifth

year, when he removed to Cincinnati, Ohio, where he stayed but a short time,

and then went to Greensburg, Ind., where he remained about eighteen months.

In the fall of 1858 he removed to Lawrenceburg, Ind., where he worked at his

trade for twenty years. From the latter place he removed to Kansas. He was

married at York Ridge, Dearborn County, Ind., July 19, 1859, to Miss Adelaide

Ward, a native of Indiana. They have six children living - George W., Carrie

C., Charles D., Mary J., Sarah E., and Thomas Browne.