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Queries for 2004

LAWLER posted by Brenda 55 on Saturday, April 17, 2004

I'm looking for the names in the cemenetaries in Sun City, Ks. My great grandmother was buried there. I'm not sure about the year. Her name was Ebbie Nevada Lawler The story goes as it was told to me by my uncle. Ebbie had gotten sick. and had a disease that hat made her skin fall off. The towns people not wanting her buried in the local cemcetery because of her disease. My greatgrand father and grandfather had to walk beside the hurse with guns to make sure she was buried. Her son lived there also. Emery Warren Lawler. My grandfather, I know my father was born in Sun City. Nov. 24, 1927. Yet I can't seem to find anything about Sun City, except the towns name. Would like any information I can get.

WATSON posted by Richard L. D'Eon on Saturday, April 17, 2004

Looking for information on the following idividuals. Watson, Steven buried Hardtner 1868 - 1940. Watson, William Perry buried Hardtner 1846 - 1924. Watson, Mary Ellen buried Hardtner 1848 - 1931. Thanks

FELLOWS, SHOEMAKER, SHUMAKER, TIFFANY, WHITE posted by Terri McSweeny on Saturday, April 17, 2004

I would greatly appreciate any help you can provide me & a distant cousin regarding our gggrandmother, Susan Pamelia Fellows Shoemaker (Shumaker) she was born in 1/1835 in OH & died sometime beween the May 1910 census & the Jan. 1920 census probably in Valley Twp., Barber Co., where she was living w/ her dau. Lulu Fay Shoemaker White & Fay's husband Charles White. By the 1930 census The Whites were living in Isabel Twp. We are hoping for at least a death date & at best an obit or death cert. in hopes of learning Susan's parents full names. She was an orphan in the 1850 census living w/ her Mother Angeline________ & new step-father, David Tiffany in Geauga Co., OH. Thanks for any help you can provide! Terri McSweeny Vero Beach, FL

FELLOWS, MCCARTHY, SHOEMAKER, SHUMAKER, WHITE posted by Terri McSweeny on Saturday, April 17, 2004

My gggrandmother, Susan Pamelia Fellows Shoemaker (Shumaker) was living in Valley Twp. w/ her dau. Fay Shoemaker White in May 1910 (census date). By 1930 Fay & her husband Charles M. White (son of Lester & Susan McCarthy White donors of land for the cemetery) are living in Isabel Twp. Susan P. Shoemaker does not appear in the 1920 census so presumably she died between May 1910 & Jan. 1920. I am hoping that given the family connection to the founding of the cemetery that my gggrandmother, Susan P. Fellows Shoemaker (Shumkaer) might be buried there so that I could obtain her death date & then be able to (hopefully) get a death cert or obit which might reveal her parent's full names. Thank you for any help that you might provide, Terri McSweeny Vero Beach, FL

KIMBALL, SALE posted by Cal Sale on Saturday, April 17, 2004

I am looking for a relative that would have died around 1902 or 1903 in Medicine Lodge Township. Her name was Pearl F Kimball-Sale. Also looking for her son John Sale who died December 6, 1906. Thank you, Cal Sale Des Moines, Iowa

BOYS, GILLIG posted by Marvin Shoop on Monday, April 26, 2004

I understand that a Rose Gillig did the genealogy of the Boys family, that included Robert Boys who died 7/5/1913 in Graham County KS. From searching the internet, I judge Rose Gillig may live or have lived in Barber County. I would appreciate receiving her address, please. M. Shoop

KEPPERLING, MCCLUNEY, ROGERS posted by Bea Rutherford on Thursday, April 29, 2004

I am in search of a little help. I know that Walter Kepperling was in Kansas........I know that Willa Jane McCluney/Rogers was in Kansas...........NOW, I need proof that Elizabeth Kepperling was in Kansas. Elizabeth is the Mother of Walter Kepperling and the Grandmother of Willa Jane McCluney. I need to see census for between 1880 and 1890 for Kansas to see to prove that Elizabeth was there.....I know she left her property to Walter and Willa in 1889. I know Elizabeth died around that time........I guess what I am saying is I need to see where Willa Jane was living after 1890 and before 1892....with who? Can you help me? Bea

CLINGERMAN posted by Lesley Clingerman on Thursday, June 3, 2004

My name is Lesley Clingerman and I am researching the family of Jacob Clingerman who moved to Kansas from Ohio somewhere around 1890. I know his grave and that of his son Charles is in Riverview Cemetery. I was told that his son Mann and Daughter-in-law-Maggie were voted the smallest couple in Kansas and that there is a statue of them somewhere in Kiowa. I would like to obtain pictures of the cemetery and graves,and the statue. I would be intersted in any postcards of Kiowa around the turn of the century. I live in Montgomery county Ohio, and if I can return the favor for anyone out there, I would be happy to do so. Thank you for your time

HURST, MORING, TURNER, VAN HORN posted by Carol Ferguson on Friday, June 4, 2004

re: HURST, MORING, TURNER, VAN HORN in Barber and Harper Counties, KS. I am seeking information about Joe Turner, possibly a freighter; his wife Mary Van Horn Turner (a midwife); their son Chauncie or Chancie (sp?) M (aka C M) Turner, a freighter (with teams of horses hauled heavy freight: houses, oil rigs..) and later a well driller; his wife, May or Mae Moring Turner; their daughter, Gladys Opal Turner, born in Medicine Lodge on 8 October 1913. Other children of CM and May Turner were Ruth, born about 1915, and Alice Margaret, born about 1917. Joe and Mary Turner also had other children, including Gertrude, possibly Chester, possibly Joe, and a son George who was born in 1913 or 1914 in KS, probably Medicine Lodge. In 1915 Mary sent a postcard postmarked Medicine Lodge, KS. May Moring Turner was the daughter of George Washington Moring and Alice Stella (or Stella Alice) Hurst Moring who lived many years in Anthony, Harper Co, Kansas, where George W had a blacksmith shop, probably acquired from his younger brother Charles S. G W Moring and Alice Van Horn Moring had about 11 children, most (if not all) born in Kansas from the late 1890's through +/- 1920. By January,1920 CM Turner and May Moring Turner were living in Blackwell, OK, where she may have died later that year at the age of +/- 25. In 1930 Joe and Mary Van Horn and son George were also living in Blackwell, OK. They were probably there as early as 1927 and possibly before. I'm trying to find this information for Gladys, who is 90, and I'll appreciate any information, including sources. Thanks.

MYERS posted by Laurie-Ann Curry on Sunday, July 18, 2004

I am looking for a Minerva Myers (aka Manerva or America) buried at Isabell, Kansas between 1860 & 1900. The only information I have is her Indiana marriage, her kids were born in Indiana then a note that says she was buried in Isabel. Much obliged for your help as I know I am giving scant info.

GRAVES, HOAG, JESSE, TOOMBS posted by Kathleen A. Gregory on Sunday, August 15, 2004

My great grandfather was Jared Hoag. He lived in Mingona Twp from 1888-1920. In 1888 he married Florence Graves in Mingona Twp. Florence's brother, Burleigh, married Hattie Jesse in 1893. They made the run into the Chreokee Outlet in that same year. Joining them in the run were their parents, Gilbert and Sarah Graves and John and Bettie Jesse. John and Bettie had ten children/ Robert, Hattie, Charles, George, Sara (Sallie), Bettie, John L., Marieann (Mamie), Blanch and Jane. Bettie Jesse married Jefferson D. Mills. Mamie and Sara married Toombs boys, the sons of George and Eva. George and Eva made the run into Oklahoma Territory also. They all staked claims in Webster Twp., Woodward Co., OK. Gilbert and Sarah Graves took the grandchildren, Mitchell, Elsie and Ray Hoag, to live with them when their mother, Florence, died in 1897. Mitchell always called Bettie and Mamie 'Aunt'. My mother, Clara Hoag Louthan, remembers going to these women's funerals. Are Bettie and Mamie buried in the cemetery at Medicine Lodge? I found Mamie and John Toombs living in Wamego, Ks in the 1930 census. My mom says that they did not travel that for for the funeral and believes it had to be Medicine Lodge. I would appreciate any help. Thank you.

KNIGHT, MCCOY posted by Jeff McCoy on Sunday, August 15, 2004

Looking for any and all information on John. R. McCoy and his wife Elizabeth Knight who came to Medicine Lodge via Illinois and Kingman Co., Kansas.

BRADY posted by Allison E. Brady Simpkins on September 4, 2004

I am researching the history of the Brady family. I have Harold T. Brady my Great Grandfather listed on the Barber Co. Census for 1920. I know that he settled eventually in Amarillo, TX. I would appreciate any information as to what he was doing in Kansas.

SCHOONOVER posted by Linda-Ohio on September 7, 2004

In 1910-George W. Schoonover resided with his wife Mahala, and son George W. in Lake City Twp, Barber-Kansas. I think he might have died there. Can any one find if he did and where he is buried? In 1920-his son George W. Schoonover had moved to Elm Mills Twp-Barber-Kansas. Any and all assistance will be gratefully appreciated. Thank you, Linda-Ohio

OKLAHOMA RUN posted by Monta Ray Brimmer on September 8, 2004

Hi, I recently read an article that said anybody that made the run into Oklahoma had to sign up in Kiowa.Is there such a list? and if so where can I find it? Thanks Monta Ray Brimmer- Kingman, Kansas

KIDD posted by Mary M. Rhone on September 11, 2004

Researching T. M. Kidd b. abt 1837-Ohio. d. bef 1930-Medicine Lodge, Ks. Supposed to have 12 siblings. Looking for them.
Wife- Sarah/ Susan C. Unknown
Daniel T. b. 1872
Cid (?) b. 1869
Thank you. Mary.

HENDRICKS, POLSON, MCNALLY posted by Cathy on September 18, 2004

Looking for my great aunt Daisy who was married twice that we know of. She was born in August 24, 1873 in Illinois. He first husband died in 1908. She had one son that died at age 14. I know where her husband and son are buried (Old Bross Cemetery, Nashville, KS) but I can't find anything on her. Someone said she married a McNally. Can't find anything on him. Don't have a first name. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Cathy

KENNEY posted by rxdad4 on September 28, 2004

I am looking for gr-gr-aunt Alice Kenney born in Henry co Il in 1850's married to James Kenney of Canada and moved to Rice Co in 1880 then to Medicine Lodge by 1900. Jas is listed as aged father in Lottie Crouses obit in Barber Index in 192? Can't find Alice Victoria his wife. Any help??

WATSON posted by Richard D'Eon on October 2, 2004

Trying to find information on my grandmother who was associated with the Hardtner school system from about 1900 to 1920 something. Her name was Eva J. Watson. She was married to William Perry Watson and had a son named Jacob Watson, daughter named Phyllis and another son named Samuel Watson. Any information would be appreciated. Thank you in advance. They had a homestead in OK in the Indian Meridian and came to town every school year for schooling of the children. Thanks you.


My gg-grandfather was James W. Martin, who married Louisa Ketcherside in McDonald County, Missouri. They had seven children: John W. married Mary Anglin; George W. married Emma J. Prouty; Laura T married Samuel Anglin; Moses A never married; Mary married E.M. Odell (late in life); the other 2 children died very young. James and Louisa moved their family from Missouri to Barber county in 1876. They lived between Kiowa and Hazelton. I am looking for any information on this family. Also any information on the Howard Garlow family, who moved to Barber County in 1904.

GREEVER posted by Joni Greever on October 24, 2004

I am looking for info on my paternal grandfather, K.A. Greever. He was born in Kiowa, KS around 1898. I don't know his father's first name, but his mother was Drucilla (Fuller) Greever. My father, Kyle Warren Greever, Sr.,MajUSAF(Ret.) mentioned once that he thought his dad was maybe up to 1/4 Native American (why he didn't find out more, I'll never know!!!) KA married my grandmother, Hazelle Kramer, sometime around 1916(?). I'd like to find out if she was from Kiowa, also.

TALIAFERRO, KELLEY, DUKE posted by Susan G. Denney on December 8, 2004

I am trying to find information about a Charles Taliaferro and his wife, Julia Duke Kelley Taliaferro. They moved to Medicine Lodge about 1877 and their son, Del, was born in 1878. Julia was about ten years older than Charles. I believe the family may also be related to an individual named Charles Taliaferro Duke, who was born in Medicine Lodge in 1872 and married Barbara Alice Mills in 1893. They moved to the Texas Panhandle before 1900, as did Julia Taliaferro’s son, J. W. Kelley and his wife Ada. I would really like to know the dob and dod for Julia and Charles Taliaferro, and the nature of the relationship between Charles Taliaferro and Charles Taliaferro Duke, if possible. I found Charles and Julia Taliferro in the 1900 census for Barber County but not in 1910, so I assume they died during that decade but I have been unable to find any reference on the internet.

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