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Chase County, Kansas
Marriage Index
1860 - 1938

Last Name First Name Last Name First Name Year
Campbell Orphia E Carpening James B 1912
Campbell Paul F Stewart Ardath E 1921
Campbell Pauline A Barr Otis O 1908
Campbell Rhoda Klein Charles 1874
Campbell Robert A Thomas Rachel 1893
Campbell S R Byrum Alda 1905
Campbell Thelma LeMay Robert 1920
Campbell W J Smith Lottie 1918
Campbell Zack Hullett Nancy 1909
Camper Jennings R Folsom Fern Marie 1937
Campmier Anna E Leeson Clyde 1925
Campo Donaziana Diez Maximo 1930
Cannon Frank Watson Bertha 1913
Cannon G Gordon Steele Mildred 1937
Capps June Kepler Luther M 1938
Capwell George E Daugherty Rose V 1923
Caress Charles Klotz Lulu 1905
Caress Lilly Meritt Crosby 1893
Caress Willard Osborn Elizabeth 1936
Carey Grace I Mercer David W 1923
Carey Iva R Borders Oakley E 1922
Carey Laura C Gause Oswald H 1890
Carey Thelma L Wilson George A 1932
Carey Willia C Brown J C 1914
Carley James W McDonald Mary F 1917
Carlisle Edna Plummer Wilbert A 1902
Carlisle Martin Plummer Adelia 1899
Carlson Ester M Griffith Fred R 1922
Carmichael J E Anderson A 1887
Carmichael P P Airhart Ella M 1898
Carmichal Nellie Glazebrook John 1914
Carner Orson G Munn Claudie 1887
Carnes Cora Cameron Adrian O 1903
Carnes Margaret L Bailey Jesse E 1912
Carnes Mary C McKee George 1910
Carnine Don R Bocook Chrystal A 1926
Carpening James B Campbell Orphia E 1912
Carpenter A R Snodgrass Ferne K 1920
Carpenter Ben H Perkins Laura L 1906
Carpenter Charles Carpenter Martha E 1891
Carpenter Earnest O Laloge Rosie M 1910
Carpenter Esther G Elkins Housel L 1935
Carpenter F L Underwood Riley 1894
Carpenter Frank P White Mildred 1927
Carpenter Gus Piper Ida 1920
Carpenter Harry K Lewis Gertrude 1902
Carpenter Hubert Leach Emma S 1907
Carpenter Lewis H Hamilton Cora E 1880
Carpenter M H Jones Mark K 1878
Carpenter Martha E Carpenter Charles 1891
Carr Rollie Guinn Ethel 1915
Carrier Elmer D Taylor Mildred E 1924
Carrier Elmer L Maybell Shirley V 1933
Carrier George A Myers Dora 1914
Carrier Murven A Jr Lawless Thelma F 1925
Carrier Virginia Speer Carl C 1938
Carrillo Amalia Martinez Eleuterio 1918
Carrillo Biviano Gallegos Soledad 1937
Carrington Earl A Kroening Fae 1936
Carris Emma Rinebarger Alva 1896
Carrivo Amalie Pulido Hermaneslido 1930
Carroll Millicent M Bailey Alfred S 1930
Carroll Richard Brown Rose 1903
Carson Eileen Smith Ivan 1936
Carson George Cartright Mrs. E J 1879
Carson Ivan E Gunter Jennive M 1925
Carson Perlee McLean Nettie 1909
Carson Ralph F Wilde Thelma E 1925
Cartee Elizabeth F Robinson Sam 1932
Cartel Mary F Sill Ernest A 1917
Carter Annie Sims William 1883
Carter Barbara E Vesper David K 1936
Carter Carlos W Duncan Lottie P 1920
Carter Dora Williams Richard 1912

Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

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