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Chase County, Kansas
Marriage Index
1860 - 1938

Surname Given Name Surname Given Name Year
Eades F M Eubank Emma 1887
Eads James Ginnis Maggie 1897
Eads Mabel Ferren William 1904
Eads Maggie M Herlets Oscar 1906
Eager Annie E Allen Ezra P 1901
Eager Mary E Campbell George T 1930
Earl Olive Simmongton G W 1871
Earl Vera May shafer Willard D 1935
Earle Ira Banks Agnes A 1874
Earle Mary Martin Leroy 1879
Earle Sarah D Fent A L 1882
Early John Johnson Rose B 1925
Easely Frances W Allison Wm F Jr 1937
Eastman Bessie Olson N H 1917
Eastman Dan W Selves Emma 1915
Eastman Eunice Cunningham Troy 1937
Eastman Francis McKnight C L 1921
Eastman Ray Johnson Frances 1916
Easton Minnie A Lamer Willard L 1909
Eastridge Edward L Danielson Hazelle A 1932
Eastwood Lee A Davis Lucille May 1937
Eastwood Rosie Housely Clarence 1921
Eastwood W R Taylor Millie 1924
Eaton Jennie Bell Sheriffus William 1892
Eaton Mamie A Lamer Willard C 1909
Eaton Owen S Burri Nellie B 1924
Eckenroad Deirhue Humphrey J F 1936
Eckenroa+B2243d Lloyd Galen Patterson Deirhue 1934
Eckhard Sophia Kuddes Friedrich 1901
Eckley Alice Fields Elmer 1929
Eckman Jessie M Runbeck G W 1914
Ecord Treva Louise Butterworth William E 1936
Eden Ethel M Waters Ben F 1926
Eden Jelto Klinefelter Evenette I 1931
Edens Edith Cravens Thomas B 1927
Edens Edith V Metcalf Ival A 1923
Edmiston Frank Killion Mabel B 1935
Edmiston Ralph Waworth Edith I 1921
Edmiston S J Back Minnie 1892
Edmonds Margaret Jarnagan Ulysus 1889
Edmondson James A Reynard Dora L 1903
Edmondson Mary J North Charles T 1889
Edmonston Catherine Knowls John M 1895
Edmunds David Dunlap Lois 1865
Edmundson Ruth M Jones Duward 1928
Edwards Benjamin F Payne Freda 1917
Edwards Emma Nicholson Albert E 1929
Edwards Ethel Link Morville E 1925
Edwards Grace Clark Lloyd 1933
Edwards Griffith J Harrison Eva L 1865
Edwards Harley B Love Isabell V 1933
Edwards Harold Johnson Veda 1937
Edwards Harry Banister Lula E 1933
Edwards Hattie Denison John F 1923
Edwards James Huggins Margaret 1937
Edwards Marjory Scott Dr Frederick R 1934
Edwards Minnie Moore Clement 1884
Edwards Orlan Root Blanche 1933
Edwards Owen Sinclair Anna 1903
Edwards Risetta Hassan Henry 1891
Edwardson Beatrice M Schennerer Sidney C 1936
Efer William M Webb Eva Frances Park 1935
Egan Marguerite M Young Hary S 1933
Eggen C W Long Sylvia 1915
Egmer Orvil E Andrews Fern I 1924
Ehustedt Clara C Center Harry L 1897
Eichenberger Billie Abney George 1919
Eichenberger Sarah E Blosh Elmer M 1921
Eidman Anna Christina Henley Grederick W 1897
Eilerts Winifred Heierhoff Hazel 1931
Ekcer Harold L Detwiler Vivian M 1929
Ekey Esther Lalodge Francis 1898
Ekstrom Ray F Pennington Perl E 1912

Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

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