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Chase County, Kansas
Marriage Index
1860 - 1938

Surname Given Name Surname Given Name Year
Childs Carrie Van Gordon Herbert Roe 1905
Childs Charles L Anderson Rosa R 1903
Childs Chauncey D Green Pearl E 1914
Childs Dewey H Dean Lura M 1921
Childs E L Jernigan Melvina M 1884
Childs Edward C Romigh Geneva 1878
Childs Etta Bastin Henry J 1902
Childs Fred E Kiddoo Myrta May 1909
Childs Lylah Green Chauncey 1912
Childs Mabel Danford Everette L: 1921
Childs May Berkshire W S 1899
Chism Leslie C Fullum Beula A 1920
Chittendon Jesse Morris J M 1878
Christiason Hazelle Hill Lee 1936
Christopher Roy Graham Dorothy A 1921
Christy Velma Newlin Clarence A 1935
Chuga Pedro Le Viveroz Felica 1928
Church Joel I Obly Hattie A 1884
Church Minerva A Obley Uriah E D 1885
Church Russell J Stout Viola C 1878
Clark Albert Oliver Maxwell Rebecca 1874
Clark Alta M Mastin Frank A 1901
Clark C D Tilton Clora 1883
Clark Claude Marshall Stratford Maxine Harriett 1934
Clark Edgar M Watson Cora L 1877
Clark Eleanor Jones R L 1897
Clark Emma Jane Campbell A J 1878
Clark Eva Curry I H 1896
Clark Fannie E Schneider Charles J 1886
Clark Florence Geraldine Harwood Gerald M 1920
Clark Francis Marion Beals Elizabeth 1870
Clark Harold J Kildow Mary E 1928
Clark Hattie Cartr T B 1874
Clark Hazel Atnip G B 1919
Clark J B Taylor Anna 1883
Clark John O Haggard Myrtle D 1907
Clark Lida M Llewelyn Moses T 1902
Clark Lloyd Edwards Grace 1933
Clark Nellie Cox George 1892
Clark Thomas Craft M E 1876
Clark Valar L Pyles Cecil F 1923
Clark William W Strickland Ida W 1888
Clarke Charles C Watson Nellie J 1889
Clary Lucile May C A 1937
Clary Thelma L Conner Robert A 1931
Clavel Alice E Scobee J E 1918
Clay Dora Ashworth Frank L 1914
Clay J M Riefsnyder Mary e 1881
Clay L L Foreacker Anna L 1888
Clay Melinda Bandelin Albert 1896
Clay William M Trussler Maude M 1907
Clayton Edward Guile Winifred 1935
Clayton Madge Henderson Elmer 1919
Clayton Willis Fletcher Hattie 1878
Cleaver David R Harris Elizabeth B T 1928
Cleeton Ivol C Wilhite Roy 1922
Clegg Martha Brandley Earl 1933
Clem Elizabeth Dawson George 1883
Clem Laura B Ramsey James L 1883
Clemen Phoebe S Abels W H 1883
Clemens Lena G Lynch Peter R 1905
Clement Mary H Piles Thomas J 1896
Clements Edna M Richard Paul E 1923
Clements Fred R Berner Leona 1938
Clements Grace M Swaim Daniel W 1933
Clements Mary S Simmons Charles L 1904
Clements Robert McDowell Anna M 1874
Clemous May O Archer Harvey A 1900
Clevenger G M Tilton Harriett 1883
Clever Joseph L Larkin Myrl M 1912

Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

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