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GILBERT posted by Suzanne Guinn on Friday, January 2, 1998

Ethal Mae GILBERT (grandmother) was born in Sharon, Barber, Kansas in 1901. Her father, Norman Elbert GILBERT, deserted her mother when Ethel was about 3 or 4 years old. He reportedly went to Oregon. Nothing is known about him, other than he was born in Iowa in 1862. He had a family before and after Ethel. Ethel's parents, Norman and Lulu Maud BLACKMORE later divorced. Are there any newspapers in the area that cover this time frame? Would there be any divorce records in Barber for the early 1900's?

HOBBS, SCHWATRZ posted by Jim Peavler on Saturday, January 10, 1998

I am seeking to find information on Wm. and Ida Schwartz from Hardtner, KS. Ida was the daughter of my grandfather J. D. Peavler's first marriage to Harriet Nofsinger in KY. Her sister Beulah "Peavler" Hobbs lived in Kiowa, KS as late as the winter of 1941. I have conversed with W.E. Hobbs, son of Beulah and Frank Hobbs. I will share whatever family data that I have. Thanks.

DRAKE posted by Mika Jackson-Hamby on Thursday, March 5, 1998

Need info on Beverly Lafayette Drake and his wife Nannie A. Watts Drake. They lived in Barber county for several years. Their children, Clarence Stanley Drake, Maude Marie Drake and Fannie Lucille Drake were all born in Barber co. Nannie died there

ELDRED posted by John Eldred on Friday, March 6, 1998

Does anyone have any idea in what town or city Eldred Cemetery is? I see it listed on a Barber county page on the land of a WJ Ring but no city or town listed. If you could tell me whose buried there, that would be even more helpful; or, how I could get a hold of WJ Ring.

ALLEN, BENDER posted by Jerry McClure on Monday, March 30, 1998

Alexander BENDER was in Barber Co. by 1877 where he settled about 5 miles north of Sun City with his family of 9 children: Elzada, Iderah, Samuel R., Clay, Samuel L., Lillie, John, Louie and Ormel. His wife, Rachel (ALLEN), died in May, 1877, and was buried in the Bender/Chinn Cemetery which was located on their property. He was a partner in a hardware store in Medicine Lodge in 1882 and had a livery stable in 1883. He remarried to Mahala Howard and remained in Barber Co. until about 1895 when he moved to a homestead in Oklahoma Territory. He died in 1909 and was buried in the Bender/Chinn Cemetery. I would like to exchange information with descendants or others interested in the family.

ROBINSON posted by Annette on Sunday, May 3, 1998

Looking for information on Barber Co. family members- John J. Robinson b. 1890 in Elm Mills, married Winifred E. Tarence, and lived in Sharon. Died 1966. Also need information on his parents- William H. Robinson and Maggie Olive Wheat- believed to have lived in same area. William died 1936. Maggie died 1933. Buried at Hazelton. Any information or others looking for same family , plz contact me.

MCCLAIN posted by Jeannie Josephson on Saturday, May 16, 1998

Frank Marion McCLAIN,b. May 1890 NE. son of Frank and Mamie (?) McCLAIN, was living in Barber County, KS by yr 1920. Frank Marion's sibblings:Samuel, Ruth, Erin?/Eugene(female), and Glen. Frank Marion McCLAIN lived in Woodson Co., KS prior to moving to Barber Co., KS. Sibbling Glen m. Blanch; sibbling Ruth m. Delbert BURGIN...ANY Messages welcome ! Jeannie Josephson PLEASE if you are researching or looking for ANY of these people contact me.

JACKSON, MERRITT posted by Kenneth Jackson on Friday, June 5, 1998

Barber County...Jackson, William Born: 11 Nov 1876 in Rosedale, Kansas. Married to: Anna May (Castile) Jackson, who was born 17 Feb 1878 in Missouri. They were married: 1902 in Alva, Oklahoma. William's parents were William Perry Jackson (1851-Mo), and Rose Ellen (Merritt) Jackson (1851-IL). Looking for burial information for William Perry Jackson, who died in Barber Co between 1910 and 1920.

LITTLE, MERKLIN posted by Dale Underwood on Sunday, August 16, 1998

Oren Hinman LITTLE was last heard from in the town of Hardtner, Barber Co, KS in 1933. Oren was born in 1888 at Franklin Co, IA and then the family moved to Woods Co, Alva, OK about 1905. He had signed a document in probate court in 1933 concerning the property of his deceased father, Linter Alvin LITTLE. Oren left his family and has not been heard from since. He was married to Leona I MERKLIN. His family would like to know the history of the remainder of his life and where he is buried.

SMITH posted by Silver F. Smith on Sunday, August 23, 1998

SMITH - Seeking info on Clarence W., William H. and Robert M. Smith who lived in or near Medicine Lodge/Kiowa, Ks. in the early 1900s. All were from Delaware. Robert build the two story house inside the Stockade Museum in Medicine Lodge on Hwy. 160.

POOL, TAYLOR posted by Susan Evans on Sunday, September 6, 1998

After many years,I think I have an educated hunch as to where my Great Grand Parents were married. John Franklin Taylor was born in Ill. in 1861.(as per 1900 cenus) He married Emma Garver Pool (of Greensburg,Westmoreland, PA.) Oct. 1887. In 1888, Their daughter , Olive, was born in Astibula, Ohio were Emma's father owned a lumber business. 1995 my Grandfather was born in Greensburg, Pa. His name was Stanley Taylor. I resently found a brief family history, that said Zachariah Taylor Pool (Emma's Father) moved his family from Astibula, Ohio to Hazelton, Barber Co. Kanas in the year 1886 where they remained until 1888 and returned to Astibula, Ohio. He owned land in Hazelton. I know that the Pool's were Lutherans and Emma would have married in her church. I am looking for any information on the Pool's brief stay in Hazelton and the Marriage of Emma Pool and John Franklin Taylor. I know nothing about the Taylor family and have been searching for many years. My mother knows that Emma died in1913 in Warren , Ohio and Stanely was left in the care of Emma's sisters, Ida and Cora. John remarried and moved to Texas and died about 1938-39. This is my last "wall" to climb over for DAR.

POOL, TAYLOR posted by Susan Evans on Saturday, September 19, 1998

Looking for information on the Zachariah Pool family, who lived in Barber Co, Ks. (1886-1888) They owned property and sold it in 1888. Zachariah Pool was a very sucessful business from Greensburg, Pa. He aslo owned a plaining mill in Astibula, Ohio. His daughter (Emma Garver Pool) married John Franklin Taylor 1887. I beleive this may have taken place in Kansas. Can any one help ME? The Pool family was Lutheran. I really need help. This has been a 7 year search.

CAPANSKY posted by Darrel Wood on Tuesday, September 29, 1998

I know that there are family or families of Capansky in Medicine Lodge, KS. I am descended from the same family as they are. I have traced the family back into deep german-Poland (old Prussia). I would like to share info with my cousins. The Capansky family is descended from Ferdinand and Augusta (Weckwerth) Capansky. Ferdinand was born Johann Ferdinand Czapanski in Kottenhammer, Posen Prov, Prussia. Ferdinand is my 2nd greatgrandfather. I will be traveling from Seattle to Kansas and near to Medicine Lodge the middle of October. I would like to meet my cousins while I am in the area.

COLE, GOFF posted by Jo Kendzerski on Friday, November 13, 1998

Would like to hear about Cole family and Goff families in early Barber County. they lived around Dearhead, Sun City and Lake City. also Goffs in Medecine Lodge....

ADAMS posted by Russel Lee Adams on Friday, December 11, 1998

my great-great grandmother elizabeth adams is buried in sun city or lake city cemetery with a headstone. she was wife of "reverend bud" adams (given name unsure) & stepmother of one greene adams who later lived in pratt, ks. can anyone furnish more info please?? Query: my great-great grandmother elizabeth adams is buried in sun city or lake city cemetery with a headstone. she was wife of "reverend bud" adams (given name unsure) & stepmother of one greene adams who later lived in pratt, ks. can anyone furnish more info please??

ADAMS posted by Russel Lee Adams on Friday, December 11, 1998

My great-great grandmother Elizabeth Adams is buried in Sun City or Lake City cemetery with a headstone. She was wife of "Reverend Bud" Adams (given name unsure) & stepmother of one Greene Adams who later lived in Pratt, KS. Can anyone furnish more info please??

HENNINGSEN, MILLER, SIPPEL posted by Leon Miller on Tuesday, December 15, 1998

Need information on subject family - Margrete born Aug 1893 Kiowa, Barber, Kansas - Parents Peter N. (pegleg) Henningsen & Mary (Miller) Henningsen; Margrete's brothers - Theodore born 1891, Herman born May 1885 and Charlie born August 1895; Sister - Mary Henningsen born September 1898. I have information on the family & woul;d like to discuss and or exchange.

NATION posted by Ray Schuknecht on Thursday, December 17, 1998

Looking for the death date and cemetery for David Nation the husband of Carrie Nation. Or some history telling where David went after he divorced Carrie Nation. Thank You. Ray

PARR, REDDEN posted by Lucille Adams Smith on Wednesday, December 30, 1998

Looking for information on burial place of Jacob and Nancy Ann Redden Parr. Jacob died in Barber Co., in 1909 and Nancy died in Barber Co., Ks in 1911. Also, is there someone to contact who can look up obituaries for me?

HENNINGSEN, MILLER posted by Leon Miller on Thursday, December 31, 1998

Have information on subject family - Father: Peter N. Henningsen, Mother: Mary (Miller), Sons: Theodore and Charles, Daughters: Margrete (Gertrude) and Mary. Residence of Kiowa City,Barber County, Kansas 1885 until? Have information - need more - would like to discuss, compare and exchange.

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