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Chase County, Kansas
Marriage Index
1860 - 1938

Surname Given Name Surname Given Name Year
Crellin Marion B Rader Jennie C 1924
Cress Curg F Crawford Alda 1911
Cress Beula Lamer Guy M 1917
Cress Lloyd E Emerson Cadiz G 1902
Cress Mary M Boblets Ethan A 1906
Cress Myrtle A Hanna John B 1907
Cress Nell Margaret Sullivan Calvin R Jr 1929
Cress Ruth M Jones Arnold R 1927
Crewse George M Dramus Emily 1893
Crimble Leslie A Andrews Ruth 1923
Crimble Ruth M Henry E Glenn 1932
Crisman George Rogler Kattie 1894
Criss R D Catlin Edith 1931
Crissup John Franklin Frank Mary Elizabeth 1865
Crissup Mary J Sanders William 1870
Crist W F Books Susie F 1922
Crisup Beth Deering Manly H 1928
Crisup Jesse Schnumpf Julia E 1902
Crisup John Glover Ruth C 1928
Crisup Laura Ward Marion C 1928
Crisup Mae Trussell Arthur 1924
Criswell Clarence Frantz Mayme 1910
Critchfield Opal Teere Virgil L 1920
Critser Elizabeth Piles Thomas J 1867
Critser James A Frank Margaret J 1868
Critser James Roadenbaugh Hattie E 1913
Critser James N Hensley Effie 1910
Critser W F Sidner Laura A 1890
Critton Gertrude E Jeffrey E W 1917
Crocker Anna Marie Howard Fred H 1920
Crocker Edward G Brandley Maude 1894
Crocker Gertrude L Tucker Albert 1893
Crocker Homer M Hill Nellie M 1908
Crofoot Ray F Grimwood Mary Louise 1925
Croley Nettie A Banks William H 1884
Cronchite Frank Cox Eva 1887
Cronkite William Buckingham Eva 1891
Crook Frank Chambless Pearl 1908
Crook John Jones Sarah J 1870
Crook Mae Dietrich W J 1906
Crook Maud I McClelland Charles B 1892
Cropp Faye Price Frank B 1926
Cross Arthur K Holmes Margaret F 1933
Cross Clarence Treest Mabel 1918
Cross Elmer R Royer Harriet H 1928
Cross Katherin M Latta Phillip L 1925
Cross Minnie B Dabbs Carl H 1919
Crostler Charles Leonard Lyon Elma Norene 1934
Crouch Arthur A Kerwin Nell C 1908
Crouch Courttan Bailey Nervillie 1884
Crouch Grace Whipkey Ernest F 1908
Crouch Hester E Slater Ora V 1905
Crouch Osta M Moore Henry J 1909
Crouch William M Hatter Ollie 1927
Crouch William M Mercer Emma H 1905
Crouch William M Whitehead Jennetttie 1890
Crouthers Homer F Whitlock Lizzie 1900
Crouthers John Hickman Ethel M 1899
Crow Evelyn Hayden Harry W 1936
Crow James C Torrence Gertrude M 1923
Crowel John E Talkington Mabel 1904
Crowell Ralph K Haughton Bertha P 1932
Crowley Laura Martin Richard 1901
Crum Bertha Plummer James 1893
Crumer Fannie Calvert Frank 1898
Crumm Estella M Shipman Arthur B 1890
Crumm George F Leeper Maude 1905
Crumpacker Floyd T Price Lucy I 1925
Crupoper Perry White Jessie 1888
Csou Irma Walker Francis M 1883
Cubit Thomas Frank Annie 1889
Culbert C L Morgan Barbara E 1880
Culp Rebecca Overhalt John A 1897
Culver Mabel I Nichols Chester E 1930

Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

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