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Chase County, Kansas
Marriage Index
1860 - 1938

Surname Given Name Surname Given Name Year
Colmar Harry P McCallum Ruth M 1925
Colton Alonzo Stewart Jennie 1890
Colton Beulah V Rollins James C 1921
Colver J P Owen S E 1918
Colvin Nellie Smith G O 1916
Colwell Helen Lorrina Smith Morris Richard 1934
Combes Esther M Funk Streeter L 1924
Comer J J Hunt Alice E 1890
Comfort Thomas J Kraus Vera M 1921
Commeree Odessa Morrow Everett 1935
Comstock Samuel Staples Lizzie 1886
Comstock Samuel Staples Lydia E 1900
Conaway A B Scribner N B 1892
Conaway Anna M McNee George A 1912
Conaway Arabell Allen D C 1874
Conaway Charles L Mills Elreeen 1879
Conaway Elizabeth J Cassell Harry L 1912
Conaway Elsie B Woolwine C W 1902
Conaway J W Zumbolt Corena 1883
Conaway William J Stevens Josie 1908
Concannon Thomas G Stuckey Daisy 1923
Conde John M Turner Sarah J 1886
Condit Charles Fosdick Rosie 1891
Congdon Morrison W Hatton Mary M 1913
Conklin Effie M Allen Marvin R 1926
Conley Charles M Mantz Nellie I 1913
Conley Dulie Heathman Edward 1936
Conley Jessie Yearout J L 1917
Conley Marie Roberts Arthur 1934
Conn Pocohantas Meredith Glenn 1936
Connacher Kate Williams W D 1879
Connelly Alleen E Bell Clifford A 1932
Connely George W Johnson Millie 1873
Connely Laura A Johnson B L 1873
Conner Robert A Clary Thelma L 1931
Conner R F Garrison Addie 1878
Conrod Mary F Emrich Oscar W 1928
Cook Bryce Harris Naomi 1938
Cook E S Fowler Beulah 1936
Cook Effie M Heringrton Alexander 1890
Cook Frank McGill Lola 1884
Cook Jerusha Brace E W 1884
Cook Silas J Hedinger Ada 1888
Cook Susie M Hertzig Charles B 1907
Cook William H Lutz Sarah J 1891
Cooke Alice C Taylor Harvey I 1929
Cooke Dorothy E Collins Earnie A 1931
Cooley George W Ingmere Annie E 1881
Cooley Granville Moffitt Amy 1893
Cooley Juanita Johnson Orlyn W 1934
Cooley Loren W Green Maud L 1917
Coop Forrest Reed Alice 1937
Cooper Albert E Webster Ina 1921
Cooper Alice F Worthington Henry A 1887
Cooper Anna N Boughton Tracy V 1929
Cooper Bertha L Hayes Herman J 1923
Cooper Bessie E Kimball James V 1926
Cooper Frank L Yeager Hazel F 1918
Cooper George Frederic Meyer Florence Edna 1934
Cooper George W White Lucretia T 1884
Cooper Guy B Jackson Bessie M 1910
Cooper Hattie P Kinsey Virgil W 1926
Cooper James C Gurney Clara E 1917
Cooper Joe Granger Cora C 1926
Cooper John Barnhart Thelma 1937
Cooper Lee Wellman Audrey 1932
Cooper Marie Bray Francis 1920
Cooper Marie Shellenburger Elmer 1937
Cooper Milburn M Blackburn Bessie 1918
Cooper Nancy Miner Nathan 1882
Cooper Perle B Parsons Henry D 1912
Cooper V H Brace Jennie 1884
Coovan Cyrus Pringle Mary E 1884

Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

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