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Chase County, Kansas
Marriage Index
1860 - 1938

Last Name First Name Last Name First Name Year
Brickley Charles W Wolford Edna B 1927
Brickley Dennis L Robinson Viola L 1929
Brien William T Davis Alene M 1931
Brier Ida Mae Fowler Willard W 1937
Briggs Robert A Phillips Bessie D 1923
Briggs Walter A Jones Rosa 1894
Bright Alice E Hartlerode John E 1923
Brigstocke O T Dykes Elizabeth 1891
Brigstocke Owen Anderson Mary M 1901
Brim Maude Brim Perry 1936
Brim Perry Brim Maude 1936
Brinegar Alma Goad W C 1919
Bringham Isiah Howser Kattie B 1883
Brinkman Albert Fletcher Della Louise 1936
Brisco May Henning John M 1907
Britain Ted R White Neva 1922
Britain Winfred A Harder Grace 1925
Britt Nadine Dierking Arnold F 1930
Britting Merle Patterson Helen 1935
Britton Charles A Balch Matilda 1865
Britton Charles A Ewing Etta 1875
Britton Fannie Sickles William Oliver 1877
Britton Flora Long Jesse 1921
Britton Winona J Ginavan Robert W 1928
Brock Grace L Woodruff Glenn C 1935
Brockelman Floyd L Cline Margaret W 1929
Brodie John Hughes Alice 1927
Broiles Charles A D Bradly Lilly 1907
Broiles Tempie Paul John 1906
Brook Lida L Riggs Albert L 1898
Brooks Benjamin H Renfro Tylia M 1908
Brooks Bessie M VanHoozen John W 1906
Brooks Edward W Brady Mary C 1886
Brooks Jessie B Tuttle C H 1914
Brooks Lane Davis Letta Effie Dora 1892
Brooks Mattie Maybell Lewis 1879
Brooks Minnie Brent Willard L 1936
Brooks Rowena M Owens Ernest T 1935
Brooks Vera L Graham George M 1932
Brooks W G Hoffman Josie 1886
Brooks William Nelson Drew Georgia 1911
Brott Trumman Oshel Louise M 1928
Brough Gilbert Austin Cosette 1912
Brough Blanche B Wingfield George 1913
Brough May Williams Riley 1898
Brough Nettie R Erickson Ancel W 1915
Brough Nora Fann Albert 1906
Broughton Helen Marie Gibb Keith W 1938
Broughton Jonah F Ramsey Lillian B 1905
Brouner Mike F Stenzel Kattie 1890
Brown Ada R Featherkile W T 1888
Brown Alma R Byrne Terrence A 1932
Brown Ardelia McGee Herman 1930
Brown Beverly Karr Kenneth 1936
Brown Charles Glachino Katherine 1932
Brown Charles Jenning Kneeland Mildred Ann 1934
Brown Clara L Sterling Horace J 1923
Brown Cyrus M Buskirk Sarah Ann 1867
Brown Eliza Maulin James 1884
Brown Elmer Shaw Georga 1889
Brown Elmer E Foxworthy Arista 1892
Brown Ethel M Whinery Joseph L 1914
Brown Flora M Bentz Robert B 1907
Brown Florence Daub David 1916
Brown Frank Bailey Moutez 1918
Brown Frank Burton Lettie 1907
Brown Frank Chambers Viola 1909
Brown Glenn F Guile Florence I 1932
Brown Gracie A Mourey Harvey A 1889
Brown Harry B Musick Grace M 1927
Brown Harvey C Reeber Alberta 1919
Brown Hattie E Elliott Roy C 1908
Brown Hazel Vaugh James 1919

Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

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