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Chase County, Kansas
Marriage Index
1860 - 1938

Surname Given Name Surname Given Name Year
Cline Alberta Myers Jesse F 1891
Cline Earl Sherman Newman Anna Rae 1934
Cline Eunice H Brewer William M 1921
Cline Levi Salser Mary L 1912
Cline Margaret W Brockelman Floyd L 1929
Cline W E Drinkwater Lucy 1901
Clodfelter Susan J McCandless Frank J 1931
Closson LaVerne Montgomery James Earl 1925
Clough Vera Layton Frank A 1918
Clyde Minnie E Drake Robert V 1927
Clyde Nellie Gibson Emerson A 1920
Clyde Ruby Browning John W 1923
Clyde William K Hardesty Mary 1918
Coat Laura A Ratcliff W P 1879
Coat Olive Gloyd James 1892
Coates Fae Annie Doughty Jesse Arthur 1905
Coates Marian A Delong James C 1906
Coats Charlotta D Bailey Albert A M 1909
Coats Mary Garland James P 1884
Cobb Ada Thomas Fred 1937
Cobb Charles W Miller Ruth M 1921
Cobb Mary Anderson Peter 1883
Cobb Walter J Yahn Mildred M 1931
Coberrt Cleveland Hamilton S a 1873
Coble Callie McCraw George 1890
Coble R C Griffith Mary A 1866
Coblentz Effie M Kennedy Lennie L 1907
Cochran Dora E Silverwood John G 1894
Cochran Lester Lee Allie 1875
Cochran Mary Spencer T C 1905
Cochran Robert L Holsinger Jeannette 1902
Coe Charles A Morgan Anna K 1903
Coe Ella Mae Griest Dan T 1924
Coe Fred Patterson Lulu 1900
Coe James A Austin Laura L 1898
Coe Lena M Johnson Thomas W 1909
Coe Mary M Bell John E 1895
Coffelt Abraham N Penrod Mattie 1896
Coffelt Clarence T Calvert Myrtle 1905
Coffelt Mary E Blackmore John T 1892
Coggeshall Nathon B Ellis Mary Ann 1867
Coggins Nellie M Jolly Charles E 1901
Cole Adelia Lyon William M 1877
Cole Birdene Peterson Arthur 1928
Cole John H James Margaret A 1932
Cole Lucille Frankenberg Herscel 1935
Cole Myrtle O'Neal W H 1916
Cole Wayne Clifton Pirtle Mildred Anita 1933
Coleman Anna Wood Scott 1898
Coleman L W Rockwood Alice C 1888
Coleman Lena Koegeboehn David 1907
Coleman Mary Ann Watson William C 1888
Coleman Maude Riggs Jesse 1898
Coleman Nola Lamb John 1936
Coleman Ray E Pearson Elizabeth M 1910
Coleman S F Wilson Lucy D 1899
Colgin Jane Mundy Frederick D 1912
Collett Carrie R Umberger Lewis C 1894
Collett George Houston Shaloma Eliza 1866
Collett George Page Catherine 1872
Collier Etta Butter Isaac C 1910
Collings Ethel C Bush Jesse B 1925
Collings Roy VanGundy Myra 1876
Collins Cecelia O Martin Orville M 1900
Collins Earnie A Cooke Dorothy E 1931
Collins Edwin C Hinckley Hazel C 1920
Collins Etta M Workman W Fred 1901
Collins Gertrude Ward Charles Arthur 1902
Collins Harry A Bishop Bertie B 1931
Collins Lola M Long Clifford E 1937
Collins Myrtle Walker Arthur F 1907
Collins Olive Bea Harsh Edward W 1937
Collins Vernie E Lentz Florence L 1933
Collins W A Miller Maggie 1876
Collins William J Patch Mary M 1915

Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

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