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Adams, Anna C.
Adams, James H.
Adams, M.A.
Adams, Myrtle Shuemaker
Adams, Ora
Adams-Stoy, Myrtle
Balderrama, Iva Lea
Balding, Dora & Thomas
Balding, Mary Margaret
Balding, T.W.
Bennett, Gloria Jean
Bennett, Lorene D.
Bennett, Willie Edward & Pauline Mae
Bible, Ellinor L. & Cecil M.
Bissantz, Bessie B.
Bissantz, Julia A.
Bissantz, Louis
Bissantz, Maude
Bissantz, Roy W.
Blankinship, Lelia
Blankinship, Massie
Bobbitt, Donna Maxine
Bobbitt, Helen & Miner P.
Bodenhamer, Chester Edgar & Viola Ruth
Bodenhamer, George Edgar & Etta May
Bodenhamer, Loren D.
Bodenhamer, Loren David "Bode"
Braden, Walter P.
Bragg, Harold J. & Elma V.
Brown, Arthur L. & Dorothy E.
Brown, W.D. (Billy)
Bull, Temple H.
Bullock, Argyle Lyle
Bullock, Lillie Lee & Eugene R.
Bullock, Ruby E.
Campbell, Samuel G. & Anna L.
Carl, James Thomas & Mary
Carter, Annie Hazel
Carter, Clarence Leroy
Carter, Lawrence Lane
Carter, Matt
Carter, Overton A. & Sarah E.
Carter, Sarah R. & William H.
Chinn, Robert L. & Zeta M.
Clawson, Hattie L.
Clawson, Robert S.
Clements, Elizabeth J.
Clements, Milton H.
Clements, Milton H.
Collins, David T.
Collins, Elmer J. & Blanche
Cunningham, Laura A.
Davis, Edna Humeston
Davis, Oliver Wesley
Divine, Kayla Sue
Dow, Lula J. & Earl J.
Dow, William John
Dyke, Betty L. & Don H.
Faidley, Donna Lou
Farris, Jacob Andrew
Farris, John M.
Farris, John Milton & Nancy Elizabeth Ann
Fittro, Mary Susie & Hershel E.
Freeman, Archie L. & Ruby I.
Freeman, Chester E. & Helen B.
Freeman, Dora B.
Freeman, E.M.
Freeman, Ilene L. & Clyde D.
Freeman, M. Caroline & William S.
Freeman, Mary M.
Freeman, Wm. Shawn
Fulton, Eliza & Walter E.
Gaddis, James H. "Jack"
Gaddis, Ruth & James A.
Garten, Albert Stanley
Garten, Billie H.
Garten, Billie H.
Garten, Dorothy A. & John S.
Garten, Glen D.
Garten, Guy
Garten, Hal & Belle
Garten, Harvey L. & Doris E.
Garten, Jack W.
Garten, Jack W. & Altha Maude
Garten, John H.
Garten, Malinda & John
Garten, Marian
Garten, Opal May
Garten, Pearl L. & Spice H. "Bud"
Garten, Ray John
Garten, Stanley E. & Myrtle M.
Gilliland, Melody Hope Morningstar
Gillmore, Georgia Gwen
Gillmore, son of C.M. & Josephine
Hamilton, Earl & Rosa Lee
Hamilton, John B & Angie
Harmon, Beatrice & George M.
Harmon, Lewis Green & Nancy Jane
Harmon, Nettie
Harmon, William C.
Harris, Clarence
Harris, Edwin Elmer
Harris, Mollie
Harrison, Geraldine & Joe F.
Harrison, Joe F.
Harry, Vern
Hart, Edward E. & Mildred M.
Hart, James W. & Pearl S.
Hastings, Homer
Hastings, L.M.
Hastings, Mary E.
Hathaway, Alma Ward 'Sis'
Hathaway, C.A. 'Buster'
Helton, Anderson
Helton, Arthur
Helton, Mary Jane & Samuel
Helton, Mary L.
Helton, Ora K.
Helton, Terry Laverene
Henry, August
Henry, Irma Lois
Hoagland, Alice M.
Hoagland, Charles Lynn
Hoagland, Clifford & Bernice
Hoagland, Eric Newell
Hoagland, G. Maudine
Hoagland, Hattie L. & Frank W.
Hoagland, Homer F.
Hoagland, Lenora B.
Hoagland, Lon N. & Alma E.
Hoagland, Nina
Hoagland, Raymond Harold
Hoagland, Richard R.
Hoagland, Robert Kent
Hogard, Glen Leroy
Hogard, Mildred Ward 'Midge'
Hoss, Esther & Hullie
Houchin, Dean & Mary A.
Houchin, James D.
Houchin, Opal V. & Fredrick O.
Howard, M. Abigail Fulton & Lorraine & Thelma
Humeston, Flora & Arthur
Huse, Gale
Irvin, Vinson & Elsie
Janson, Allen H.
Janson, Norma M. & Allen H. "Bud"
Kaminska, E. Lucinda & Otto F.
Keller, Agatha
Keller, E. Lorrean & L. Orgal
Keller, Elizabeth & John L.
Keller, Ernest G.
Keller, Ethel B. & George M.
Keller, Etta E.
Keller, George Melvin
Keller, Ivernen L.
Keller, Susan K. & Arbey J.
Keller, Sylvia H.
Keller, W.L. 'Roy'
Kennedy, Millard Clay
Knowles, Robert Lester
Knowles, Wayne R.
Lacore, Clarence O.
Lacore, Helen E.
Lacore, Pauline E.
Larkin, Della I. & Nick
Larkin, Donald Patrick
Larkin, Ernest H.
Larkin, John & Zoa
Larkin, Lavonia K. & Donald P.
Larkin, Mary Ellen & Ernest H.
Laudermilk, Catherine E. & James L.
Leffler, Edith Hoagland
Leffler, Lena May
Leffler, Waldo Faye
Likes, G.W.
Lott, Ella B. & George W.
Loudermilk, May
Loudermilk, P.W.
Loven, Robert
Lund, Maria & Janetta

Sunnyside Cemetery at Sun City is located approximately one mile east, in N1/2 1-31-15. First burial was LaVelle McGee, daughter of S. Dean and Lena Grace Bissantz McGee, born December 13, 1911 and died January 26, 1912. Milton H. Clements, old time freighter who lost his legs in the 1875 blizzard, is buried here. Clements was born 1834; died 1924. A little Mexican girl, Roza, daughter of Palva and Pete Padron, burned to death September 28, 1919, while playing with matches. She was born September 27, 1916. Dr. James L. Laudermilk (1858 -1941) and wife Catherine E. (1864 -1943) are other burials of interest. Dr. Laudermilk practiced in Sun City community a number of years, and operated the drug store.

(Information from pages 28-29 of Chosen Land - A History of Barber County, Kansas ©1980)
Photos courtesy of Kim Hoagland Fowles & Sharetta Miller.

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