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Hoisington Dispatch -- Thursday, March 21, 1889
--Rev. RUBICAN did not get to attend the entire session of conference at Larned [compiler's note: the Methodist Episcopal Church conference] on account of not being in the best of health. He returned Sunday night. Conference has sent him for the next year to a circuit in Marion county, which will suit him very well considering that he owns a place in the vicinity of his circuit. He and family leave next week and we hope that they may be very successful in Marion county.

Hoisington Dispatch -- Thursday, April 4, 1889
--The Peak Sisters and troup speak very highly of the people of Hoisington and appreciate the treatment received.
--John CLARK's team ran away down Main street Saturday morning. It made things rather lively, but did no damage.
--The registration closed Friday night. 185 women and 508 men registered and almost all of the 693 will vote at the coming election.
--Three wagon loads of crockery ware were on our streets for sale last Thursday. They came from the pottery at Lyons. The ware was very nice.
--The death roll is quite large this week. Mrs. T. C. COLE, Mrs. J. C. GWINN, Alice SELLERS, Mrs. M'CORD of Great Bend and George ASHTON of Ellinwood have passed away.

Hoisington Dispatch -- Thursday, April 11, 1889
--The Cheyenne bottom, which is situated near Hoisington, is visited by sportsmen living hundreds of miles distant from here. It has the reputation of being the finest hunting ground for geese and ducks that the state affords.

Hoisington Dispatch -- Thursday, April 18, 1889
--U. H. HOLDER, principal of our schools, has been appointed postmaster at Hoisington by the new administration. The retiring postmaster, Mr. Geo. ORR, has held that position since the location of a post office at this point, and has given great satisfaction. He has always been accomodating and ever ready to favor the patrons of the office. The change is not made on account of any incompetency or unpopularity, but simply on account of the change in administration. Mr. HOLDER is fully capable and we believe will conduct the office in the same excellent manner that it has been in the past.
--Every owner of a lot in town should plant ornamental trees of some kind. It would greatly beautify our city. The city park should also be planted to trees.
--Dr. James McILVAIN, lately of this city was elected mayor of Hoisington last week. They couldn't have selected a better man for the place. (copied from The Council Grove Guard.

Hoisington Dispatch -- Thursday, May 9, 1889
--O.A. DERBY came in from Pueblo last evening.
--Mr. OGLE left this morning for Herrington. Mr. EVERHART now occupies the position of car repairer formerly held by Mr. OGLE.
--C.G. HILTON, representing the loan agency of Crippen, Lawrence & Co., of Salina, was in town Friday. A.S. COOKE has been appointed local agent for the firm.

Hoisington Dispatch -- Thursday, May 16, 1889
--The total acreage of wheat in Barton county is 82,576. (county seat news section)
--The young people have organized an archery club and a club for lawn tennis. (county seat news section)
--The partition between the hall and the county treasurer's office begins to take form. (county seat news section)
--Preparations are being made for the HULME & WILNER opera house in the near future. (county seat news section)
--The police court of this city [compiler's note: Great Bend] has been active since Tuesday morning. The cases were of a bawdy nature. (county seat news section)
--A. S. ALLEN is refitting his building by painting, papering, laying a hard wood floor and putting in sky lights. (county seat news section)

Hoisington Dispatch -- Thursday, May 23, 1889
--ROTH & YOUNG are at work on framing the M. E. Church.
--La Crosse intends having the best ball club in western Kansas this summer, so they say. Wait until they play Hoisington.
--Frank LADENBERGER has built quite a large addition to the rear of his restaurant
--Eight good stone crossings will be put in inside of a months time. A good idea.

Hoisington Dispatch -- Thursday, May 30, 1889
--Jim EAVES and family have gone to Colorado
--The ball given last night under the auspices of the Brotherhood of Railroad Brakemen was largely attended and all report having enjoyed the occasion very much. Quite a number from Great Bend and other adjoining towns were in attendance. The hall was very appropriately decorated with mo toes, wordings, etc. which called to mind the everyday life of those giving the ball. Excellent music was furnished by the La Crosse orchestra.....

Hoisington Dispatch -- Thursday, June 27, 1889
--For Sale! I have 16 cord of Rock that I wish to sell. I will sell this rock at $4 per cord. Mary A. JONES
--Reduced rates for July 4. All Stations within 200 miles at one fare for round trip. July 3d and 4th good to return July 5th. Kansas Chautauqua Assembly. Round trip tickets good from June 27th, 29th, July 2d and 4th, until July 5th, at single fare for roundtrip. A.G. SMITH, agt.

Hoisington Dispatch -- Thursday, July 11, 1889
--If every man, woman and child in Barton County could drive a team and had the team to drive, it would take two trips hauling 58 bushels at a load to carry our wheat to market. This does not include rye, oats, and barley, which with the corn will give the population twice as much work marketing as the wheat crop. --Ellinwood Advocate.

Hoisington Dispatch -- Thursday, July 18, 1889
--Sig JACOBY, formerly of Hoisington, has returned to Barton county from Colorado and will open a store in Albert. Sig deserves success and will succeed.
--O. V. DODGE has traded his store here for a stock of hardware at Atkinson, Nebraska. The new man is in charge, invoicing. We regret to have Ova go but welcome the stranger.
--A wrestling match between H.C. DIEHL and D.A. BANTA for the Valley championship took place at Diffenbacher & Banta's office. Three rounds. Time, more or less than an hour. Winner, BANTA. Referee DIFFENBACHER. With Mr. BANTA's consent it was declared a draw.

Hoisington Dispatch -- Thursday, August 1, 1889
--There was a dance in Houck's Hall last night
--Wheat sold for 59 cents on our streets last evening.
--R. M. FRENCH is building an addition to his residence.
--The family of Ed. BOXWELL has moved into the Johnston house.
--Hoisington continues to be without sidewalks and street crossings.

Hoisington Dispatch -- Thursday, August 15, 1889
--VINCENT & Son, of Great Bend, will in a few days open up a general produce store in our city. We welcome them to Hoisington and expect the firm to build up a large trade.
--John CHILDS, Jr., brother of Ed. has returned from Washington.
--J. H. BRADFORD, M.D., of Council Grove, father-in-law of Dr. McILVAIN, was in the city the first of the week in consultation on the case of Mr. James CARR.

Hoisington Dispatch -- Thursday, August 22, 1889
--John CLIFTON and Julius SCHURR met with a very sad accident while crossing the Mo. Pacific railroad track. The wagon in which they were in upset and both had their thighs broken. It will doubtless be hard on them as they are both old men.

Hoisington Dispatch -- Thursday, September 5, 1889
--Ten car load of ice have been stored away in the railroad company's ice house at this place.
--98 cars of grain and 5 cars of cattle were shipped from Hoisington during the month of August.
--HOCH's dray team is now supplied with bells, the noise of which is easily confounded with our street car bells.
--The household goods of L. DODGE, section foreman, has arrived from Osage City, Ks. His family will arrive soon.

Hoisington Dispatch -- Thursday, September 26, 1889
--When the train was within a few miles of Great Bend last Thursday, fire was discovered on the front platform of the baggage car. Sparks from the engine found lodgement in a pile of rope and some tools and the floor was burned through before the fire was discovered. The train had to put in its best licks to reach the Bend to get a supply of water. --Ness City Times

Hoisington Dispatch -- Thursday, October 31, 1889
--H. A. C. HARTMAN is very sick with rheumatism. (Claflin news section)
--There will be a supper at DUSENBURY & INGERSOLL's hall Thursday evening October 31. The proceeds to go toward the getting lamps for the school house. Everyone is cordially invited to attend, but be sure and bring a quarter with you. (Claflin news section)

Hoisington Dispatch -- Thursday, November 14, 1889
--Mr. R. C. BAILEY's elevator is progressing rapidly.
--Mr. Ed. RHEINER spent the latter part of last week in Lyons visiting relatives and friends.

Hoisington Dispatch -- Thursday, November 21, 1889
--A brakeman on the Missouri Pacific at Bushton met with a painful accident yesterday afternoon. While the train was switching he got his foot caught in the frog and as the train was backing up caught him cutting one foot completely off. (copied from Holyrood Enterprise)

Hoisington Dispatch -- Thursday, December 5, 1889
--A number of young friends of Jimmie HOWARD gave him a party on Monday evening, it being his 14th birthday. A jolly time was had and Jimmie was the recipient of many gifts.
--Mr. C. K. GRIMES has returned from Iowa where he has been for several weeks. He reports times better in Kansas than in Iowa.
--Court adjourned last Wednesday after a four week session. The docket was nearly cleared. (county seat news section)
--Thanksgiving was properly observed in Great Bend. Dinner was served at the M. E. church. Rev. WATSON preached the sermon at the Presbyterian church. A literary and musical entertainment at the church in the evening was well attended, while the young folks enjoyed a dance at the opera house. (county seat news section)
--The Barton County Bar gave a banquet to the outgoing and incoming Judges, A. R. CLARK and J. H. BAILEY, at the Morrison Wednesday evening. A grand time was had. (county seat news section)
--The College is increasing in members rapidly. Old students are returning and new ones comeing in. The entertainments given by them are entertaining and interesting.

Hoisington Dispatch -- Thursday, December 12, 1889
--E. L. BRANCH and James BUTLER went out to Arlington, Colorado, the first of the week on an antelope hunt. They saw a number of the fleet footed animals and secured two.
--Mr. C. W. PERKINS and family will soon move into their recently purchased residence, the McILVAIN property. Mr. MOORE's will move into the building now occupied by Mr. PERKINS.

Hoisington Dispatch -- Thursday, December 19, 1889
--A. H. BAKER will leave next week to spend the holidays with his children and other relatives in Missouri.
--Mrs. J. R. McILVAIN and children leave this week for Council Grove to visit relatives. Early in the new year they will join the Dr. at Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, where he will engage in the practice of medicine.
--Geo. ESTES has gone to Greenwood, Iowa.
--E. J. FLANNERY, late telegraph operator here, has returned to Sedalia.
--E. F. DAILEY arrived from Sedalia last night and will take charge of the night telegraph office here.

Hoisington Dispatch -- Thursday, December 26, 1889
--There are two Christmas entertainments in town this year. One at the church Christmas night by the Union Sunday School, and a tree in the hall Christmas eve.
--Dr. J. R. McILVAIN has resigned his position as mayor of Hoisington. At the council meeting Thursday night A. M. McCAULEY was elected to fill out the unexpired term.
--R. T. SHELTON, county organizer for the Farmer's Alliance, will conduct a meeting at the school house in Hoisington next Saturday night for the purpose of organizing an Alliance.
--We are glad to know that our friend, Tom H. REYNOLDS, formerly principal of the Hoisington schools, has secured a good position with a law firm at Kansas City. Mr. REYNOLDS is a young man of marked ability and integrity. We anticipate and wish for him a bright future.

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