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Chase County, Kansas
Marriage Index
1860 - 1938

Surname Given Name Surname Given Name Year
Cox Lela L Riggs Clifford D 1914
Cox Mabelle Schrooten Henry 1914
Cox Maud Maybell Reno A 1917
Cox May Foster John 1904
Cox Ray R Archer Gladys P 1922
Cox Roy Levell Cora Bell 1903
Cox Ruth McLaughlin Andrew D 1875
Cox Silas W Mack Velma E 1934
Cox Violet Mauderly J Park 1930
Cox Virginia Moore Floyd D 1923
Cox W T Goad Julia H 1898
Cox Walter L Jackson Blanch 1908
Cozadd Henry B Bennett Lelia M 1929
Cozadd William Oliver Brewster Blanche B 1927
Cozine F K Kinsey Dolly 1920
Cozine Lena M Robinson Jim E 1921
Crabtree Jake L Campbell Gladys F 1919
Crabtree Leonard J Lattin Iva Elnora 1933
Craft Cora Maloney Timothy 1873
Craft Ella M Bixby Henry 1879
Craft M E Clark Thomas 1876
Crager Mattie Underwood Charles L 1890
Craig Eva Maltbie Robert 1893
Craig Harold L Whitworth Dorabethel V 1921
Craig John Jolly Mary R 1882
Craig Robert Tittle Eliza 1891
Craig Syrena D Patton N M 1934
Craigs Rebecca Burns W J 1877
Craken Mary Bandelin Albert R 1912
Cramer Clemmancia C Beard James W 1871
Cramer Louisa P Gandy A P 1887
Cramer Lucinda Hallette Joseph 1866
Cramer Muriel O'Brien Frank P 1920
Crane Charles E Fraley Sarah E 1928
Cravens Robert Henry Lucrace 1935
Cravens Thomas B Edens Edith 1927
Crawford Alda Cress Curg F 1911
Crawford Amanda M Byram Lemuel W 1880
Crawford Amy L Lambel Andrew J 1903
Crawford Anna Gottbennet Charles H 1895
Crawford Austin Andrews Lee 1895
Crawford Bessie L Puntenney George H 1884
Crawford Byron Lacoss Minnie 1886
Crawford Celia Hawkins Claude W 1902
Crawford Chrissie Davis Keith V 1932
Crawford Dana L Hensler Susie C 1912
Crawford Daniel B Hellberg Florence E 1927
Crawford Edward J Powell Katheryne 1909
Crawford Effie Fillmore Fritz 1900
Crawford Emma A Payne Jacob 1868
Crawford Ethel Brown Howard C 1910
Crawford Frankie M Dawson Sherman J 1912
Crawford George W Pyester Alta 1916
Crawford Hortense Byram Wylie R 1879
Crawford Joseph L Taylor Alice 1881
Crawford Joseph L Watson Mary E 1873
Crawford Julia Ann Fritz Henry 1882
Crawford Karl A Johnson Elizabeth 1923
Crawford Laura Tripp James W 1874
Crawford Lila Marie Haskell Frank 1938
Crawford Merlie Gustin Lawrence 1896
Crawford Minie Cahoone James J 1887
Crawford Neva M Basore Earl T 1929
Crawford Park Irwin Marjorie 1917
Crawford Robert Lyman Martin Nora Grace 1934
Crawford Roy Sleisher Nellie 1913
Crawford T C Ballew Lena M 1915
Crawford Thomas G Homer Viola 1894
Creason Florence Maxine Slabaugh Samuel T 1937
Crebbs Clyde O Petty Grace May 1911
Creech Fannie Shultz Leslie 1937
Creech Leander L Fent Tilla 1889
Creel Sidney Osmon Effie E 1904
Creighton Ella Nichols G O 1913

Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

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