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Chase County, Kansas
Marriage Index
1860 - 1938

Surname Given Name Surname Given Name Year
Fowler Dorothy W Schriver Allen D 1929
Fowler Florine white Sherman 1906
Fowler Harvey Robinson Edith E 1916
Fowler Ibrah L Allen Elizabeth A 1930
Fowler John Jackson Lillis L 1928
Fowler Lee Martin Maude B 1929
Fowler Millie Mercer W T 1897
Fowler Opal G Sears Rather Harry E 1920
Fowler Roy Norval Ardeen B 1927
Fowler Willard W Brier Ida Mae 1937
Fox Banford Watson Arilla 1900
Fox Charles J Hemrick Amelia E 1900
Fox Elnora Schroer John W 1936
Foxworthy Arista Brown elmer E 1892
Foxworthy D W Stubenhofer Josie 1890
Foxworthy Elizabeth A Yenzer Alexander 1886
Foxworthy Frank Burnett Maude 1898
Foxworthy Homer Walker Bertha 1910
Foxworthy Inez Johnson E V 1919
Foxworthy Lilah S Gamer Harry M 1914
Foxworthy Mary E Hopkins George A 1891
Foxworthy Orpha D Hopkins David H 1894
Fraley Sarah E Crane Charles E 1928
Frances Felicia Bauer Phelix 1879
Francis Chester R Darbyshire Laura F 1909
Francis Henry J Hayes Anna D 1880
Francis John A Swisher Lucille 1925
Francis Leslie C Kerns Elsie E 1912
Francis Mabel R Green Newton 1921
Francis Maggie Lebhart William 1918
Francis Noel B Albritten Bessie 1919
Francis Opal G Sears Swint John M 1929
Frank A J Mead P A 1881
Frank Aletha Ervin J S 1884
Frank Annie Cubit Thomas 1889
Frank C A Laughlin Kathleen 1914
Frank Henry A Smith I E 1879
Frank John W Place Rosa M 1876
Frank Kathleen Wolf Arthur 1921
Frank Margaret J Critser James A 1868
Frank Mary Elizabeth Crissup John Franklin 1865
Frank Rosanna Hoover Peter 1875
Frank S J Estes G W 1867
Frank Sarah S Pinkston Oliver 1873
Frankenberg Herscel Cole Lucille 1935
Franklin Bessie E Huss Merle E 1927
Frantz Mayme Criswell Clarence 1910
Franz Ludwig Beach Annie E 1887
Frautt E W Fisher Margaret 1888
Frazier Ella Moore Wilson 1881
Frazier Maude Irving Wesley 1914
Fredagell Martha J Butts Samuel J 1883
Frederick Gladys K Perkins Quince H 1927
Frederick Lester David Detrick Ruby 1936
Frederickson Lars John Silven Florence M 1930
Fredstrom Raymond T Blackburn Grace 1931
Freeby Wyman J Wilber Marie J 1927
Freeborn Agnes A Moore William 1879
Freeborn Ella Partridge H E 1878
Freeburn Jessie M Swanson Charles W 1907
Freeman Frank F Morris Velmer 1923
Freeman Harry P Corbett Lois 1906
Freeman Iva Lister elmer E 1898
Freeman Mabelle E McIntosh Grover C 1906
Freeman Nellie M Turley Willard H 1922
Freeman Roy E Silver Anna M 1906
Freithoff Lena Blackburn George W 1897
French Edwin Sutherland Mary A 1880
French Permelia Merwin U R 1868
French Permelia Manley William H 1871
Frew Carrie Louise Diomick Alfred Eugene 1918
Frew Carrie M Hegwer Herman J 1913
Frew Dan O'Neill Maggie 1887

Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

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