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Chase County, Kansas
Marriage Index
1860 - 1938

Last Name First Name Last Name First Name Year
Carter Essie Mae Hooker Howard Gwin 1934
Carter Juinita Hamilton George 1937
Carter Lula Belle Rees Oliver Donald 1934
Carter Twyla R Smith Lewis H 1938
Carter William Ballie Annie 1863
Cartr T B Clark Hattie 1874
Cartright Mrs E J Carson George 1879
Cartter David K Hemphill Marian G 1890
Cartter Elizabeth M Gregory Charles M 1890
Cartter H V Barricklow Nora 1913
Cartter Katherine Cartter Paul H. 1917
Cartter Lilah M Manle Alex 1898
Cartter Nannie Lee Frank 1890
Cartter Paul H. Cartter Katherine 1917
Cartwright Asbury L Homer Elsie J 1896
Caruthers Cecil Ray Lind Mable M 1925
Carver Nellie I Hager Clarence 1924
Carver Rita Sturdevant Sam G 1920
Cary Howard V Riddle Marie G 1913
Casad Evelina Baters Archie E 1900
Casaliz Luis Saliz Crus 1924
Casebier Grace B Davis Harry G 1921
Cash John L Haven Esther L 1887
Casidy W B Dykes Sarah 1887
Cassell Harry L Conaway Elizabeth J 1912
Cater William Danford Axe Ida Carolyn 1937
Cates Edith E Todd George L B 1887
Catlin Edith Criss R D 1931
Cauldwell Guy Fent Grace 1913
Cauldwell William M Applegate Ella 1931
Cayton J J Olinger L E 1890
Caywood Howard E Slater Helen A 1927
Center Harry L Ehustedt Clara C 1897
Cervantes Francisco Camacho Maria 1922
Chabin H W Maloney Mary A 1904
Challen Robert C Kelly Susannah F 1883
Chamberlain Ina T shaw George W 1893
Chamberlin Toletta V wind Lawrence A 1921
Chambers M Virginia Baker Lawrence V 1930
Chambers Viola Brown Frank 1909
Chambless Pearl Crook Frank 1908
Chance James E Eldred Hester R 1905
Chance Opal G Deering Manley H 1932
Chancy Elca H Bakker Lusk 1912
Chandler Alice E Turner William G 1935
Chandler Charles H Leonard Mary F 1886
Chandler Levi L Breese Caroline H 1916
Chandler Levi L Moon Alice Goldie 1905
Chanell May Hood D S 1885
Chanell Emma E Baker Harman A 1898
Channel Emma E Baker Harman A 1898
Channel Eunice Wood Walter C 1901
Channel Marshall Barnes Mae 1874
Channel Sadie A Heckendorn Thomas A 1901
Channel Zoe Jordan James 1899
Chapel Dwight Spencer Helen 1882
Chapman Pearl Dillon Glenn 1921
Chappell Mrs E F Blosser William 1895
Charles Inez L Patterson Alvert E 1932
Chatty George W Miller Effie E 1884
Cheek Claude E Schrader Grace 1926
Cheek Howard J Mastin Clara M 1930
Chenoweth Opal L Riddle Arthur C 1923
Chesney Frank E Judd Grace M 1902
Chidester Billie L Schrader Robert T 1936
Childers Beryl A Sherry Arthur M 1937
Childers Frank Morgan Sarah S 1905
Childers Harold A Hill Lottie L 1930
Childers Mary Ann Morrow Roy William 1933
Childers Nell R wilson Rowland Wayne 1920

Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

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