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    This family is my grandfather, Tony GARRELTS with his brother, John and his parents, John & Christina. The parents were from Ostfriesland, Germany. The spelling is probably "Garltes". The name was/is so hard for people to pronounce and hear that it's spelling variations are infinite.
    Jans GARRELTS -- born 10 Jan 1838, Manslagt, Ostfriesland; died 7 December 1917, Hallam, Lancaster Co, NE, married 1 Jan 1866 Peoria, Peoria Co, IL to Christina Gerturda HAGEN
    Christina GARRELTS nee HAGEN -- born 25 Oct 1844, Suurhusen, Ostfriesland; died 7 Mar 1924, Cimarron, Gray Co, KS
    John Marion GARRELTS -- born 9 Jul 1878, Hartsburg, Logan Co, IL; died 10 Mar 1947, Ransom, Ness Co, KS
    Tony Joseph GARRELTS -- born 14 June 1882, Barton Co, KS; died 2 Aug 1940, Ransom, Ness Co, KS
    --Glenda Garrelts Mattes (email: )
    The correct spelling is is Meyeres. The birth date for Peter Meyeres according to his birth record from Luxembourg is January 17, 1850. He was really born in Luxembourg and not Germany as were his parents. He is married to Mary Ann Becker born September 27, 1857. Their children are: Peter (PJ) b. March 13, 1877 m. to Elizabeth Korkish, Nicholas b. May 20, 1877 m. Annie Elizabeth Arends, John b. January 6, 1880, ??? is Jacob John b. Febuary 16, 1881 m. Josephine Heger (Jacob John is the only one that spelled his name Meyers; all the others went by Meyeres), Susan b. August 25, 1882 m. Lambert Kultgen, Mary Ann b. February 10, 1884 m. Jacque Depiesse, Katharine b. August 29, 1885 m. John Kultgen, Joseph b. March 31, 1887, Bardy ? is Barbara b. October 31, 1890 m. Frank Shuck, Margaret Lena b. December 3, 1892 m. Nicholas Schartz, Ann Cecelia b. June 8, 1896 m. William Penka, Paul b. April 6, 1899.
    --David Tauscher (email:
    Frank J. Peschka -- born June 6, 1861, in Austria-Hungary -- died Aug. 27, 1921.
    Caroline (Reif) Peschka -- born July 8, 1861 in Austria-Hungary -- died Nov. 17, 1907
    Their children:
    Ferdinand "Fred" Peschka (born 1883; died 1935) -- Caroline Peschka -- Hattie Peschka -- Frank Peschka -- Bruno P. Peschka -- Theodore W. Peschka (born Oct. 10, 1890; died July 17, 1951) -- Mary Peschka -- Joseph A. Peschka (born June 17, 1896; died Aug. 15, 1974; married Mary T. Schneweis) -- Anna L. Peschka (born Oct. 2, 1897; died June 7, 1979; married Fred F. Beck) -- August Peschka)
    --Diana Schremmer Sowers (our email address)

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