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Chase County, Kansas
Marriage Index
1860 - 1938

Surname Given Name Surname Given Name Year
Cope James Wilson Shaft Jessie Freemont 1895
Cope Jessie Olive Wood Paul B 1920
Copeland Elizabeth Gunkel P S 1918
Copeland Francis M Foreman Mary E 1885
Copeland Harry B Gamer Marie T 1917
Copeland Helen Bernice Barker Joseph Henry 1934
Copeland Isabel Smith F E 1869
Copeland Prudence Nichols C K 1872
Copeland William Biggam Mamie 1898
Copeland William A Hanson Nora 1885
Copelin Mary Elin Schnavely Christian 1861
Coplin Jennie Walters Robert P 1904
Coppel Mary B Kean Arthur P 1901
Corbett Lois Freeman Harry P 1906
Corbin Bertha L Bradburn William 1896
Corbin F B Livingston Belle 1888
Corbin Johanna Miner Jacob E 1889
Corbin Nora M Bradburn Wilson 1887
Corbin Wayde E Burt Ruby F 1867
Corey Dora E Van Gorden Lovel H 1933
Cormack W A Lacy Abby 1867
Corn Alvin W Daniel Minnie F 1898
Corn Lizzie Stanley Miles 1890
Corvelle W A Whitten Lorena M 1886
Corzine Ralph O Ashbaugh Ruth J 1930
Coslett Hazel I Holmes Alton W 1924
Cossairt Lester Garth Horton Margie E 1934
Costello John Henry Wise Abbie A 1863
Costello Joseph Lund Adela C 1906
Costin Nellie M Gregg Frederick W 1927
Cottenmyre Martis Dobson Cora G 1928
Couch Milo Bert Ahlstrom Helen Marie 1934
Coughlin Bridgett Mahoney Bartholomew 1872
Coughlin James L Rosiere Helen M 1928
Coulson Marietta N Singer Jesse M 1926
Counsellor Anna M Bowlby Francis L 1910
Counsellor H F Payne Nora 1915
Counter Mabelle L McClintick Andrew J 1927
Countryman Martin E Baird Neva P 1930
Countryman Thomas P Thomas Mary R 1898
Counts William J D Lybarger Eva 1887
Courtright Bertha L Rosebraugh R S 1917
Covad Mary Salser J M 1918
Covalt Arminta J Nichol A J 1903
Covalt Charles J Nichol Effie 1903
Coverdill Frances Pretzer A E 1919
Covey Viola D Lampson John A 1925
Cowan Martha E Simpson George F 1897
Cowan Robert P Bowers Marjorie C 1932
Cowden M G Calieff Hattie 1896
Cowley Carl B Ward Iva E 1915
Cowser A J Stephens Mary A 1921
Cowser Albert F Matthews Marie L 1927
Cox Ada A Tate David 1926
Cox Ada J Nicholas Silas G 1894
Cox Aletha I Haworth Oromund H 1930
Cox Alexander P Smith Goldie I 1921
Cox Bessie G Mathews John B 1915
Cox Dora Naylor Jacob 1890
Cox Ella M Walker Edward 1887
Cox Emma Jennings clay 1891
Cox Emma A Patterson Mark 1911
Cox Eva Cronchite Frank 1887
Cox Frances Ann Elliott E S 1886
Cox Frieda L Rossman William J 1932
Cox George Clark Nellie 1892
Cox Georgia White Ceaser 1898
Cox Goldie Swank Andrew J 1931
Cox Grace E Thompson Charles W 1909
Cox Harry Hardison Jessie A 1899
Cox Helen Burns William J 1937
Cox Henry Kerns Mabel B 1924
Cox James F Warner Elizabeth K 1923
Cox Jennie Swift Freddie 1907
Cox Jessie L Elliott Orlando 1885
Cox John W Underwood Nancy E 1888

Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

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