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Great Bend (KS) Daily Tribune -- Jan. 26, 1955
Commonwealth Theaters Buy 2 County Drive-Ins
Commonwealth Theaters, Inc., owner of theater houses in Great Bend, Hoisington, Ellsworth and Pratt in [this] area, has purchased the Great Bend Drive-In theater and the Ellinwood Drive-In theater, according to an announcement by J. D. KING, Commonwealth division manager, and Mrs. Audrey FLYNN, manager of Haas - Flynn Theaters, Inc.

Mrs. FLYNN and her husband, William, her brother, C. C. [Dr. Clifford] HAAS, sister Mrs. Dorothy [Charles] BRENNER, and parents Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. HAAS [Florence HAYS] built the Great Bend Drive-In in 1948, followed by the Ellinwood Drive-In in 1953.

Mrs. FLYNN, who has been active in [management] of both theaters, issued a statement thanking her friends and business associates here and in Ellinwood for their support of the two Haas - Flynn theaters. "We deeply appreciate the patronage," she said.

Early Spring Openings
KING's joint announcement said, "We are readying plans for an early spring opening of these two theaters, plus the Cheyenne Drive-In, south of Hoisington. The public will receive the same fine motion picture entertainment which they enjoyed under Mrs. FLYNN's management."

He also announced that Bert ENGLISH, manager of the Garden City Drive in theater for the past five years, will be transferred to Great Bend immediately to manage Commonwealth's Drive-In properties. Other personnel will be announced shortly.

Mr. and Mrs. FLYNN will continue to own and operate the Flynn Theaters, Inc., and 50-S Drive-In at Emporia, although they will maintain their home in Great Bend at 2547-21st st.
contributed by Wilene Smith
Florence HAYS HAAS was a daughter of Charles Francis HAYS and Alice MITCHELL, and a granddaughter of George W. HAYS and Phebe HART who settled in Fairview Twp., Barton Co., KS, in 1878.

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