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Chase County, Kansas
Marriage Index
1860 - 1938

Surname Given Name Surname Given Name Year
Day Loyd F Bonczkowski Irene 1927
Day Frances Harrison C T 1896
Day May C Smith George E 1895
Deal Nancy O Blanchot Alexis 1864
Dean Belle Hammer Wells N 1895
Dean Edward E Kruger Emma A 1920
Dean Elza H Satchell Julia E 1925
Dean Lura M Childs Dewey H 1921
Dean Lydia A Davis Trenton N 1871
Dean Ray T Richards Elreen 1933
Debbie Maud K Harley John A 1887
Deel Grace M Gardner Clarence E 1899
Deel Inise G Sayre Sherman 1896
Deel Ollie M Riggs Jesse A 1900
Deel Orville R Riggs Mary e 1902
Deer Sarah F Ogden Roy Everet 1934
Deering Arthur L Ludwig Margaret Clara 1915
Deering Charles C Twining Addie Lorena 1893
Deering Daisy M Odle Albert C 1923
Deering Flora Lutt Irvin 1901
Deering Frank Buffon Fannie 1901
Deering George W Jones Crystle M 1932
Deering Lea Harbour Henry 1892
Deering Lizzie Harmon M K 1908
Deering Manley H Chance Opal G 1932
Deering Manly H Crisup Beth 1928
Deering Martin T Holcomb Blanche L 1931
Deering Mila I Ludwig Martin S 1918
Deering Tosey Mercer Thomas 1891
Deering Walter I Lutt Minnie L 1929
Deeve Silas W Bookstore Agatha M 1884
Deivert Majorie L Williams Charles 1935
Delano Clyde Newman Jennie 1909
Dell Amanda Ellis James 1879
Dell Amanda Small Edward 1886
Dell Charles N Williams Jennette 1903
Dell Claude W Everett Daisy M 1924
Dell Mattie Witcher Thomas E 1878
Delmar Henderson White Lena 1935
Delong Elma Place William 1894
Delong Fannie Bullock Richard E 1920
Delong James C Coates Marian A 1906
Delong Solomon S Kelley Dolly 1897
Demler Helen P Van Gorden Herbert L 1930
Denham Cyrus G Hensley Ruth B 1912
Denham Margaret Saffer George W 1909
Denison Francis M Lewis Louie Almeda 1897
Denison John F Edwards Hattie 1923
Denn Jane Murdock W M 1876
Denning Lulu Sayre Thomas E 1903
Dennison Waneta Taylor Benjamin F 1934
DePriest Pauline R Grimmett George W 1932
Deputy Robert D Hamilton Gladys G 1931
Dergerf Marie Taggart Charles H 1885
Derwood Clyde Harlan Lulu 1907
Detrich Keith R Jacob Ruby L 1932
Detrick Ruby Frederick Lester David 1936
Detrix Mary J Stine Daniel 1864
Detwiler Vivian M Ekcer Harold L 1929
Devier Harriet L McDonald Noland B 1915
Deweese Robert B Lang Evelyn M 1927
Dewey Lena Albin Harold 1925
Dewit Alice Brailes Charles 1881
DeWitt Aubrey I Smirl Agatha 1930
Dewwees Viola M Haxton Harley 1935
Dey Flora E Baker S H 1926
Diaz Paublina Roso Luis 1913
Dibbens Erma Helen Sherrill Oliver L 1934
Dibble Robert M Watson Frankie 1895
Dick Mervil L Jensen Marie 1936
Dickenson Burton A Keessee Ruth V 1930
Dickerson J C Campbell Ida 1915
Dickey Twila J Davis Curtis L 1933

Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

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