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Chase County, Kansas
Marriage Index
1860 - 1938

Surname Given Name Surname Given Name Year
Drinkwater Alice I VanSickle Jack 1926
Drinkwater F L Piles Cinthia A 1876
Drinkwater Hannah I Patterson Fred A 1908
Drinkwater Lucy Cline W E 1901
Drinkwater M C Harrison Jessie M 1913
Drinkwater Mable P Talington Frank W 1906
Drinkwater O H Baublets Sarah Ann 1865
Drinkwater O H Weaver Ida J 1876
Drinkwater Vasie Horton Robert N 1898
Drinkwater Viola Fogwell Samuel 1871
Drumm A R Willey Mable G 1921
Drummond Agnes Blades W H 1878
Drummond Agnes B Jeffrey F W 1897
Drummond Alfred B Householder A Hope 1918
Drummond Alice V Robbins Norman O 1905
Drummond Andrew R Henley Margaret T 1910
Drummond Andrew R VanGordan Annie B 1901
Drummond Dottie Wilson James O 1898
Drummond James G Rider Birdie 1908
Drummond Jennie Bell Cunningham William Ray 1915
Drummond John Mercer Ellen 1876
Drummond John A Roniger Mary 1911
Drummond Maggie M McDowell John 1887
Drummond Sidney Guyton Alia 1917
Drummond W P Friend Anna 1883
Drummond William Mercer Martha 1873
Drury Clarak B Barrett Augustus E 1895
Dryden Clara B Schroeder Carl G 1929
Dryden George P Norton Mary A 1901
Dryden James A Smith Gertrude L 1921
Dryden Robert E Torrence Stella R 1923
Dryden Stella R Hobbs George H 1930
Dryer Cecil Boles Louise 1936
Duckett Annie Davis John B 1886
Duehn Minnie E Dawson George E 1895
Duell John K Waldron Emeline 1897
Duff Jerone Williams Rosie L 1933
Dugan W M McGee Mary 1887
Duke Alice V Kaltenbacher August 1908
Duke Betsy Peek John E 1937
Duke Leroy M Schwilling Janette 1931
Duke Margret Bechelmayr John 1895
Duke Mary Louise Book Roy L 1913
Dumwiddie I F Rockwood Maude E 1888
Duncan Emma K Myers Homer A 1933
Duncan Lottie P Carter Carlos W 1920
Dunfield Warren J Slead Irma B 1912
Dunkin John M Tietz Louise M 1906
Dunkin Martha Teitz William F 1906
Dunkin Mary J Hartig Fritz A 1912
Dunlap Agnes Morison Robert S 1889
Dunlap Lois Edmunds David 1865
Dunn Albert A Scribner Wattie 1929
Dunn James R Bartram Ida M 1931
Dunne Cathrine Randel Ralph Lynn 1933
Dunwiddle I Rockwood Marie E 1878
Durden Helen Watkins Rolly T 1935
Durham Bertrawn Wilson John 1904
Durling Claude Smith Helen 1914
Duty Lucile H Smith Justin D 1937
Dwelle Alice L Dixon Benjamin F 1926
Dwelle Donald J Tecter Lila P 1927
Dwelle Frank A Mason Vesta C 1906
Dwelle Harold O Hagins Esther 1936
Dwelle James C Gillett Margaret H 1901
Dwelle Ruth W Grimwood Graham H 1917
Dwelle William P Mehl Josephine 1929
Dyck Marie Barnes L: F 1925
Dye D A Currier Grace 1916
Dye Mildred McDowell Ivan 1928
Dye Royce C Hager Eudora I 1924
Dyer Ermal R Bolack Orvin D 1931
Dykes Elizabeth Brigstocke O T 1891
Dykes Isabel Newhart T F 1888
Dykes Sarah Casidy W B 1887

Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

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