Riverview Cemetery

Riverview Cemetery at Kiowa is located one mile east and one-quarter mile north, in SE1/4SE1/4 of 1-35-11 and ten acres in the N1/4N1/4 of outlot 39, Kiowa Township. The first fifteen acres were laid out in 1886 by the Kiowa Town Company. The land was part of the original purchase from W.E. Campbell, to found what was to be called New Kiowa. Another fifteen acres were acquired later from A. W. Rumsey; ten acres were purchased in 1971 from William Schrock. Riverview Cemetery Association was organized in 1887. Incorporators and officers were A.W. Rumsey, president; A.S. Featherman, J.W. Dobson, F.H. Shelley, and A.J. Bentley. The Ladies Riverview Cemetery Association was formed March 25, 1899, to landscape and beautify the cemetery. Officers elected that day were Mrs. W.E. Campbell, president; Mrs. K.F. Rudolph, vice-president; Mrs. E.L. Laugyan, secretary; Mrs. J.L.B. Ellis, treasurer; Mmes. A.D. Singleton, Mary Lee and E.C. Blakeway, finance committee; Mmes. W.F. Smith, H.E. Glenn, George Wells, W.E. Campbell, and W.L. Laughman, executive committee. A name change was made to The Riverview Cemetery Association and charter granted January 25, 1910. The City of Kiowa operated the cemetery until the reorganization in 1899. First burial in the new cemetery may have been John A. Brakey, age six months. There may be older burials in the many unmarked graves, and a number of bodies were moved from the old cemetery into the new cemetery. Also, in making openings in parts of the cemetery, there has been evidence of Indian burials, which have been left undisturbed.

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(Information from pages 28-29 of Chosen Land - A History of Barber County, Kansas ©1980)

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