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Chase County, Kansas
Marriage Index
1860 - 1938

Last Name First Name Last Name First Name Year
Brown Heaton Hickok Emma J 1881
Brown Helen Bailey Lawrence P 1937
Brown Herbert N Kidd Lucy P 1909
Brown Howard C Crawford Ethel 1910
Brown J C Carey Willia C 1914
Brown J H Simmons Larinda 1885
Brown J Mabel Kuhl Cecil R 1919
Brown J Q Johnson Cora E 1893
Brown J W Plumberg Emily 1881
Brown James P Sauble Katie 1893
Brown James W Graham Alene D 1937
Brown Jerry Hildridge Coreanna 1891
Brown Jessie Riggs Ira 1893
Brown John Sharp Martha A 1885
Brown John F Wyatt Pearl Alice 1919
Brown Jordon Franklin Patker Josephine 1934
Brown Juanita H Knapp Delbert F 1930
Brown Kathryn A McIlvain Ray A 1933
Brown Lillard Brewer Mary Jane 1930
Brown Lotta Allen Thomas G 1881
Brown Louise E Martin John M 1899
Brown Lula H Likes George T 1925
Brown Mabel Clare Wright Frank R 1909
Brown Mabel Jewel Boreham William 1916
Brown Maggie Bigelow J W 1890
Brown Margarette M Martin Jim 1930
Brown Marian E Emrick Daniel E 1927
Brown Marietta Hopkins Daniel W 1877
Brown Mary A Furman Henry G 1885
Brown Matilda Harvey Harry 1933
Brown Maud McMorris William 1887
Brown Melvina Murray John Frank 1883
Brown Mollie May Boaz James P 1937
Brown Nancy Thompson William F 1898
Brown Nathaniel A Thompson Effie E 1893
Brown Nellie Hunt James L 1906
Brown Nellie Lawless James 1878
Brown Nellie A Talbot John C 1885
Brown Othe G Hunt Marie F 1926
Brown Perry Byram Mayme 1918
Brown Ralph C Richter Aileen B 1928
Brown Robert J Glover Prudent 1896
Brown Rose Carroll Richard 1903
Brown Rosetta E McMillan E J 1920
Brown Thomas H Watson Gertrude J 1919
Brown Virgil Martin Katie F 1889
Brown William Wilson Maude 1918
Brown William H Simpson Blanche 1894
Brown William J Sherffius Ruby 1923
Browne Leslie D Ramage Frances M 1927
Browning Hattie J Yenzer Ferdinand 1880
Browning Herbert N Kidd Lucy P 1909
Browning John W Clyde Ruby 1923
Browning M O Tipton Viola 1913
Browning Norma A Morris Arden S 1930
Browning Thompson L Kerr Nora 1902
Browning Walter T Nickel May Belle 1924
Brownlee Edwin F Needham Harriette E 1922
Brubaker Fred A Merritt Virginia V 1917
Bruce Alma Louise Lawrence Ernest George 1934
Bruce Blanche Wilhoit J F 1914
Bruce Charles A Miner Josie 1900
Bruce Clara A Winter M T 1916
Bruce Daisy E Foreman Henry B 1895
Bruce Dora M Stout Carl G 1933
Bruce Dorothy E Taylor Jimmie E 1927
Bruce John McLain Margaret 1937
Bruce Joseph F Train Cora A 1893
Bruce Myra Selves L A 1897
Bruce Samuel Hulett Ann Eliza 1898
Bruce Sarah Studer William Jr 1924
Bruce William Moore Celia 1929
Bruce William Lincoln Watchous Ethel May 1935

Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

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