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Chase County, Kansas
Marriage Index
1860 - 1938

Surname Given Name Surname Given Name Year
Flowers Evelyn Shores T J 1936
Flowers Fannie M Scott Thomas 1923
Flowers James M Henderson Maggie 1885
Flowers Joseph F Wells emma J 1911
Flowers Leslie Piper Mary 1914
Flowers Russell Mundis Odessa M 1927
Flowers Wilbur Mathews Pearl M 1916
Floyd Charles W Fritts Rachel 1878
Floyd Paul Wooldridge Lois 1938
Flueler Sophia Stenzel Walter 1903
Fobnay Novah Keevan John M 1895
Fobray Perl Kidd Prsly 1901
Focht Marie L Jones William J 1924
Fogarty Golda E Rettiger William C 1901
Fogarty Sylva S Sweeney Albert J 1909
Fogwell Samuel Drinkwater Viola 1871
Foick Jerry L McDermed Ada G 1927
Foister Marie A Lutt James D 1929
Foister Violet M Harbour Austin H 1925
Foley Mary A Maloney Patrick B 1891
Foley William F Johnston Lottie 1909
Follen William H Petty Thelma 1923
Folley Ivy Johnson Irwin 1881
Folsom Ella L Nichol John D 1928
Folsom Emma Meryl Baker Louis G 1934
Folsom Fern Marie Camper Jennings R 1937
Folsome Della Louise Odell William 1899
Fone Mattie Souks James D 1881
Fones Ada K Blosser Lawrence H 1929
Fones J E Hickman Emma 1898
Foose I E Morand Ella 1928
Foraker W E Hoover C B 1892
Forbeck Harvey Nicholas Hardesty Viva Minnie 1934
Forbes Ebon Maxwell R P 1876
Forbes R E Foster Merrilie 1915
Ford George M Jalusha Emma 1892
Ford Guy McCabe Lillian 1913
Ford John H Justice Sarah D 1862
Ford M Evelyn Taylor William R 1930
Ford Marion B Sauble Mattie E 1904
Ford Mildred Tunney Garrett 1917
Foreacker Anna L Clay L L 1888
Foreman Alice Stout Wilson 1872
Foreman Angeline Selves Robert 1890
Foreman Henry B Bruce Daisy E 1895
Foreman Mary E Copeland Francis M 1885
Foreman W W Stephenson Maude E 1914
Forester Frieda E Weaver Verl C 1936
Forez Anastasia Fuentez Joze 1923
Forhaugh T N Bielman Jane 1884
Forney Edward D Hayden Dora J 1896
Forney Elizabeth A Hallam George A 1932
Forney Sadie E Morris Robert B 1897
Forney Wilbur Feely Olive 1936
Fosdick Nannie Richards A E 1917
Fosdick Charles Harvey Rosetta J 1888
Fosdick H W Jones Nannie 1887
Fosdick Rosie Condit Charles 1891
Foster Arthur Whitcraft Hazel 1937
Foster Edna M Hawes Booker 1923
Foster Frank Jordan Emma 1876
Foster Joe D Sill Vesta 1933
Foster John Cox May 1904
Foster Lorraine Helen Shields Horace W 1937
Foster Merrilie Forbes R E 1915
Foster Nellie Scherffius Charles 1892
Foster Verda Unruh Lawrence V 1938
Foster William Scheidel Flora R 1900
Foster William E Smith Ada L 1932
Foulkes Evan Owens Jane 1885
Foushee Bertha Bingham Joseph R 1913
Fowler Benton Bracers Delila M 1884
Fowler Beulah Cook E S 1936
Fowler Della M Moore Clement J 1926

Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

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