Hardtner Public School
Hardtner, Kansas
Le Premier H.H.S. '20

Editor in Chief - Elsie Morrow
Associate Editor - Susie Willig
Business Manager - Earl Burroughs
Associate Business Mgr. - Paul Molz
Athletic Editor - Ray Johnson
Literary Editor - Belle Webb
Calendar - Zada Johnson
Jokes Editor - Ercel Porter
Kodak Editor - Hester Hill
Board of Education
J. M. Molz
W. M. Allen
Bert Parsons
J. M. Walsh - A.B.; McEwen College, Graduate Student University of Colorado, Summer Sessions, 1915-16-17. Superintendent 1917-
Mrs. J. M. Walsh - A.B.: McEwen College. Special Student University of Colorado, Summer Sessions, 1915-16-17. Principal 1917-
Miss Lillie Watson - A.B. University of Denver
Miss Freda Klein - A.B. Fairmount (College of Emporia)
Paul Molz - Vice President
Paul is loyal, ambitious and studious,-in for anything. He would rather play basketball than to eat. Sing?-sounds like a zoo. Physics, Agriculture and "Home" Economics, his hobby. He says "Aw! How d'ye get that way?"
Elsie Morrow - President
Elsie is quiet and takes life seriously. "Big grades" is her motto, and she gets them. She has the friendship and good will of everyone and her place can not be filled. Her only ambition is to be a school teacher.
Earl Burroughs - Secretary-Treasurer
One can not help liking Earl when once acquainted with him, for he is always bubbling over with fun. He is a good student, but enjoys asking questions in the science classes. He will be missed by all when he steps out of H.H.S. in the spring never to enter it again as a student.
Belle Webb
Belle is very much interested in School. She does not answer a question unless she knows that her answer is correct. She has never been seen to be angry, but always has a cheery smile for everyone. She is quiet and does not pry into the business of others.
Ercel Porter - President
Ercel spent her first two high school years in Ashland, and has been a student of Hardtner High for only one year. During this time she has won many friends. She is a very industrious pupil and was never known to go to class with an unprepared lesson.
Zada Johnson
Zada is a very jolly student, who often expresses her thoughts and wishes. She is faithful to her school and willing to do her part in everything. She is very studious, always preparing her lessons to the best of her ability. She loves French but dislikes Agriculture very much.
Ray Johnson - Sergeant-at-Arms
Ray is the only boy in the Junior Class and it is hoped that he will stay through the Senior Year. He has great talent for arguing, and for drawing cartoons. He can think of a joke for every occasion, and is also a real basketball enthusiast.
Susie Willig
Susie is a quiet and industrious lass of the Junior Class. She is a student of few words, but much knowledge. She has many friends, her worst enemy being Civics. We are sure that Susie will continue her good work and that she will make a success in life.
Hester Hill - Vice President
Hester has been a student of H.H.S. for three years. She is a fun loving, good natured girl, admired and loved by all who know her. She believes in the saying, "Smile and the world smiles with you." Her favorite subject is "boys", and her chief occupation is reading or writing letters.
Syble Myers - Secretary-Treasurer
(Mrs. Theodore Terwort)
Sybel was one of our best students. Although she was exceedingly fond of school, she took great care in preparing her lessons. She is greatly missed by everyone. It is hoped that her married life will be a long and happy one.
Barton Sloan - Secretary-Treasurer
Barton nearly always has his lesson well; when he does not, he is of a very quiet nature. He answers to everyones name in class except his own, and his favorite subject is "girls." He is an honest detester of Geometry.
Bernice Hutchinson
Bernice is an industrious and loyal member of her class. Because of her never failing smile, she has won the friendship of the entire school. She is a real suffragette and often pictures herself in future years, picketing the grounds about the White House.
Mildred Frei - President
Mildred is our class president and an earnest and loyal supporter of the Sophomore cause. Her one aim is to make good, and we think she will. She is also one of our most talented musicians.
Hazel Thomas
Hazel is the light and life of her class, and an excellent student. Her motto is "Trust Thyself." Her highest ambition is to have good lessons and to lend a helping hand to her classmates. Hazel is also talented in music but she makes no display of her musical ability.
Blanche Sheddy - Vice President
Being good natured and studious, Blanche is not only admired by her class mates and teachers, but also by some outsiders. She has no favorite subject, being equally good in everything, including boys. Although she may have some special work chosen we have been unable to discover it.
Othello Burroughs
Othello is one of the best students of his class-in dreams. He has the habit of constantly humbling the pride of the class by announcing its faults. Although he has some strange adventures in translating (?) Caeser, we are sure he will succeed in life.
Velma Achenbach - Sergeant-at-Arms
Velma is our stand-by. Although lessons worry her, she is quite skilled in managing boys, being able to reform any number at once. She is one of our best social leaders. Her hobby is driving an Oakland, and her greatest interests are in outside affairs.
Vernice Hutchinson
Vernice is an incessant worker who keeps both eyes on her work and wastes no time looking at the boys. She never brags on herself, takes everything good naturedly, and never loses her temper. She is loyal to H.H.S. and we are sure that she will always remain true to its highest ideals.
Wayland Griffin
Wayland is a lad whos mind dwells lovingly on Fords. Anyone wishing information on History or notebook work may get it from him, as he is specializing in these. He is always looking after someone, and often times it happens to be some bashful Freshman maiden.
Pauline Wilhite
(Mrs. Vernon Bishop)
Pauline was one of our most studious members until she decided on another course, that of matrimony. If Pauline is as capable in the art of mastering a husband as she was in her studies we can predict a happy future for her.
Agnes Snyder
Although Agnes likes a certain Sophomore lad, she thinks of him only when she has time. She believes that if a person expects to win, he must first work, then play. We think she will stand by her belief, and win.
Alta Trenary - President
Alta believes in the motto "Work and Win." and exercises her belief. She is always ready and willing to help her classmates in anything. We are proud of her as President of our class.
Eva Snyder
We are proud to claim Eva as a member of the Freshman class. When asked to translate a Latin sentence she never says " I can't," but, "I will try." She makes good grades, but she works hard for what she gets.
Hester Miller
Hester is a quite, good natured girl, who never complains about hard lessons and never says, "I can't get this," or "I hate Latin." She is a good student and is admired by all for her quiet ways, good nature and quickness to comprehend.
Ina Campbell - Vice President
Ina is a brilliant girl with lots of push. She is always smiling, and never complains about lessons being hard. She is one of the main alto singers of the Glee Club. Her favorite pasttime is flirting with the Senior boys.
Loraine Hearn
Loraine is a quiet, good natured girl, who believes in fun only after the days work is done. She sometimes says "I can't understand this," but someway she finds an answer to every question. She works hard to make H.H.S. one of the best schools.
Marion Kenney
Marion said "I don't intend to teach until I learn all there is to learn." We fear she will never teach, for a person is never to old to learn. She adores Latin; So she may be a Latin teacher. She is always jolly, and is liked by everyone.
Mary Myers
Mary is fond of fun but never lets it interfere with her work. She digs into everything with a determination to win. We believe Mary can look forward to a bright future.
Omar Hill - Secretary-Treasurer
Omar delights in arguing to delay the progress of a recitation. He can't see why "Latin does a fellow any good." We wonder how he would feel to get ninety-five in a test. He likes to entertain Freshman girls, especially Virgie and Marion.
Opal Allen
Opal is a smiling, windsom girl who never says hard words to anyone. She believes in doing unto others as she would have them do unto her. She "adores Latin and Algebra" and studies to make them her best subjects. Her only noticeable fault is flirting with Sophomore boys.
Royce Gerstner - Sergeant-at-Arms
Royce is a good student, and never fails in having a good lesson. He is, however, very modest and unassuming. He once said, "I would rather have a tooth pulled than pose for a picture." He plays basketball as though his life depended upon it.
Virgie Jones
Virgie is one of the most popular members of the Freshman class, and is liked by everyone. Although she sometimes says she does not like to study, she is a good student. She is quite an athlete, for she recently, "Jumped the rope" one hundred times without stopping.
Prospective High School Students
DeWitt Bartz
Ralph Roots
Orist Morrow
Cleo Campbell
Ralph Thurman
Martha Webb
Wilma Goebel
Mildred Bennett
Reba Sloan
Edna George Teacher
John Vincent
Ada Wilhite
Everett Derrick
Alberta Achenbach
Aymer Achenbach
Barbara Sternberger
Wilbur Darling
Nellie Sheddy
Kathleen Walsh
Lema Butcher
Opal White
Leona Pittaway
Ruby Dennis
Lillian Burroughs

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